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Olivia Munn Thanks Packers Fans For Thinking Only “Positive” Thoughts

January 23, 2017 / Posted by:

Aaron Rodgers is currently in the middle of some very messy family drama. We know this because both Aaron’s blabbermouth daddy Ed Rogers and his fame-chasing brother Jordan Rodgers keep talking about it. Aaron hasn’t been around his family in about two years, and it reportedly has something to do with his girlfriend Olivia Munn. The Rodgers’ family doesn’t like Olivia and they allegedly think she’s turned him into Mr. Hollywood. Aaron isn’t saying shit about his family’s issues, because he doesn’t think it’s “appropriate” to air their laundry out in public. Olivia Munn, on the other hand, has found a way to sort-of give her feelings on the matter.

On Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers – Aaron’s team – lost a conference championship game to the Atlanta Falcons, which means Aaron won’t be going to the Super Bowl. Olivia congratulated her man’s team on a season well done. And she just so happened to sneak in a little dig at Aaron’s family while she was at it. Good work on the multi-tasking, Olivia!


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I think it’s safe to say that Olivia just officially got herself uninvited from the next 10 Rodgers family Thanksgiving dinners.

Because I have a deep appreciation for shit-stirring shade, I applaud Olivia’s ability to do Papa Ed and Lil’ Jordan like that. But I also think she could have taken it way farther. I’m sure she wanted to keep it subtle, but why bother? Go big or go home! Something like “THANK YOU all for using your mouths to cheer and not to blab to the press like some people. Packers fans are truly the BEST FAMILY Aaron could ask for.


Ginger Spice Is Still A Master At Coming Up With WTF Baby Names

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January 21st was Baby Spice’s birthday, and it was also the day that Ginger Spice gave birth to her second child, a son she made with her husband Christian Horner. Since Ginger birthed out a baby on Baby’s birthday, she should’ve paid tribute to Emma Bunton by naming her son Blond Pigtails Horner or Platform Sneakers Horner. But instead, Ginger and Christian got all Shakespearean with their kid’s name.

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The 2017 Razzie Nominations Are Out

January 23, 2017 / Posted by:

Tomorrow we find out if all the hard work and hand jobs Ryan Reynolds has been giving have paid off when the Oscar nominations are announced. But today we find out whose lazy hand job of a performance was rewarded with a 2017 Razzie nomination

There was a nominations sweep at this year’s Razzies. Zoolander 2 got 9 nominations, followed closely behind by Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with 8. Sorry, 1997’s Batman and Robin, it looks like you’re still the Batman movie with the most Razzie nominations. But don’t worry, there’s a chance that Batman movie written and directed by Ben Affleck could happen.

Jared Leto’s award dreams came true in the most Twilight Zone-y of ways. He’s not going to get the Oscar nomination he was no doubt sure he was going to get, but he did get a Worst Supporting Actor Razzie for Suicide Squad. And Julia Roberts’ performance as Lady Wearing a Bad Wig in Mother’s Day earned her a Worst Actress nomination. That wig didn’t get a Worst Supporting Actor nomination, because of course it didn’t; that wig worked its ass off and supported her like a load-bearing beam.

And Ben Affleck received his 10th Razzie nomination today. The big one-zero! He should go out and celebrate tonight for reaching a career milestone. Maybe his BFF Tom Brady will treat Ben to a steamed green bean and unseasoned fish dinner at his house.

The list of nominees is after the cut.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

January 23, 2017 / Posted by:

Haku, a nine-week-old Shiba Inu puppy who’s just figuring out, “Digging: how does it work?!”

Well, for the fifty billionth time, we have found ourselves neck deep in Monday’s dried-out asshole and for the rest of the week, we’ll be trying to get ourselves out. Basically, we’ll all be this Shiba Inu baby doing an F minus job of digging. The Shiba Inu Six’s third cousin twice removed lives in the Seattle, WA area and his human shot a video of him trying to dig a hole at the beach. Haku is as good at digging as any Kartrashian is at emoting natural human emotions. When Haku digs, he looks like a strung out crackhead who was just told that a baggie of the bad shit is buried in that spot.

Here’s Haku doing an impersonation of me trying to dig my half-melted brain for “jokes” while writing a post and coming up with shit.

But what Haku lacks in digging skills, he makes up for in determination. And I’m sure if he keeps fucking that chicken, he’ll eventually get that digging down and dig a hole that leads out of this hellscape and into a glorious new world. So watch that space! But with our luck, Haku will probably just dig a hole to Chris Brown’s backyard.


Birthday Sluts

January 23, 2017 / Posted by:

Richard Dean Anderson (67)
Dlisted (12)
Doutzen Kroes (32)
Draya Michele (32)
Julia Jones (36)
Tito Ortiz (42)
Tiffani Thiessen (43)
Ewen Bremner (45)
Lisa Snowdon (45)
Ariadna Gil (48)
Mariska Hargitay (53)
Gail O’Grady (54)
Princess Caroline of Monaco (60)
Robin Zander (64)
Anita Pointer (69)
Rutger Hauer (73)
Chita Rivera (84)
Jeanne Moreau (89)

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