It’s Truly Hard Out There For A Young, Hot, White Gay Dude

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26-year-old Steve Grand was the first mainstream openly gay country singer and now he’s mostly known as an expert thirst trapper and professional Instagram gym model. But well, Steve Grand says he’s so much more than an Instagram adonis and says that he gets a lot of hate for being a rock hard piece of ass that can make a corpse cum just by flexing. Kelly LeBrock’s Pantene commercial is pretty much Steve Grand’s Bible. Bitches hate him because he’s beautiful.

Steve did a long Q&A with PrideSource where he talked a lot about his “image.” To many of you Steve Grand’s image may be one giant question mark since you don’t know who the hell he is. But Steve Grand says that to many, his image is that of a superficial hot piece. So Steve says that because some people automatically assume he has the talent of a popped nipple pimple, he just has to not suck when he performs. The struggle with looking like a 2(x)ist underwear model is real. Below are a few choice quotes. You can read the whole thing here. It was interesting to me, but then again, I’m hopped up on allergy meds.

On how the Internet doesn’t know he’s a human under all that hotness: I’m not so bad. People have (such) incredibly low expectations of me, that I just need to show up. For my performances, I need to not be terrible and people will be impressed. I just know people have really, really low expectations of me and that’s what the Internet does. I’m such an easy person to target. Young, good-looking, white, gay men – we love to hate those people. But there’s been a real person there the whole time. It’s weird. For a long time there’s been a big disconnect between how much I could expect to be understood by people and how much I actually was understood by people. I had this unreasonable expectation that I was going to be understood by people and it took me a long time to get over that. I don’t make sense in any kind of headline, so I’ve kinda given up on that and I’m fine with it. The more you kind of give up and don’t care, the more people feel that and like that.

On how he’s happily messy, and again, is a human under all that hotness: With me, I still am just a regular person operating in the same world as everyone else. I’m not rich and famous. And I think there’s a weird disconnect that, when someone has any degree of fame on social media or whatever, we discount them as being a real, complicated human being. I feel like I have always fought for myself to be seen as a complex, nuanced human being, to the point where I would rather not have lots of success and notoriety if it means that I can’t let all the messy edges of me show.

On how he used to be frustrated by how some people don’t take him seriously as a musician because he’s always posting half-naked pictures of himself on Instagram: It used to be really frustrating, but I’ve readjusted my expectations. I don’t have that high of expectations for the general public – I mean, we don’t even understand things that really actually fucking matter, like, with this election. So why should I expect people to take the time to understand me? I don’t matter. And people don’t even care about things that do matter.

On how tricks need to stop taking everything so seriously and just let him be beautiful, dammit:  I take my music seriously. I’m a good musician and I’m a good performer, and I also like to work out my body and show it off sometimes. It’s a fleeting thing; when I’m 50, I’m not gonna look like this. Everybody has to feel like they have to be a special snowflake. People can’t just look at a picture of a hot guy and let it be beautiful. It has to be some statement about them. Let people just fucking appreciate what is beautiful and let things be beautiful if they’re beautiful.

And finally, on how he’d pose naked for a million dollars, but he personally doesn’t think his unremarkable peen is worth a million dollars: I’d rather not. But if someone was like, “Here’s a million dollars,” I would be like, “Sure.” But, like, I don’t think my dick is that exciting. It’s just like, whatever. It’s pretty unremarkable. I think it’s good to be proud of what you have but I think there are more interesting things about me than my relatively… what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s very appropriately sized and shaped, that’s what I would say.

About that part about how we love to hate “young, good-looking, white, gay men.” Who’s this “we” he’s talking about? Because if you looked at my browser history and then looked at my bathroom trash can full of crumpled-up tissues, you’d put two and two together and realize that I have love for the men of PornHub and some of them are young, hot, white and gay, thankyouverymuch. Also, don’t ever look at my browser history, because then you’d see that I pre-ordered Zayn Malik’s album on Amazon and you don’t need to know that about me.

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