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A Particularly Brave Sicilian Judge Gave Naomi Campbell Jail Time

August 1, 2015 / Posted by:

St. Angie doesn’t dare breathe a word about Nay Nay jacking her leg game. Judge Theydidn’tgivehisname-ini made two mistakes in sentencing crazed supermodel Naomi Campbell to jail. Mistake the first is giving Naomi Campbell any sort of punishment in the first place. She’s a megalomaniacal rage person and he’s totally on her shit list now. That is a place you don’t want to be. Mistake the second happened when he gave her a suspended sentence! You’re gonna dare to interrupt Naomi’s glamorous life with some consequences and then not jail her crazy ass?

Famed anger management fail Campbell received a six-month suspended sentence for injuring paparazzo Gaetano Di Giovanni in August of 2009. Campbell and her then boyfriend Vladimir Doronin were sight-seeing on the Sicilian island of Lipari when Giovanni papped them. Fool! The snarly Nay Nay immediately hit him in the face with her handbag, and scratched his eye. Di Giovanni had to seek medical treatment and was out of work for three days.

(via E! Online)

“I had just started taking some shots of her and I did not expect such a violent reaction,” he said in 2013, after Campbell was ordered to stand trial in Italy, according to the Telegraph.

Did I already type “fool?” Di Giovanni had actually withdrawn the charges after their lawyers worked out an agreement. But the prosecutor went forward with the case anyway due to the “intensity of the crime.” They call that intense? Dude is lucky his eyeball wasn’t rolling in the street like a tumbleweed. She was obviously having an off day.

Campbell’s attorney has vowed to appeal the sentence. Do they have witness protection in Sicily? They must with Cosa Nostra and all, right? If not, the judge and the prosecutor better book some appointments for some major plastic surgery. And put their families in wigs. Nay Nay doesn’t forget and she sure as hell doesn’t forgive. Ask Cuba or that model with the eyebrows. A scratched eye ain’t shit compared to having a diamond-encrusted smartphone surgically removed from your anal cavity.

Check out more pics of Nasty Naomi Campbell arriving at a Vogue event in Paris last month in the gallery below.

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Charlize Theron Adopted Another Baby

August 1, 2015 / Posted by:

If anyone was wondering why the beautiful and momentarily dickmatized Charlize Theron and desiccated anal gland Sean Penn broke up, here you go. TMZ reports that Imperator Furiosa adopted an African-American girl child from here in the States last month. She’s named the infant August. As far as asshole celebrity baby-names go, that’s not bad. It’s not Williamsburg Jacuzzi but it’s not Jennifer either. It’ll do. Is the baby named August because that’s when Charlize’s publicist broke the news? That’s kind of uninspired but hey, Charlize is probably really busy.

This is oddly concurrent with Penn looking for a day-old black baby for his movie. Do you think he had somehow used his hypno-peen to whammy her into adopting the type of baby he wanted just for a scene in his movie? And she finally broke his spell and busted out of his humidor crotch to save that impending adopted child? Or maybe she just realized pompous, angry, and naugahyde wasn’t the look for a dad.

Check out more pics of Charlize Theron looking incredibly thrilled to be papped while arriving at LAX yesterday in the gallery below.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

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Disco Boy! And yes, I guess Sharpie-written messages on man chests is today’s theme.

Now, my idea of entertaining truckers is TOTALLY different than Disco Boy’s idea of entertaining truckers. Disco Boy (born name: Lee Marshall) considers himself a prankster/entertainer, but he’s also a saint, because he strips down to his panties and entertains the lorry drivers (that’s British for tuckers) in Operation Stack. Operation Stack isn’t only the name that Kim Kartrashian’s plastic surgeons call the procedure where they stack several silicone implants in her ass. It’s also the name of a procedure where truckers have to park on the M20 motorway. Wikipedia explains it like this:

Operation Stack is a procedure used by Kent Police and the Port of Dover in England to park (or “stack”) lorries on the M20 motorway in Kent when services across the English Channel, such as those through the Channel Tunnel or from the Port of Dover, are disrupted, for example by bad weather, industrial action, fire or derailments in the tunnel.

Kent Online says that on Monday night, Disco Boy set up a party in the Roundhill Tunnel during Operation Stack and brought some sex, hot moves, talent, charisma, sex and more hot moves to the lives of the lorry drivers who had to park. Get high on those car fumes, Disco Boy, and serve it up:

Those moves… It looks like he’s riding an invisible bike. But really, if you got to see this hot piece rave extravaganza while stuck in traffic, you’d want to be stuck in traffic every second of the day!

(For the one and only Bradiful Bitch)


Birthday Sluts

August 1, 2015 / Posted by:

Jason Momoa (36)
Jack O’Connell (25)
Max Carver (27)
Elijah Kelley (29)
Ashley Parker Angel (34)
Zac Brown (37)
Tempestt Bledsoe (42)
Roshumba Williams (47)
James St. James (49)
Sam Mendes (50)
Adam Duritz (51)
John Carroll Lynch (52)
Coolio (52)
Demián Bichir (52)
Chuck D (55)
Joe Elliott (56)
Giancarlo Giannini (73)

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