Harvey Weinstein Wants His Former Friends In The Media To Help Clear His Name

December 6, 2018 / Posted by:

The NYPD has been investigating Harvey ever since multiple women came forward last year and early 2018 with accusations of misconduct, harassment, and sexual assault. In May, he turned himself in to the police, where he was charged with multiple counts of a criminal sexual act, predatory sexual assault, and two counts of rape. Harvey continues to claim he’s innocent of any wrongdoing, no matter how many more women come forward with allegations. Which would lead us to the delusion of his latest email blast.

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The 2019 Golden Globe Nominations Are Out, And Of Course “A Star Is Born” Got A Bunch

December 6, 2018 / Posted by:

The nominations for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards were announced really early this morning, which seems unnecessary. Did everyone need to get up at the crack of dawn? Surely just one person could have grabbed their phone at 4am and texted Lady GagaHey girl, ur officially one step closer to an Oscar nomination, c u at the ceremony.” But that would be just a little much, considering there are other movies that were released this year besides A Star is Born. Although, A Star Is Born didn’t get the most movies nominations, so everyone involved in the making of Vice, should expect to feel the e-mail wrath of the Little Monsters.

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Open Post: Hosted By George W. Bush Slipping Michelle Obama Some More Candy

December 5, 2018 / Posted by:

During the funeral for John McCain back in September, George W. Bush was seen pulling sweet Grandpa moves by sneaking a piece of candy to Michelle Obama, who was sitting beside him. Bush Jr. and Michelle recreated their funeral candy moment again today during the state funeral for Bush’s late father and former President, George H. W. Bush.

It happened after Bush Jr. and Laura Bush walked in and greeted the line-up of ex-Presidents (and Donald Trump) in the front row. Bush shook Trump’s hand, then Melania Trump’s, then Barack Obama, and when he got to his girl Michelle, he took her hand and palmed her a candy.

That’s enjoyable, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the dying inside look on Melania’s face after she realizes she got the “Aaaaand none for Gretchen Wieners” treatment. Speaking of dying inside, you know Trump was so pissed that he wasn’t given any special attention via pocket candy, and right after he got Hillary Clinton shade. I bet if he had his phone on him, he would have whipped it out and tweeted something bitter at Bush Jr. and Michelle for excluding him from their special club. “Whatever, I don’t need your sad candy. I’ve got my own, better candy. And yes I’m talking about an escort named Candy, and she’s petite, sweet, and very discreet.

Pic: Twitter


Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Filed Their Custody Agreement

December 5, 2018 / Posted by:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally came to a peace agreement a couple of weeks ago regarding the custody of their children, and now The Blast is saying it’s officially filed with the court.

Brad and Angelina were fighting tooth, nail, and sharp cheekbone over a custody arrangement for their six kids. The alleged gist of which was that Brad wanted a reasonable amount of custody and Angelina didn’t want to give it to him. Brad and Angelina came to a decision, but it’s only temporary, and it states that Brad will gain more visitation over time. Sources tell The Blast that as of right now, Brad gets less than 50% custody of the kids. Even though Brad is currently sitting on less than 50% custody, a source tells UsWeekly that Brad got exactly what he wanted.

However, that increase in visitation is likely to happen after Brad and Angelina finalize all the financial parts of their divorce. There are hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property and money that need to be sorted out before everything is 100% wrapped up.

Brad and Angelina seemed to really enjoy yanking each other’s chains during this whole custody process. So of course it feels a little strange that the custody part it would end (for now) on such a smooth note. The custody agreement was just…filed? Like, filed normally? Dropped off on someone’s desk, without any yelling or tearing of the folder it was filed in? If I were the person responsible for accepting those papers, I would have opened them with an old priest and a young priest standing close by. Because if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is, and those papers are cursed.


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