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Open Post: Hosted By A Really Dramatic Lady Upset At A Salon

July 31, 2016 / Posted by:

People can never remember to hold their phones horizontally. In his defense, he was probably distracted by the exceptionally enraged woman trying to chest bump him into the next dimension. According to the description on this YouTube vid, the guy was trying to get a refund at this hair salon in Escondido, CA because he felt that his mop wasn’t trimmed correctly. A gentlewoman on the scene took offense to something about the guy, or the way he asked for his refund, or the fact that he was holding his phone vertically. She proceeds to let him know in a shrill, Roseanne-esque shriek that she is also “a customer” and that “you have offended me.” All hell breaks loose and, forgetting that she is being recorded, she begins to accuse him of hitting her while…hitting him? It’s a little fuzzy. She then begins to emit blood-curdling screams and complaining dramatically about her ribs. I’m sure the other customers at this point were like “yeah, I think I’ll skip the shampoo, today, ok?” and leaving with half-finished blowouts.

What’s not fuzzy, besides her anger, is that Gay Pride poncho she is sporting at video’s end. I’m not sure she’s the exact sort of person we need repping our community but she’s definitely committed to her actions.

Check out “Insane Woman Goes Crazy On Guy Who Just Wants A Refund” below.


Kanye West Is Demanding That Apple Buy Tidal

July 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Anti-thinking advocate Kanye West is impatient for Apple to hurry up and buy his pal Jay-Z’s music streaming service Tidal. Apple and Beyonce’s husband have reportedly been going back and forth about the potential purchase since last month, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kummy Kakes’ koat karrier feels that by taking their time to think about it (he’s not big on thought process), Apple is withholding music from “the kids.” He might also secretly feel that Tidal is a sinking ship and Apple might be the life raft in which he can join Kathy Bates and Rose’s stuck-up mom to escape watery business death.

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Game of Thrones Is Ending in 2018

July 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Game of Thrones is ending. As of 2018, there won’t be any more severing of penises, baring of tits for dragons, or medieval Peter Dinklage hotness. EW reports that HBO has confirmed that season eight will be the last one for the mega-popular series (25 million people watch it!). George R.R. Martin (aka that guy who looks like Santa Claus’ disheveled brother who lives in a sea shanty) only wrote so many books. So it had to end eventually, right? Several 1000 dudebrahs in “Crows Before Hoes” tees just snarled at me en masse.

EW asked the network’s new programming president Casey Bloys if he plans to go along with showrunners’ David Benioff and Dan Weiss’ oft-stated desire to end their fantasy hit with season 8.

Bloys said yes, that is the current plan – the first time somebody at HBO has confirmed this.

Not only will season eight be the end, but it will only be six episodes. Bloys was asked if there will be any spin-offs in the future, and revealed that the show-running dungeon masters of GoT are too busy writing the next season to even consider it.

It’s probably only a six episode ending because dragons breathe fire and the main villains are creatures made out of ice. The dragons have got this. It will end with triumph over puddles. And more tits out for dragons. And probably a rape or ten. *sad face*

Pic: HBO


Tyler Posey Is Sorry For His Fake Coming Out

July 31, 2016 / Posted by:

On Friday, Michael linked to a Snapchat video of Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf  shouting that he’s “gay” while standing in front of a street sign for Gay St. in Manhattan. When people sent Tyler the customary “Welcome to Gay!” coming out gift basket containing lube, an overpriced tank top, and a Golden Girls Season 1 blu-ray, he must have realized that people didn’t know he was joking. Tyler made it clear that his “coming out” was only a joke by posting an Anchorman-inspired video of him coming out as a “lamp.” If you missed Tyler’s dumb videos the first time around, here they are:

After Tyler got a lot of hate from people mad that he “mocked” coming out, since coming out is hard, he tweeted a “sorry if I offended you” apology: 

I actually bought it as a “Yuck, yuck, I’m on Gay Street. Dude, that sign says Gay St. You live on Gay St.!” moment but if you need to class it up, I understand. My only question is, are you going to use that Golden Girls blu-ray? I want that.

Check out more pics of not-gayl Tyler Posey and the rest of the Teen Wolf cast at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con two weeks ago in the gallery below.

Pics: WENN


Hot Slut Of The Day!

July 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Leticia Sabater, children’s TV star turned turned elegant chanteuse of Spain!

If you would’ve asked me about “Leticia Sabater” two weeks ago, my brain would’ve farted up an error 404. I wasn’t aware that this fresh Spanish carnation existed until last week when reader Isabel dropped her latest flawless musical gem into my inbox and my ear holes. Leticia was in several Spanish children’s television shows from the late-80s to the early aughts. Wikipedia says that in 2002, Leticia decided to switch from serving up her brilliance to los niños y niñas and to sharing a piece of her brilliance with grown people.

Leticia continued to pop up in children’s TV shows here and there, but she also did reality TV and became Spain’s answer to Beyonce! Leticia has released many dance “songs” over the years, but Isabel says that she has really outdone herself with her latest precious gift to the world of music, dance (and street food). Salchipapas is like the Peruvian version of poutine and disco fries. It’s fast food deliciousness made up of salchichas (hot dogs) and papas fritas (fries). Last month, Leticia set fire to the internet when she released her musical ode to salchipapas called “La Salchipapa.

While looking like she was cut from the same cloth of exquisiteness as Frenchy Morgan and busting out some clearance section Charo moves, Leticia warbles out a beautiful song that may make you want to fuck your ears with a papas fritas afterward. Warning: If you’re hungover, you should probably avoid this since you won’t be able to handle Leticia’s potent amounts of elegance and musical talent while in a fragile state.

I did a little research for this post and Google Translated an article where Leticia defended her video against the haters who think that it’s trashy and low-class. I know, they say that like it’s a bad thing. Leticia explained her song like this (and it’s moments like these when I love Google Translate), “It’s very commercial, catchy, horny fart to dance on the beach, bottle, in clubs, at parties, at weddings and christenings.

If you’re getting married and have been looking for the perfect “first dance song,” look no further, because this horny fart is it!



Birthday Sluts

July 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Geraldine Chaplin (72)
Rico Rodriguez (18)
Victoria Azarenka (27)
Alexis Knapp (27)
Zelda Williams (27)
Charlie Carver (28)
B.J. Novak (37)
Zac Brown (38)
Will Champion (38)
Annie Parisse (41)
Eve Best (45)
Ben Chaplin (47)
Dean Cain (50)
J.K. Rowling (51)
Wesley Snipes (54)
Mark Cuban (58)
Michael Biehn (60)
Don Murray (87)

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