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Katy Perry, John Mayer, And Taylor Swift Made Things Weird At Drake’s Birthday Party

October 25, 2016 / Posted by:

On Sunday night, Drake celebrated his 30th birthday at a club in Los Angeles and he invited a bunch of his famous friends. Drake blew out the candles on his Raptor cake with people like French Montana, Jamie Foxx, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, the Haim sisters and  Katy Perry. Clearly Drake was nostalgic for the years he spent on Degrassi, because Page Six says John, Katy, and Taylor brought some high school drama with them.

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The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNERS For October 24th!

October 25, 2016 / Posted by:

……where will you be when Diarrhea strikes? – 38chrysler

Upvote winner:

ménage à don’t – Gumshoe G-ball

Note about the CAPTION THIS Contest: All the way back in the ancient times of Dlisted (2005), one of the original commenters, shoes, suggested that I do a caption contest and I did! Ever since then, the CAPTION THIS Contest has happened almost every single weekday and has gotten BILLIONS (at least) of great captions. But as anyone who regularly follows CT knows, I have run out of pictures and the internet doesn’t produce them fast enough, dammit. So because of this, CT will no longer be an every day thing. I may post one weekly or bi-weekly, and maybe, one of them will even have a prize. That dusty cackle you hear is from Dlisted’s checking account.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

October 25, 2016 / Posted by:

Carter Lochte, Ryan Lochte’s dog whose either an ageless wonder, a magical time traveler, a lying bitch or a pooch with a dumbass for an owner!

Carter Lochte’s birthday was on Saturday and the pooch’s human did what he’s done for the past three years: he wished his Doberman dog friend a happy 8th birthday on Twitter! October 23, 2016 wasn’t only the anniversary of Carter Lochte’s born day, it was also the 3rd anniversary of Ryan Lochte showing his followers that he no good at math. Ryan tweeted a happy 8th birthday to Carter on Saturday, and as Twitter user @wholegrainne noticed, he did that last year and the year before. Either Carter is the Catherine Zeta-Jones of dogs and has stayed the same age for years, or the chlorine water-clogged 1-bit memory chip in Ryan’s brain got its facts screwed up AGAIN.

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Birthday Sluts

October 25, 2016 / Posted by:

Samantha Bee (47)
Rylan Clark (28)
Ciara (31)
Katy Perry (32)
Josh Henderson (35)
Mehcad Brooks (36)
Mariana Klaveno (37)
Bat for Lashes (37)
Rosa Mendes (37)
Persia White (44)
Craig Robinson (45)
Adam Goldberg (46)
Adam Pascal (46)
Chely Wright (46)
Nika Futterman (47)
Mathieu Amalric (51)
Michael Boatman (52)
Tracy Nelson (53)
David Furnish (54)
Chad Smith (55)
Nancy Cartwright (59)
Helen Reddy (75)
Marion Ross (88)
Barbara Cook (89)

Pic: Bust


Night Crumbs

October 24, 2016 / Posted by:

Mimi threw an early Halloween party over the weekend and she dressed up like some kind of slutty angel devil dominatrix. Mimi must have made plans to go to mass afterward, because for her, this is practically a church ensemble. I mean, most of Mimi’s body is covered up and there’s no VPL (visible punane lines). And I do love Mimi’s homage to Naomi Smalls’ cliffhangersLainey Gossip

ScarJo’s gourmet popcorn shop in Paris had its soft opening and that’s great for the popcorn-starved people of Paris, but my question is, why does she still have Kate Gosselin circa 2009 hair? – Celebitchy

It’s 2016 and photographers are still taking Rebecca Black’s picture – Drunken Stepfather

I guess that tall drink of douche from Vanderpump Rules and his piece really want to break up, because they are apparently going to star in a spin-off reality show together – Reality Tea 

In that GIF of James Franco demonstrating how his co-star stuffed a speedo, it looks like he’s vigorously lubing up an asshole before fisting it – Towleroad

Maxim celebrated Slutoween early by throwing a party full of sparkling A-list stars, and I’m guessing that Tara Reid came dressed as a walking PSA about the dangers of back alley lipo (and other things) – The Superficial 

No. – OMG Blog


I didn’t think it was possible, but Time Warner’s customer service may actually get shittier – Pajiba

Miley Cyrus looks like she’s trying to toss her own salad and is close to succeeding at it. I really need to do more yoga… – Popoholic

Okay, but what does Hillary Clinton think about Miley Cyrus murdering a Fraggle and wearing that poor creature on her head? – IDLYITW

Victoria Justice wore a wig bra in KODE magazine – Hollywood Tuna

Good luck with that, ex-Mrs. Subway JaredJezebel

When I grow up, I want to be a stoned Goldie Hawn laughing with Kurt Russell in a parking lot while holding orange juice in a jar – Popsugar

Orlando Bloom saved a down-and-out stray dog in China – HuffPo

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Suge Knight Is Suing Dr. Dre For Allegedly Trying To Have Him Killed

October 24, 2016 / Posted by:

Well, when you’re locked up on murder charges and have gotten bored from re-enacting scenes from The Exorcist with your haunted toilet, one way to pass the time is to go down to the jailhouse library and read Frivolous Ass Lawsuits For Dummies. Suge Knight has already sued Chris Brown and the club 1 Oak for not providing enough security at the 2014 VMAs party where his ass was shot up seven times. TMZ says that shooting has brought out another lawsuit from Suge. Suge has thrown a lawsuit at Dr. Dre for allegedly putting a hit on him.

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