Nancy Grace Is Ending Her Show And Leaving HLN

July 1, 2016 / Posted by:

TV speaker repair shop owners are in a real panic today. Their business is about to lose probably its biggest sector. People aren’t going to be coming in for their bi-monthly speaker repair anymore because the master of screaming, howling, hollering and so forth, Nancy Grace, is saying “adios” to HLN and her current show, Nancy Grace. Which is good news for me, because it means HLN can hire me to scream at people and make unfounded accusations on TV and finally live out my dream.

Human megaphone Nancy opened up to The Hollywood Reporter (but didn’t show them her tit’s eye) about her decision to leave HLN. After 12 years at the network, Nancy broke the news to her team of 18 on Thursday. Her final show will be on Oct. 13, 2016. But that doesn’t mean we’ll finally be rid of the screeching justice vigilante. Nancy says her next venture, whatever it will be, will involve “a very large digital component.” Lord above, please tell me that doesn’t mean a cam site. Nancy goes on to say:

“I will always be wedded to a traditional platform — which is TV, God help me. My plan is to merge those two in an effective way, in my voice, the ‘anti-crime’ voice. Our show has never really been about me. It has been about the stories that we tell and the people we talk about and the mysteries we try to solve and the children we try to bring home. There’s an entire section of our population that I want to reach.”

The people. The stories. The children. Right. So glad we’ve all been reminded of the hero Nancy is. But why take it from her when we can let her HLN legacy do the talking? She was very accurately parodied in Gone Girl by the always incredible Missi Pyle. She led the coverage on the Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias cases, with her broadcast on the not-guilty verdict for Casey drawing 4.57 million viewers. Her knack for nicknames, like “Tot Mom” for Casey Anthony and “Vodka Mom” for Toni Medrano (who later committed suicide that was speculated to be in relation to all the media attention that was led by Nancy). And even though I mentioned it earlier, slyly, I’ll bring it up again – her nip slip on Dancing With The Hasbeens. Really stellar stuff here. Great job, Nancy!

One part of the Nancy Grace legacy we actually can all celebrate is her former employee, Mary Cella. Mary went on a truly fabulous Twitter spree yesterday after finding out Nancy was leaving HLN. Uproxx picked up on this glorious outburst of insight into the psyche of someone that worked for her and the experience of working for someone as sane as Nancy clearly is. They’re all fucking gems but here are some of my personal favorites:

Ok, sure, it’s obviously horrible to work for someone whose typical vocal volume is somewhere between “shrill” and “harsh.” But those tweets also tell me that Mary got a free pair of shoes and her boss’ approval to go to an orgy. Free shoes and sex sounds pretty damn good to me.

Pic: HLN

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227 responses to “Nancy Grace Is Ending Her Show And Leaving HLN”

  1. Original Putas says:

    I love Nancy. I’m gonna miss her.

  2. Goober_Pyle says:

    I’m gonna miss her brand of crazy.

  3. Melvin T Pelvis says:

    Goodbye. Take your nipples with you. Don’t leave them is a drawer for someone to find.

    • jerseygirl17 says:

      When my old office was moving to another state, one of my coworkers left a pair of underwear in her cubicle drawer.

      • Melvin T Pelvis says:

        Well worn or freshly put on?

      • mizcynical says:

        What? Under what circumstances did the co-worker think, you know what? One day I’m going to need a spare pair of drawers!

        • Richbitch says:

          Well someone’s clearly never banged a co-worker in the office after hours or eaten that extra spicy burrito from the taco stand at lunchtime! 😉

        • Janessiqueefa says:

          Oh, HONEY.

          That one time there was a fire drill but I had an even bigger fire emergency going on in my lower intestines.

          Cut to me doing a walk of shame out of the building, across the parking lot, to where all of my coworkers were standing. And then one of my coworkers yelling “Did you remember to flush!” at the top of his lungs as I was walking across the parking lot.

          Actually it’s good to keep a full change of clothes in your car and one at work too – and a warm blanket. I kept a pillow at work, I worked in financial services IT and there were times of the year (tax season) I’d be on call and literally not go home for days at a time, and only then to bathe and sleep.

          But yeah, in case you shit yourself. The microwave was right outside the bathroom. The microwave was against the wall, and directly on the other side of that wall was a toilet stall. And it wasn’t as sound proof as it needed to be. I found this out when I heard them gossiping in front of the microwave and coffee maker, and my asshole was suddenly possessed by the spirit of the world’s angriest Canadian Goose.

          All of a sudden on the other side of the wall, immediate silence. Then someone said “Damn” loud enough for me to hear.

          I stayed in there for almost an hour.

        • justducky says:

          Obviously you are not a woman of certain age. As in a surprise cough or laugh.

  4. ZombieDjibuddha says:

    Now the thought of a Nancy Grace cam site is gonna randomly gonna pop up in my head for a while. Damnit!! 😨

  5. Todd Gack says:

    Is she going back to her home planet?

  6. insertrandomcliche says:

    I’m so hungover I thought HLN was HSN at first and was very confused.
    Anyways, I hope all your plans fall apart Nancy and you tumble into painful obscurity where you and your terrible helmet hair belong.

  7. ozzyinch says:

    good riddance to satanic rubbish!

  8. Few Words says:

    who will fill the void??? oh the humanity!

  9. ALF Soup says:

    I’m jyst counting down the days until Lucy & John David write an epic tell all masterpiece.

  10. Richbitch says:

    Martin, I’m assuming MK pays you in shoes and tearful sex so you’re the real winner here!

  11. ChanningMyTatum says:

    OMG Mary Cellais my hero!!

  12. LadyB says:


  13. Hamp69 says:


  14. FoxRox says:

    Orgy + Nancy Grace = things I do not want to think about.

  15. tinyhands says:

    now this is what twitter was made for…don’t hold back Mary Cella, give us the grapes! Nancy Grace reminds me of my ex mother in law. The guy next door works on his cars. But no, my ex MIL really knows whats up. The neighbor is with the Russian mafia running a car theft ring and chop shop. This is why old busybody bitches need to get a job.

  16. FrenchGirl says:

    Just one question: Was she the model for the woman tv journalist in Fincher’s Gone Girl ?

  17. WinterOwl22 says:

    Those tweet.s. DAYUM!

  18. Silk says:

    Love how Nance never considered facts or evidence.

  19. usernamestaken says:

    The anti-crime voice? Then explain the hair and makeup.

  20. usernamestaken says:

    If I didn’t know better, I would say Mary Cella is Michael K…..the waffles sealed the deal.

  21. usernamestaken says:

    Who the fuck throws BOTH shoes anyway????

  22. Mrs.Winchester says:

    Please let the door hit her on the way out.

  23. Seira67 says:

    Never liked her.Good riddance.

  24. Leona Lopez says:

    Nancy Grace enjoyed those murder stories just a little too much.

  25. Richbitch says:

    She’s free to follow her true calling now. (#3 is the funniest!)

  26. Villcat says:

    My disgust for Nancy Grace started during the 2005 Michael Jackson child molestation charges. Though those were some very serious charges against him, I was totally against the way that she used her biased, jaded ” journalistic” opinions to influence the viewing public in branding him a child molester. This woman was dead set on proving him guilty without a trial. Her mouth was definitely a loaded, lethal weapon.

  27. briansbottom says:

    I forget where I first heard this, but my favorite nickname for her is Flaming Nostrils of Justice.

  28. StripperBootyCheeks says:

    That Mary chick is spilling ALL the tea and I’m here for it.

  29. Michael Totzke says:

    I’ve always thought this “honey” should open up her own Upscale Dominatrix House.

  30. Night Owl says:


  31. Michael Totzke says:

    Either that or the Nancy Grace School for Advanced Nostril Flaring.

  32. BooBoo says:

    She is one of the most awful people on t.v. Buh Bye & good riddance!!

  33. Jasper "Hot Bod" DeKimmel says:

    HAHAHA! I think I like Mary Cella, but she worked for that screaming pig. Eh, I work for scumbags too. I like you Mary!!!

  34. Dirk Diggler says:

    I just watched her the other night and she was wearing her infamous handcuff necklace. Really…

  35. Rainbow Delights says:

    Good. What a vile creature she is.

  36. Queen Frostine's Original Face says:

    Bye, bitch. The way she questioned Elizabeth Smart in an interview in 2006 about her abduction, when ES made it clear that she DID NOT want to talk about it, was one of her lower moments. And before Vodka Mom’s suicide, there was Melinda Duckett.

    At least we got a caller who called her “a big bitch” on the air, and Regis laughing at her stupidity on Celebrity Jeopardy!

    • Cynjok says:

      Nancy: Did you want to scream out “help me?”
      Elizabeth: No, cunt, I wanted to scream out “bring a damn pizza, I’m hungry.”

      • Queen Frostine's Original Face says:

        Elizabeth’s sideways eye roll halfway through that interview is EVERYTHING. Nancy’s lucky she wasn’t there in person to bitch slap her.

  37. Jasper "Hot Bod" DeKimmel says:

    The best thing about this, the template for the most shrill, awful commenters on here is finally off the air. The worst thing is, maybe some assholes I have in mind were Nancy herself.

  38. jerry fabin says:

    This is great, we no longer have to see those trichotillomania eyebrows on the big screen.

  39. Candice says:

    Chris Brown, Nancy Grace, there just isn’t enough hate left in me for the shit I want to say about this fucking cunt. She hounded two people into killing themselves and she is a vile disgusting hate pig. I hope we never see her again either.

  40. Snoopy says:

    I didn’t even know she was still on the air.

  41. pamorama_j says:

    Her show has ALWAYS been about her. She makes every story about her, even the Trayvon Martin interview with his parents, she managed to make it all about her. She wasn’t like that in the beginning, but after a little taste of success, pure narcissism on her part. Good riddance shrew!! The house finally fell on her ass!

  42. HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn says:

    Mary Cella really should be a HSOTD! What a glorious DRAAAG and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving hor! Hated Nancy Grace almost as much as I hate Ann Cunter, I mean, Coulter.

  43. Celticwarrior says:

    But who is going to protect THE CHILDREN!!!!

  44. inricat says:

    How sad to see Kuntlie McHateface go

  45. TOM says:

    HLN needs to give her time slot to The Casey Anthony Show…

  46. Trixster says:

    Yes, Nancy is crazy but by her tweets I am guessing Mary is kinda crazy too. Who would take Nancy seriously enough to cry over something she said/did? Nancy’s the type of crazy narcissist you just troll incessantly by agreeing with / one-upping everything she says. I’ve had monster employers like her and you can definitely turn it into an entertaining situation if you’re decent at trolling

  47. Bruinschick says:

    Loved Mary Cella’s tweets. Awesome.

  48. Mrs. Flax says:

    I don’t know who she is, but what she needs to leave is that hair-do. Back in the day of everybody needs a razor cut.

  49. Silly You says:

    I want to have drinks with Mary Cella.

  50. Zorba says:

    Does that tweet mean Nancy went to an orgy?? I need to KNOW!

  51. Lithi says:

    But-but who’s gonna whip us into a frenzy over missing cute white girls?

  52. Dog says:

    My mother died a month before I started working for Nancy and still the worst day of my life was just a random Thursday working for her.


  53. tempokat says:

    Say Something Nice: her resting bitch face is ALWAYS on point

  54. Miranda The 750lb Stank Crotch says:

    October 13 is also the day that the Emperor Claudius was murdered and replaced by his step-son, Nero. Coincidence or conspiracy??

  55. soul says:

    You were good listening to, during the Scott Peterson trial; now your’re not. Nancy, you’e turning into a side show freak. :0

  56. 8th street trick says:

    Nancy Grace always reminds me of the ‘let me speak to the manager’ types that are so hard to please. I can only imagine what a delight she was to work with.

  57. KidL77 says:

    Thank God for that!

  58. 1slyangel says:

    Oh Mary Cella you are a gift.
    “The devil is dancing in Florida” – one of Nancy’s unforgettable lines uttered on the occasion of “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony walking out of jail.
    I think Nancy is a hoot and can’t wait to hear what she’s doing next.

    Now I am off to check out Mary Cella’s twitter.

  59. DavidSilverPrecious says:

    Good fucking riddance! She reminds me of a former boss of mine, and some of those days were truly the worst of my life. I will not miss her screeching ass brand of commentary. I think I’ll find that clip of her farting on live tv and make a toast.

  60. Spaz de la Whoreta says:

    Wtf, I thought HLN was some sort of shopping channel.

  61. 1slyangel says:

    Mary Cella’s twitter bio states she’s a comedian, writer, person and verified journalist. Her twitter does have the blue tick as verified. I think I smell a comedy act. In that case, I’m sure working for Nancy has provided a lot of material.

  62. justducky says:

    Thank the Universe!

  63. Andy Cherry says:

    Those tweets are amazing!!! Right now Nancy is probably having her lawyer draw up non disclosure forms for her next batch of victims, I mean employees.

  64. Dog says:

    I remember her coverage of the Ron Cummings/Misty Croslin case and I was enthralled. I would tune in every night because it was so fascinating.

    I also remember she was the only one who cared about a little boy named Hassani Campbell whose story was so fucking sad. He has never been found but she kept his story out front a lot longer than any of the news outlets in his home town did.

    • CaliCheeseSucks says:

      Yeah, she’s done some really terrible stuff but she’s also been undeniably (and to her own detriment some times) a zealous advocate on behalf of victims who have no one to speak for them.

      • Dog says:

        I agree. Her show was really good for a few years but she jumped the shark during the Casey Anthony trial. Remember when she was live and had people calling in?? I think they were told they were required to tell her how much they loved her and her kids. Some of those people were just dumb as a box of mud and she would end up cutting them off because they couldn’t articulate. LOL

  65. Dog says:

    This is her commode. I kind of like it but I wouldn’t want it in my own home.

  66. Nolan The Audacious White Gay says:

    OMG those tweets are hilarious and totally believable! I want moar stories of Nancy’s crazy bullshit!

  67. CellophaneFame says:

    Oh, no. Now who’s going to think of the children??

  68. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat says:

    “I will always be welded to a platform — which is me. I’m a diving board. God help me. My plan is to merge those two in an effective way. ME and God. IN my voice, the sardonic evil mocking voice. Our show has never really been about me. It has always been about me, and the Twins, stories of nasty things, and the people we talk about behind the guise of journalism, and the mysteries of where we kept the lawyers before we unleash them. There’s an entire section of our population that has never been frightened by my hair. I really want to eat them.”

  69. T's Martini Lounge says:

    I would love to have Mary Cella as one of my friends!

    I had a boss like Nancy once – she eventually got fired for sexually harassing a young sales guy. Of course, I spread that tea all over the building. Several buildings actually.

  70. gigitastic says:

    I loved the Leverage episode The Three Days of the Hunter job because I like to pretend it’s her freaking out on air. I think it might actually be based on her, now that I think about it.

    • She Bug says:

      Leverage was SUCH a fun show. The cast was great and consistently elevated the material, even with the budget effects I never wanted to miss an episode.

      All of which is to say: I would like a TV movie, please, TNT.

  71. MeMeandMe says:

    I couldn’t stand the way she was so overly graphic when it came to horrific stories of murdered kids. She would go into great detail of how the poor kids died, and I thought, what if someone who knew the victim came across the show and heard that crap.

  72. Harry says:

    Nancy must be related to human bullhorn Alex Jones, the conspiracy guy from YouTube. They both have unbearable voices and an intonation that will make your dick shrivel up and your testicles fall off..And for the ladies : your Kitty kat will pack its bags and leave you

  73. Miss Vi says:

    Nancy is a tough bitch and I’ve always loved her for that!

  74. Beezers says:

    She was a tough bitch when she worked on CourtTV, but she became an insufferable bitch working on HLN. I couldn’t even watch because of her constant interruptions of people she was “interviewing” and her screaming and bad attitude.

  75. svetlanabanana says:

    IDK who this woman is but she looks evil

  76. blakblu says:

    She should continue with her love of dance.

  77. some bitch says:

    Mary Cella sounds like a blast and I could listen to her Nancy Grace stories all night long. I hope she spills more tea!

    The thought Nancy Grace going to and participating in an orgy gives me the dry heaves.

  78. SisterRottenCrotch says:

    Nasty Grace was a bully to her staff, to her guests and to pretty much everyone, good riddance you obnoxious shrew

    • Tigerlilly says:

      Yes, but she is oh so fun to snark on, mock and make fun of! I’ll miss that…

      • SisterRottenCrotch says:

        I will give her props for her work on missing kids, but that face could haunt a house when she got in a frenzy

    • JonHammPR says:

      Nancy Grace is also responsible for a number of people offing themselves after being branded as perps (before any conviction). Whether true or not, branding people in criminal situations can be a killer because once you are branded nationally, you have to leave the country and if you can’t afford to, God help you … it’s almost a matter of life and death. Terribly sad. She’s never been made accountable.

  79. FluffKitteh says:

    I don’t care about Nancy Grace, but I love me some Forensic Files.

  80. boredasfuckyo says:

    HAHAHAHA “Tweeting about a former employer like this may not be classy, but I’ve seen Nancy eat her weight in waffles after 6pm, so it feels fair.”
    Mary Cella is fabulous.
    Fuck Nancy Grace. Using victims for her own fucking stardom, attention and gain.
    That boxx haired bitch.

  81. Jugo de Jesús says:

    I feel like Mary Cella is trying to get something off her chest.

  82. JonHammPR says:

    Feels like Heaven

  83. zooey says:

    Mary Cella for the next HLN host, if they can imagine having one that sharp

  84. She Bug says:

    Oh God, I’m not sure if I want Trump to pick her as running mate. On the one hand: comedy gold. On the other: what if they win?

    I don’t know how to feel about the prospect, but I trust Your judgement.

    And yes, it is a random thought. “Calm down!” You may well say. But it’s the first thing that came to mind when I heard she was leaving.

  85. EvilShoe says:

    Did she ever stop talking about her twins?

    • Queen Frostine's Original Face says:

      Now I have Kathy Griffin’s imitation in my head. “John David and Lucy Elizabeth, THE TWINS!”

    • JonHammPR says:

      I would not know, as I’ve never ever watched HLN because of Nancy Grace, Sports Telecaster (over victims of course) Jane V Mitchell, and some horse faced asshat who’s not a psychologist, though plays one on TV, Dr. Douche Pinsky.

      And…God help those kids. I’m not kidding.

    • Debbi Walter says:

      Even worse than her constantly speaking about her twins was her always having to bring up what happened to her fiance many many many years ago I mean we all know the story by now but what made it extra hard was how she would cut in on somebody’s time that she was interviewing because obviously something horrendous happened to somebody they loved and she would have to jump in and bother them with speaking about her own story about her fiance that we have all heard a million times why not just let these people she brought on her show talk and tell their story it was so uncomfortable to watch her do this time and again and I don’t think anybody particularly appreciated it it just seems like an obvious Ploy for attention when the show it was supposed to be about somebody else’s pain not hers. And on top of all of that there is so much evidence out there that the story she tells of her Beyonce was not truthful she made it sound so much worse than it really was and changed the facts around to make herself the huge victim and she was extremely dishonest and in light of knowing these stories are out there about her and Bella sing and lying about the real story she still kept telling it I was embarrassed for her

  86. JonHammPR says:

    Dr Douche is next…I can feel it! Maybe I can watch HLN again?? I remember when it was just Forensic Files and not a bunch of a TV personality … disorders. I have faith in you HLN.

  87. Mercer Bear says:

    I loved her show for a few years then she started to be rude and hostile to everyone and too over the top sympathetic with others. You could always shut her up by sayjng something about the twins. I think she got too big for her britches and didn’t think anyone else could do what she did. I don’t know his they got done lawyers to appear on there when she was going to try to make them look and sound like morons a d then call them morons. Interrupting them, talking I Dr their answer, getting stupid answers bc she asked stupid questions. Around Arias or was it Peterson – I had to be home in time to watch – but now it’s gone to not watching st all even if I’m sitting here and its on.

    But hey I love Dr Drew!!

    • Mercer Bear says:

      She might have to retire bc she is over estimating her current fan base. But it was a good run, Nancy. Take a few years off, make your image over, and do special shows on major cases.

    • Natalie says:

      Jodi Arias reporting… Now that was entertainment.

    • Debbi Walter says:

      Agreed but I believe dr. Drew has followed in her footsteps and I don’t like the way he acts anymore and the way he seems to agree with whatever is popular to agree with at the moment or what is politically correct at that moment and I would prefer him just be genuine and honest but he doesn’t seem to do that and it seems as if a hard question comes up he always goes to somebody else for an answer like he’s not sure of himself I don’t know but I will stop watching this channel now because I’m so over Forensic Files they have done the shit out of that show and Nancy was hardly watchable anymore most nights I flipped the channel right past her and I was a loyal Watcher every night for many years and dr. Drew same thing I can hardly stand to watch him anymore this man never seems to have an opinion of his own or if he does it doesn’t take long for somebody to change his mind and that to me is just so fake

  88. EvilShoe says:

    I see they recycled Barbara Walters’ Vaseline camera lens.

  89. Hekki says:

    Mary Cella is one funny bitch. She needs her own show.

    I still like Nancy Grace, though. I know she’s a manipulative bitch, but the show can be a lot of fun to watch.

  90. boris says:

    Is NG trolling? I got this feeling she’s trolling. Maybe because I’m stoned (8am happy holiday weekend!) and her schtick seems impossible to be real

  91. Natalie says:

    Those tweets are everything! Keep it up girl. Hope NG doesn’t find you.

  92. janie says:

    I know she’s obnoxious and really believes the louder she gets, the more right she is. She’s rude, arrogant and I never understood how the panel of lawyers kept coming back. That being said…. If I were involved in one of these horrendous stories, she’d be someone I’d want helping me. I wish her well.

  93. FancitoP says:

    Mary Cella should be writing for d-listed. just saying

  94. BjorkYou says:

    There is a god after all…

  95. janehudson says:

    I wonder if Mary Cella will be celebrating with a champange jamboree?

  96. janehudson says:

    Mary Cella makes Nancy sound like that Paula Deen parody on this season of OITNB with the orgies and the waffles (you know there were waffles, there was booze, weed, and Molly involved)… Someone please give Mary Cella her own show (& a champange jamboree).

  97. Theresapop says:

    Something tells me she’ll end up on discover I.D channel ugggh I guess she’ll cure my insomnia

  98. Literarylioness says:

    I wonder if she will suffer the same fate as Katie Couric and Chelsea Handler–Couric disappeared somewhere on Yahoo and Chelsea got lost at Netflix.

  99. Emily_loves_vino says:

    But what will become of the handcuff necklace?! Maybe Nancy can replace Robin Meade on HLNs Morning Express. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nancy on HSN, either. She’d sell the hell out of said necklaces and ‘No Chomo’ shirts (Chomo is what child molestors are called in the clink…I learned this from Nancy Graces frantic coverage of Subway Jared).

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