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Aaron Rodgers Might Be Dating One Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Former Girlfriends

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

I wonder if it fills Leonardo DiCaprio with a little bit of pride every time he hears that another one of his former blonde models has managed to successfully land a new famous boyfriend. “Look Lukas, it says here she’s with a quarterback! Oh I’m just so proud.

little less than a month after we learned that Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn are done, we’re hearing that he may have already moved on to model Kelly Rohrbach. TMZ says that 33-year-old Aaron and 27-year-old Kelly were seen at a golf club in Los Angeles. Sources say they were holding hands and “looked flirty,” but stopped once they realized people were watching them. I have no idea how you look flirty while playing golf, and I am someone who plays golf (I like to drive the cart!).

An insider tells Terez Owens that Aaron and Kelly hit it off and are in the early stages of romance, adding that they “just clicked.” Oh, they clicked, alright – clicked “AGREE” on the standard-issue relationship contract sent to them by their publicists. No, I’m sure they’re absolutely smitten with each other. But the real question is how Aaron’s family will feel about Kelly. Aaron’s family didn’t like Olivia Munn because she made Aaron go all “Hollywood.” Kelly isn’t just a blonde bikini model; she’s also an aspiring actress who appears in that upcoming Baywatch movie. Yeah, I don’t think I’d want to be around when they find out about Kelly. A model-slash-actress who once dated Leo? You really can’t get any more Hollywood than that.


Open Post: Hosted By JLo Out-JLo-ing Herself 

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

You really have to hand it to Jennifer Lopez, and no, by “it,” I’m not talking about a robe so her ass can cover up. I’m talking about the uncomfortable and dangerous lengths she goes to while trying to show us that she’s 47 years old and her body’s hot, dammit. That bedazzled art deco volleyball net that she tried to pass off as a dress looks so damn tight that I bet after her minions cut her out of it, its pattern was embedded deep into her skin. Not to mention that JLo’s coochie was probably cringing and bracing itself because one false move and one of those sparkly black licorice strips would poke it (see: the crotch closeup in the gallery below). That shit looks like it hurts, but I’m always impressed at how JLo delivers massive amounts of demureness at any cost!

At last night’s Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, JLo showed up looking like a really glamorous set of tires ran over her a bunch of times. Yes, that dress looks like something a Kartrashian wore two years ago and it screams, “Hook me up to an IV drip full of fluids since I’m six kinds of thirsty,” but I’m still into it since looking like a sexy crochet craft project IS the look.

And from now on, we shouldn’t cut up plastic six pack rings and throw them in the trash. We should them to JLo instead. She’ll bedazzle them, glue them onto her body and wear that shit to an awards show. See, JLo’s thirstiness can save the lives of sea creatures!



Page Six Says That Jesse Williams Ended His Marriage Because He Wants To Ho It Up In Hollywood

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Stars! They’re just like your high school boyfriend who told you at graduation that you’ll be together forever, but then when holiday break rolls around, he tells you he needs some time to find himself (read: find himself lots of college cooch).

Jesse Williams and his wife of 5 years, Aryn Drake-Lee (seen above with Jesse in 2010) got together 13 years ago and that was long before he became a STAH! Page Six says that now that Jesse is famous, rich and hot, he doesn’t want to be tied down to a wife who will keep him from being a slut on the scene. Their sources say that Jesse’s the one who wants a divorce and it’s because he wants to make the most out of being a hot dude in Hollywood.

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Ja Rule’s Expensive Island Music Festival Has Turned Into A Nightmare

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Ja Rule, clearly driven by a desire to create a music festival that would make Coachella look tolerable, launched the Fyre Festival with a tech guy named Billy McFarland. It was a two-weekend luxury music festival that started today on the Exumas Islands of the Bahamas. It was supposed to feature acts like Migos, Blink-182, and Ja Rule himself. Tickets ranged from $495 for a single day pass to $12,780 for a four-person stay in a “rustic tented space.” It ended up being entirely appropriate that the festival was named the Fyre Festival, because has turned into a flaming hot mess.

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Goopy Paltrow And Anna Wintour Are Forming An Unholy Union To Bring Us The Goop Magazine 

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Everyone has been saying for years and years that the print magazine industry is dying a slow, painful death and will one day be completely extinct. But today, it’s the trees who are shaking with fear, because Goopy Paltrow is here to save the entire print magazine industry!

Women’s Wear Daily says that Goopy and Anna Wintour have joined evil forces to steam queef out Goop the Magazine. Since the High Priestess of Pretentiousness and the Death Eater Queen of Fashion are working on a magazine together, expect articles about how to tell if the virgin blood you’re about to drink directly from the vein is sugar-free, fat-free, preservatives-free, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free and organic. I also can’t wait to read Tracy Anderson’s article on the 5 easy stretches you should do to make sure your legs don’t cramp while kneeling during a really long sacrificial ritual ceremony to Satan.

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Carmelo Anthony Is Trying To Save His Marriage By Liking La La’s Instagrams

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Carmelo and La La Anthony’s marriage recently bit the dust for several reasons including him allegedly getting one of his side pieces pregnant. Even though Carmelo is “taking care” of his pregnant side piece, who reportedly works in education and is not a stripper, TMZ says that he really doesn’t want to get divorced from La La. Carmelo is apparently doing everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Carmelo is really trying to win La La back by going above and beyond. Brace your hearts for the following huge romantic gestures: He’s sending her texts and liking her social media posts.

Sources tell TMZ that Carmelo has been apologizing to La La and begging her to go on a date or a vacation via text, and also liking her Instagram posts. Carmelo never used to acknowledge anything she posted to social media, so sources say there’s a chance this could work and he legitimately wants to be with her. They’re currently on ok terms right now for the sake of their 10-year-old son Kiyan.

If Carmelo wants to win La La back, I think he’s going about it in the right way. La La is a friend of the Kardashians, which means she no doubt gets the vapors from Instagram attention. If Carmelo really wanted to prove he was serious about his La La loyalty, he would make the move from liking to commenting. I mean, there’s no way La La could resist once she saw Carmelo write the words “COME ON VACATION WITH ME, QUEEN!

Pic: Instagram

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