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Lamar Odom Found Unconscious At A Brothel In Nevada

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

TMZ says that former NBA player (and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband) Lamar Odom is in a bad, bad way after he was found unconscious on the floor of the Love Ranch South in Pahrump, NV. Lamar had some mucus-type liquid coming out of his mouth and nose and when he got to the hospital, doctors had to intubate him, because he wasn’t breathing on his own. He’s being airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas.

Dennis Hof, who owns the Love Ranch and who you know if you watched HBO’s Cathouse, says that Lamar checked in on Saturday by himself. Lamar spent the past few days partying it up with the hookers of the Love Ranch. A source tells E! News  that Lamar took herbal Viagra while there. Lamar was found in his VIP suite this afternoon. (Hmmmm, I wonder if that source’s name rhymes with, oh bother, it was probably Pimp Mama Kris.)

Before Lamar and Khloe broke up, he went missing for days and went on a bad shit binge. Lamar recently went off while talking to TMZ about how he supposedly “ambushed” and scared Khloe outside of a SoulCycle. Lamar said that Khloe agreed to meet him. He also talked about how his life has hit rock bottom.

E!’s source also says that Lamar’s condition is not looking good at all. A source tells People that Khloe and Kim Kartrashian (and a kamera krew, probably) are planning to fly to Vegas tonight to be with him.


Night Crumbs

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

Seen above blissfully dreaming of sucking on a foot in a field of foots as foots rain down on him, Quentin Tarantino talked to Bret Easton Ellis for The New York Times Magazine. QT used his toe-sucking mouth to talk about how he’s chapped in the ass about losing the Oscar and how he doesn’t care what black critics thinks of him. QT also said that The Hateful Eight is going to be over 3 hours long and will have an intermission. So if you’re planning to see it, make sure you charge your phone all the way, because you’re going to need it to pass the time by texting, playing games, searching for ass, taking selfies, FaceTiming with your friends, etc… – Lainey Gossip 

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford’s baby’s name sounds like the name of a 1920s socialite turned silent movie star – Celebitchy

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose’s reality show isn’t happening – Reality Tea

Emilia Clarke is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive. I guess Esquire hasn’t heard of a living woman named CHARO! – Drunken Stepfather 

Drunk ass Shia LaBeouf called a cop “silly” and claimed he’s in the National Guard before he got arrested – The Superficial 

Dumbass mess Periscopes herself drunk driving and yes, this happened in Florida. Where else? – Starcasm

Do you remember Jayde Nicole? Yeah, me neither, but she’s wearing my abuelita’s mourning veil as a skirt – Hollywood Tuna 

And here’s the Absolut hunk from Sex and the City without his shirt on – Popsugar

Is Pimp Mama Kris Julianne Hough’s new stylist? – Popoholic

Pizza Rat got a sequel – SOW

I see that the #cocksnotglocks movement has hit a Walmart in Alabama – Towleroad

T.I. says that you wimmuns are way too emotional to be president and if you’re screaming at him for that, you must be a woman and you’re just being emotional! – Jezebel

Panty Creamer of the Day: Frank Grillo with his nipples out in DetailsJust Jared 

Tom Hiddleston talks about cake – Pajiba


Hayden Panettiere Is In A Treatment Center For Postpartum Depression

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

One of my favorite couples Little Sprout (aka Hayden Panettiere) and the Jolly Ukrainian Giant (aka Wladimir Klitschkobecame parents last December to a daughter Kaya. Hayden’s pregnancy was written into her show Nashville (which I watch and I can’t believe I keep admitting that out loud on this blog). Not long after Hayden’s character Juliette gave birth, she slowly slid into a postpartum depression spiral. Well, life is imitating primetime soap opera art, because Hayden’s rep says that she has gone off to rehab to be treated for PPD. Her rep gave this statement to UsWeekly.

“Hayden Panettiere is voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center as she is currently battling postpartum depression. She asks that the media respect her privacy during this time.”

While promoting, Nashville, Hayden talked about PPD since her character goes through it and she said on Live with Kelly and Michael that she relates and thinks some people brush it off like, “Oh, just drink some Tension Tamer Tea and you’ll be fine! That shit ain’t real!” Hayden said that PPD is something that needs to be talked about, which is probably why she’s letting it be known that she has it.

A few days ago, Hayden tweeted, “Feeling like I’m #finally coming back in to my own body!mother #daughter #blessing #wellworthit @bonesthenskin

It’s a good thing that Hayden is getting help, but since I’m selfish, I wondered what does this mean for Nashville? Does it mean that Juliette won’t be in it that much anymore and so they’re going to give more screen time to annoying ass Scarlett? OH GOD. Get better, Hayden!


Open Post: Hosted By Keanu Reeves On A Bike

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

I was going to post a video of a baby pug trying to knock a fat pug off of a toy bike, but I decided against it. In light of Aunt Jen suing her 12-year-old nephew for fucking up her wrist with an over-excited hug, it just didn’t seem right. Because I’m sure that fat pug is going to take a page out of Aunt Jenny’s book by suing that baby pug for messing up its arm. That video is about to go from sweet to SERIOUS. So, here’s the next best thing: Keanu Reeves on a bike!

It’s only October, but it’s never too soon to think about going broke by buying Christmas presents. Neiman Marcus presented their ridiculous holiday catalog for the 1% on Today this morning and Keanu was on, because he’s selling something in that shit. Keanu co-owns a motorcycle company and for ONLY $150,000, you get one of his bikes and a ride with him.  Yes, a ride with Keanu may leave your thighs and your ass bone sore, but it’s not that kind of ride. BOO, I know. But I’m wondering, for $150,000, will he also bite your neck and turn you into an ageless vampire like him?

Pics: Splash


And The Award For Auntie Of The Year Goes To…. (UPDATE)

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

Dear Scrooge, Cruella de Vil and Captain Hook, please get on your knees and immediately worship at the evil feet of your new villainess hero.

Jennifer Connell has sued her 12-year-old nephew for causing her to break her wrist by hugging her a little too excitedly at his 8th birthday party. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or slow clap for her dark-hearted evil ways. But I do know that the next time I’m at a family party and I’m not in the mood for hugs from my relatives, I’ll just show them this story as a warning that their hug can lead me to me breaking my wrist which can lead to them having to sell their internal organs on the black market to pay me.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Over Being “Likable” In Money Negotiations

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

Forbes named Jennifer Lawrence the highest-paid actress in the world and claimed that she has made $52 million this year, but she still makes less than the dude movie stars who are at the same level as her. In Lena Dunham’s newsletter Lenny, JLaw writes that she didn’t really open her eyes about the gender wage gap until the Sony hack. The Sony hack showed that both Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence made less than Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner for American Hustle. Amy and JLaw got 7% of the back end and the dudes got 9%. Amy Pascal, Sony’s former co-chair, responded to Amy and JLaw making less by saying that if someone wants to work for less money, she’s going to let them work for less money, because it’s business. Amy said that if women want to make more, they have to demand more. Jennifer Lawrence is taking her advice.


Jabba The Trump Will Host Saturday Night Live Next Month

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

NBC announced that angry clump of guinea pig hair Donald Trump will host an entire episode of Saturday Night Live on November 7th. Remember a few months ago when NBC dumped Trump because of the shit he said about Mexican immigrants? It’s nice to see that the Peacock has shoved its tongue up Trump’s b-hole again for the sake of a ratings stunt. That’s the bad news (or the BEST news if you are a fuckery lover like me). The worst news is that the musical guest for that episode isn’t the graceful swan Melania Trump. I would fully embrace a Trump-hosted SNL if the musical guest was Melania Trump and she just emoted and cooed for 5 minutes straight. The musical guest will be Sia. I hope they trade hair for the night. via The Wrap

The appearance will actually mark the second hosting stint on the late-night show for Trump, who also held down hosting duties on April 3, 2004.

The musical guest for the episode will be Sia, who’s preparing to release her new album “This Is Acting,” which features the single “Alive.”

Please tell me that Donald Trump will announce on Saturday Night Live that his entire campaign has been a really elaborate marketing stunt to promote his episode. But really, Trump hosting SNL is redundant since his entire campaign so far has been one long skit. Exhibit: A


At Least We’ll Always Have The Naked 90s Elegance Of The Barbi Twins

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

Playboy really should’ve shut down after this issue, because it was never able to reach this level of refined sophistication again.

Last night, The New York Times reported some sad news for everyone who christened their fapping hand by doing themselves for the first time while looking at a Playboy they stole from their dad or brother. (Side note: I don’t know if JcPenney makes those huge catalogs anymore, but if they do and they still have a dude underwear section in it, I’ll be extra sad if they ever get rid of it. That was my first fap material.) Playboy announced that after decades of showing chichis and chocha, they are no longer going to put naked women in their magazine. This news made half of the Internet shrug since lady nipples are a click away and made the other half of the Internet Google “What is a magazine?

A Clip Of The Alleged Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leaks

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

I know, it’s always too early in the day, the week, the month, the year and the century to read the words “Lil Wayne,” “sex tape” and “leaks” in one sentence.

Last month, TMZ reported that a fuck tape starring the fertile goblin and two strippers was put up on the sale block. Lil Wayne’s lawyers immediately threatened to sue any trick who put out that mess. Well, in news that’ll make your genitals do the opposite of “leak,” a clip of the supposed sex tape leaked online. The site Diary of a Hollywood Street King threw up the clip and the site writes that they “may or may not have gotten” it from the camp of Wayne’s one-time collaborator and current arch rival Birdman.

The tape must have been shot on a turnip (not even a potato), because it’s grainy as all hell. (NSFW, duh) The clip shows Maybe Wayne lying on a bed, in what looks like a Motel 6, while two chicks do all the work. What really made me want to inject antibiotics into my eyeballs is something that doesn’t happen at all in the clip. The dude never wraps up his peen and does it raw dog-style. Dude wrapped up his feet (he’s keeping it all the way classy by wearing socks), but didn’t wrap up that dick. See, that’s one big reason why I’m wondering if that really is Lil Wayne in the clip. I mean, if it was Wayne, I’d think that as soon as the chick sat on that unwrapped peen, her uterus would find a way to push that dick out while thinking to itself, “Nope, not going to house a Weezy fetus this lifetime. Not going to do it.

So I don’t know, but Lil Wayne’s ex-piece and hip hop ho extraordinaire Karrine “Superhead” Steffans seems to think to think it’s him. In between fighting with Lil Wayne’s fans, Superhead reviewed the clip on Twitter and she believes it’s him, because she recognizes the dry boredom of it all:

Oh, Superhead. She’s like the Siskel & Ebert of celebrity sex tape reviewers. And she obviously gives this one two dry coochies.



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