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Amber Heard Has Accused Johnny Depp Of Trying To Stall Their Divorce

July 27, 2016 / Posted by:

And here’s another reminder that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce is still a bottomless pit of drama. Last week, Johnny’s team of lawyers filed papers to keep Amber and her team of lawyers quiet about the details of the divorce, like his current financial situation. They also side-eyed Amber’s lawyer’s request for access to financial information from Johnny’s Hollywood Vampires bandmates.

Well, both TMZ and UsWeekly report that it was Amber’s turn to do some document filling/shit-flinging yesterday. According to court documents that were filed by her lawyers on Tuesday (no word on if they were dropped off in a borrowed Tesla), Amber Heard thinks Johnny Depp’s request for her to sign a gag order is his way of stalling their divorce. Amber’s lawyers aren’t happy that Johnny’s lawyers want Amber to sign a confidentiality agreement before he releases his financial information. They consider it Johnny’s attempt at “stonewalling” the progress of their divorce.

Amber also thinks the specifics of Johnny’s confidentiality agreement are about as ridiculous as that knock-off Anna Wintour wig he wore in Willy Wonka. According to documents, Johnny wants Amber to be fined $100,000 every time his financial information is leaked, regardless of who it was leaked by.

Amber and Johnny are also having problems trying to decide on a court date for her deposition. Johnny’s team suggested August 3rd and 8th, but Amber is scheduled to be in London filming Justice League then. Amber offered to fly back on a Saturday, but that won’t work, because apparently Johnny’s lawyers don’t work weekends.

Johnny may have been accused of dragging his dirty feet in this divorce, but he definitely doesn’t want to waste any more time picking a date for Amber’s restraining order deposition. TMZ says Johnny really wants that deposition to happen for the sake of his precious credit standing. He’s worried that the possibility of a permanent restraining order might mess up future credit checks.

It’s obvious that both sides are stalling for time, but it’s obvious why Johnny’s side is stalling. It’s going to take months, maybe years to get that bedraggled human hair clog ready for court. The power washer hose-downs alone could take well into October.



Hot Slut Of The Day!

July 27, 2016 / Posted by:

Sam’s Car from Who’s The Boss?!

In season 5 of Who’s The Boss?, Sam gets her drivers license and so does her best friend Bonnie. Bonnie’s daddy buys her a brand new car, and that’s when the show taught parents an important lesson: “Don’t buy your teen kid some brand new shit for their first car!” Bonnie wrecks her new car in a quick minute. So for Sam’s first car, Tony gets her a used banana boat on wheels that’s longer than Tommy Lee’s dick and covered with red lights for safety. That school bus baby of a car may have been safe for Sam but not for the other drivers. If I saw a young trick driving that gigantic boat car, I’d put on a helmet and drive a different way, because that thing could take me out with one false swerve.

Sam had entered those snobby teenage years, so that banana boat embarrassed her. When Sam parks it at school, the asshole kids gather around and make fun of her. So to avoid getting made fun of again, Sam parks it far away from her school, and it gets snatched! When the police find it, Sam has to tell Tony that she’s an ungrateful brat and was embarrassed by the car.

Jonathan Bower would never! Actually Jonathan Bower probably would’ve paid someone to steal it, drive it to Canada, break it up for parts and torch it.

Honestly, Sam is dumb. All she had to do was drive her car to school and get Mona to walk by it and say, “What a stunning and luxurious automobile.” The kids would shut the hell up, because nobody disagrees with Mona.

(For Carly)


Birthday Sluts

July 27, 2016 / Posted by:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (46)
Winnie Harlow (22)
George Shelley (23)
Cheyenne Kimball (26)
Nick Hogan (26)
Lou Taylor Pucci (31)
Taylor Schilling (32)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (39)
Alex Rodriguez (41)
Pete Yorn (42)
Cassandra Clare (43)
Maya Rudolph (44)
Bryan Fuller (47)
Triple H (47)
Maria Grazia Cucinotta (48)
Julian McMahon (48)
Juliana Hatfield (49)
Donnie Yen (53)
Bill Engvall (59)
Carol Leifer (60)
Yahoo Serious (63)
Maureen McGovern (67)
Peggy Fleming (68)
Bugs Bunny (76)
Jerry Van Dyke (85)
Norman Lear (94)

Pic: Men’s Fitness


Night Crumbs

July 26, 2016 / Posted by:

Miley Cyrus posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing a ring that some think is a wedding band, so that started the rumor that she and Liam Hemsworth got secret married. Please, like Miley is going to do something traditional like exchange wedding bands during the ceremony. I won’t believe that she and Liam got married until I see leaked pictures from the ceremony of them bonding their union by getting matching anal tats – Lainey Gossip

Prince William is selling his used Range Rover on Auto Trader for charity – Celebitchy

Today, elegance is spelled J-A-N-E-T M-O-N-T-G-O-M-E-R-YDrunken Stepfather

Jill Zarin is still clinging to the Real Housewives in the name of relevancy – Reality Tea 

Kate Hudson’s Living The Life Tour has gone to Greece – Egotastic!

The people probably like anal warts more than Kimye so this isn’t saying much – The Superficial

Here’s Rita Ora giving you “sexy Unabomber sketch” – The Nip Slip

I see that the same clown did both Shenae Grimes and Ashley Tisdale’s makeup – Hollywood Tuna

A catfisher is catfishing as Nev Schulman from CatfishStarcasm

Jenna Dewan is either stretching or trying to wiggle out a stuck fart – Popoholic

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just being hard-up as usual by trying to find a peen print on Joey McIntyreSOW

Speaking of peen prints…. – OMG Blog

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel did a couples counseling skit…. and it really needed Sarah Silverman singing about fucking Matt Damon – Towleroad

Jay Mohr changed his mind about divorcing Nikki CoxJust Jared

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter wore matching Beyhive garden party dresses in Paris – Popsugar

As Brittany Murphy’s ghost laughed, Mila Kunis said that Ashton Kutcher’s dick is as big as a can of Guinness  – Pajiba 

Pic: Instagram


An “Auntie Mame” Movie Starring Tilda Swinton May Happen

July 26, 2016 / Posted by:

I don’t carry cash, so I when I read the headline “Tilda Swinton Is Your New Auntie Mame,” I grabbed my wallet, pulled out one of my good credit cards, blew it for luck and threw it at the screen. Take my money!

Screenwriter and actress Annie Mumolo is in Bad Moms, and so she did an interview with Vanity Fair to pimp it out. Annie also co-wrote Bridesmaids and she tells Vanity Fair that otherworldly creature Tilda Swinton is a big fan of that movie. Tilda e-mailed Annie and they became pen pals. It’s kind of disappointing knowing that Tilda e-mails like the rest of us regulars. I’d like to think that she writes letters on paper made from the wings of fairies in ink made from the thick jizz of a virile unicorn and sends it via a blue carrier pigeon. But Tilda e-mails, and in one of her e-mails to Annie, she brought up Auntie Mame. That led to Annie agreeing to write a modern-day Auntie Mame movie for Tilda. How do you say “GOD YES” in Venusnese, which is Tilda’s first language.

Lindsay Lohan Apologizes For Airing Her Personal Shit On Instagram

July 26, 2016 / Posted by:

If Lindsay Lohan’s private life was a room, its walls would be glass, it wouldn’t have a door and outside of it would hang a neon blinking sign that read, “LOOK AT ME” But after the train wreck situation with her alleged cheating and beating Russian fiancé went down, she put a privacy sign on her private life and asked everyone to respect it. But today, LiLo removed that privacy sign for a second to say sowwy for accusing her piece Egor Tarabasov of dipping his untrue dick into a Russian hooker’s leased cooch.

Kanye West’s Nightmare Video For “Famous” Got A Couple MTV VMA Nominations

July 26, 2016 / Posted by:

The nominees for the 2016 MTV VMAs were announced earlier today. The bad news for Taylor Swift is that she got zero nominations. The good news for Taylor Swift is that two people she’s currently feuding with got nominations, which means her name will automatically get dragged into just about every conversation about the MTV VMAs on the internet today. Congratulations, Taylor!

Open Post: Hosted By The Reason Why “Shake It Off” Exists

July 26, 2016 / Posted by:

There’s finally an answer to the question: Why does that Jackson 5 B-side of a song Shake It Off exist? The answer is: So that oldies can make the world a happier place by recreating its video!

A group of senior citizens did their own version of Shake It Off  a couple of years ago, but recently, 50 residents of the Julia Wallace Retirement Village in the New Zealand city of Palmerston North went all out in their recreation. The Guardian says that the seasoned Kiwis sought out to do a nearly shot-by-shot remake of Taylor Swift’s video for Shake It Off and they spent a week learning the words and moves. The whole thing was professionally shot and produced, and it included cameos from staff members and grandkids. One of the retirement village residents sewed all of the costumes.

The average age of the abuelitas and abuelitos in this video is 82 and they’re combined age is 4,000. The most physical activity I do all day is lift a heavy ice cream sandwich up to my mouth while using my toes to change the channel on the remote sitting on my coffee table, and here’s these oldies busting their asses. Shake that hip replacement off, granny!

This ain’t their first viral rodeo either. They did a flash mob to Pharrell’s Happy at a shopping center, and last year they went all Calendar Girls by taking off their blouses for a charity calendar. I wonder if they take requests, because my life is incomplete until I see their shot-by-shot remake of RiRi’s Bitch Better Have My Money.

That video is just the sparkle this ugly world needed. But when I watched, I couldn’t help but think that those memaws and pepaws look so happy and innocent and they have no idea that Taylor Swift is probably going to sue the dentures out of their mouths for this. They’ll have to make ends meet by singing Shake It Off on a street corner for change, and yes, Taylor will sue them for that too.


Jinger Duggar And Her Courtin’ Partner Aren’t Wasting Time

July 26, 2016 / Posted by:

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s fourth-oldest daughter Jinger Duggar is only 22 years old, but in Duggar years that’s practically ancient. She’s only got a few more years before her uterus shrivels up and lays back in a rocking chair to watch Matlock reruns while trying to open up hard candies. So Jinger better git on that, and she is!


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