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Bette Midler Is Sorry For That Time She Called Ariana Grande Latte A Silly High-Voiced Whore

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

It appears the feud between The Divine Miss M and the come-to-life Ever After High doll has ended before it really even got started. After Bette Midler called her out for working the sexy baby hooker angle to sell records during an interview with The Telegraph, Ariana Grande Latte responded by posting an old ass picture of Bette with her tits out in a mermaid bikini to Twitter along with a comment about the Bette she loved being a non-judgmental feminist, and that she still planned to quote The First Wives Club every day regardless of what this new pearl-clutching Bette thinks.

Well, Bette clearly received Ariana’s message calling her out for being a whore-shaming hypocrite, because last night Bette tweeted Bette’s version of an apology:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 11.13.10 AM

The only thing that makes me sadder than seeing someone hit reverse on the shade they threw is the term “reformed old whore”. You should never deny your whore heritage, especially as you enter your twilight years! A whore is like a fine French wine or a fancy cheese; they only get better with age. Pull that shell bra out of storage and let your inner old whore out, Bette!

Then again, maybe Bette is trolling. “Beautiful voice“? That seems suspicious. “Passable karaoke-version of Mariah Carey voice“, maybe, but beautiful? I see you Bette.

But back to Ariana Grande Latte’s comment about quoting The First Wives Club every day. I don’t know if that is supposed to make me like her more or less. What am I saying? I doubt she’s actually watched it. She probably just saw a super cut of that trampy bitch Shelly Stewart and was like “THAT! I WANT TO BE THAT!

Open Post & Programming Note: Hosted By Chicken Cutlets Stroking A Carrot

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Because I’ve had it with the sun and its warm rays heating up my ass cheeks (“Oh, poor you. #CaliforniaProblems” – Allison as she tries to keep her nalgas warm by sitting on a fresh-out-of-the oven baking sheet wrapped in a thick tea towel), I’m in NYC for the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s snowing and I’m into it. The only shoes I brought have soles as flat as Blake NoSoLively’s personality and I expect to slip, fall, bust my ass lips and bruise up my nalgas. It’ll be the most action I’ve had in years and the pavement and I will share a joint together afterward.

So because I’m in NYC and Allison will also be celebrating Thanksgiving with us American whores by swallowing an entire can of cranberries before washing it down with turkey soda, Dlisted will be on vacation mode for the next few days. To answer the question in your head: Yes, now that you mention it, we’re always on vacation mode. So consider this vacation vacation mode. Our regularly scheduled fuckery will resume on Saturday. That’s if whatever is left of my brain hasn’t completely melted and dripped out of my ears from all the boozing and trying to switch subjects when someone brings up Bill Cosby.

And now I leave you with these pictures of the Phoebe Price, the other white meat, hand jobbing a snowman’s carrot nose and licking her way to all kinds of diseases by putting her tongue on a fake lollipop at The Grove in L.A. the other day. PP truly suffers to give us beautiful pictures that are so elegant, so timeless and so artistic that you’d think they were ripped from the pages of French Vogue circa 1965. No, I don’t know why in the hell PP’s dressed like that, but I’m guessing she just got done with her shift as a go-go dancer at a Dia de los Muertos-themed bar and grill.


Eva Mendes Talks About Her Baby

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

When Eva Mendes was knocked up with the Internet’s boyfriend’s baby, she did everything to hide her growing fetus dome including comically covering it with everything in her fucking closet. I expected her to hire two dudes to carry a giant armoire in front of her at all times so nobody would see that she had a CASE OF THE BABIES! She was a walking “privacy please” sign and I don’t think she ever confirmed she had a baby. But now that she’s birthed out her and Ryan Gosling’s daughter Esmerelda Amada, she’s talking about everything from not having nannies to confirming that they named their kid after what you thought they named her after.


Michael Lohan May Have Faked His Marriage, Says Dina Lohan

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Leave it t professional polyester life mess Dina Lohan to find a way to make Michael Lohan’s wedding seem even trashier. Oh, White Oprah – how I’ve missed you, you gorgeous wine-scented butter-colored cocker spaniel. On Tuesday, TMZ broke the news that human ball rash Michael Lohan had married former Jon Gosselin humper and current knocked-up drunk muppet Kate Major on a beach in Florida last month. But White Oprah isn’t so sure about the whole thing.

TMZ caught up with The Ghost of Lindsay Lohan Future at LAX yesterday and asked if she knew about her ex-husband getting married (since his own kids sure as hell didn’t), and Dina answers that Michael texted her and told her he didn’t actually get married, adding the 4 words that most accurately define White Oprah: “I’m kind of confused.” That’s when TMZ tells Dina that there are pictures of Michael and Kate’s wedding, to which Dina calls bullshit, saying: “I don’t know, he said he didn’t, but then again…“. And because she’s nicknamed White Oprah for a reason, she ends the conversation by telling TMZ to “Follow the light“. I think she means the light to the fridge. Follow the light, and you’ll always find a chilled box of white wine!

Oh boy, who to believe? The messy lie-telling parent who says they got married or the messy lie-telling parent who says they didn’t? I mean, there’s a 98% chance that White Oprah was three sheets to the wind when they spoke to her in the airport, and she’s probably recalling a text conversation from 4 years ago, but there’s an even greater chance that Lindsay’s attention whore of a father faked the whole thing to get attention. The only way to get the truth is to interrogate Kate Major’s trash rat acrylic nails. Exquisite amateur porn star blowjob nail tips never lie!

That’s Not KFed’s Peen On The Internet, So Says KFed

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Yesterday, an email dropped into my inbox with the subject “KFed’s dick!” and I clicked on that shit like the year was 2003 and I had a brand new bottle of Cheetos-scented lube next to me. I didn’t care if it was KFed’s dick during his PopoZao phase or KFed’s dick today, because I’m thirstier than Kristin Scott Thomas when she was dying in that cave in The English Patient.

But then I clicked on the link and the truth dick-slapped me right in the face. It totally wasn’t KFed’s salchicha, because the peen was completely queso-free and the bed sheets in the picture were way too clean and not covered in Doritos crumbs, In-N-Out wrappers and stains that may or may not be from Taco Bell refried beans. Not KFed!

The real life inspiration for Sweet Dee’s mentally challenged rapper piece tells TMZ that he’s seen the picture making the rounds and the beef wellington peen in the picture doesn’t belong to him. KFed’s crotch tattoos aren’t in the picture and his peen is way bigger. So he says. Yeah, you could make a joke about how it must be huge if KFed can see it past his FUPA, but I’ve always thought he had a Pringle can dick. Brit Brit was obviously dickmatized and he didn’t get “PopoZao” from the Brazilians. It’s what Brit Brit screamed the first time he stuck the tip in.

Anyway, I’ll stop with the words now and get to the dick. If you haven’t already seen Not KFed’s dick, click here to see. I’d hit it, whoever that is.


The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNERS For November 25th!

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Deciding that any attention is better than no attention, Lady Caca settled on performing at the untelevised American Masturbation Awards last weekend. – Shadeball

Upvote winner:

There once was a young girl named Doris
Whose bones were unusually porous.
This allowed her to bend
So she dumped all her friends
And stayed home to French kiss her clitoris. – Strepsi

The uncensored pic is after the cut, because I have no clue if your work manual states that you must not look at any pictures from the coochie licking circus.


Hot Slut Of The Day!

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Whistle Pops!

Whistle Pops (and Chupa Chups Melody Pops) came from the 80s and 90s, but they still exist today, which is surprising since you’d think that the government would have declared them weapons of mass destruction and destroyed them all. Whistle Pops are exactly what they look like. They’re lollipops that make sound. We know that Lucifer is alive and well and walks amongst us on earth, because he obviously created these dark-sided tools of torture to fuck with the nerves of parents and drive them over the edge.

I haven’t blown one of these in years (I can say that about a lot of things, I know), but I remember it sounding worse than JLo’s live singing voice and spit collected on the inside of it. It became a corn syrup and kid spit lollipop real quick. But it still brought minutes and minutes of entertainment. It was also the perfect parent repellant. As soon as you started playing it, your parents would pack up all their shit, leave you $15 for a pizza, throw their shit in the car, back up out of the driveway and drive like they were Thelma & Louise heading for Mexico. By the time you were done playing your Whistle Pop, you’d be an orphan and your parents would be listening to the sound of beautiful silence far, far away.

You should really get a Whistle Pop before going to your family’s house for Thanksgiving. If they say any shit you’re not into, just pull out your Whistle Pop and blow until they disappear.


Birthday Sluts

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Tina Turner (75)
Rita Ora (24)
Kat DeLuna (27)
Lil’ Fizz (29)
Natasha Bedingfield (33)
Tammy Lynn Michaels (40)
Peter Facinelli (41)
Kristin Bauer van Straten (48)
Garcelle Beauvais (48)
Scott Adsit (49)
Lisa Moretti (53)
Ilona Staller (63)
John McVie (69)
Jean Terrell of The Supremes (70)
Rich Little (76)


Night Crumbs

November 25, 2014 / Posted by:

I’m not sure why Rihanna is dressed like a late-90s JNCO-wearing E-gobbling Bif Naked-loving suburban skate park raver, but I don’t hate it  – Lainey Gossip

Claudia Jordan from RHOA is wearing a dress that I can only describe as Sexy Mega Man, and now I’m really curious what that says about me (“It says you’re a huge nerd!” screamed my vintage Nintendo video game collection) – Reality Tea

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillippe is serving up some sassy teenage Glimmer from She-Ra realness, and that’s never a bad thing – Celebitchy

And that’s how you get a cease-and-desist letter from Austin Powers – Hollywood Tuna

Happy Thanksgiving from Chlöe Sevigny’s non-union equivalent! – Towleroad

There’s a Dollar Tree version of everyone if you look hard enough. Case in point, Ela Rose, the Dollar Tree Chrissy Teigen – WWTDD

Cut to John Mayer’s penis sending Josh Kelley a Thank You gift basket – The Superficial

Here is a picture of Chelsea Handler resting her tits on a boom box, if you need that in your life – (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Apparently billion-dollar soap tycoon Jessica Alba doesn’t work out with 3lb bottles of dish soap like I assumed she did – Popoholic

I always read #21 in the voice of The Deaner, like “fuckin’ twigs” – Popsugar

Kate Hudson says you’ve got to work out if you want to lose weight, but what I want to know is for why is she wearing an extra-large napkin as a dress?  – ICYDK

15 people (and one security guard) showed up to a Fifth Harmony show, which actually isn’t too bad considering it looks like they performed on the side of the road – OMG Blog

Why do I get the feeling Courteney Cox could swear those bitches under the table like a champ? – SOW

Cool, but what I’d really like are some dick pics of Ikaika KahoanoJust Jared

Hollywood, you can reboot any 80s movie you want, just PLEASE don’t touch The ‘Burbs! – Pajiba

Ariana Grande Latte swipes back at Bette Midler for calling her a trampy toddler-voiced hussy – Jezebel

Alternate title for #11: the Dlisted office dress code  – The Berry

Pic: Splash


Open Post: Hosted By Lady CaCa’s Ridiculous Inflatable Sea Urchin Costume

November 25, 2014 / Posted by:

Sometimes I really miss Lady CaCa’s (I said sometimes, ho) acts of desperate, shameless fuckery and today I really needed the laughs this disastrous mess brought me. Thank you, Gaga.

Before going into the closing party for her ArtRave tour in Paris last night, Lady CaCa stood on the sidewalk and completely transformed into a gigantic spiked asshole by inflating her Party City costume. An inflated costume to match her inflated ego. It’s a perfect marriage. Bitch looks like a humongous Christmas tree ornament and where was a 20 foot cat when we really, really needed one?

The video is even more of a gift. CaCa’s standing there on the sidewalk with a look on her face that’s supposed to say, “I am BIG, it’s the pictures that got small,” but she looks more like she’s trying to sneeze and cough at the same time. I know, an inflatable star. That a metaphor that’s stabbing you in the face.

I don’t exactly know where the pump is, but judging by the look on her face, we know exactly where the pumps is. Or maybe her farts are keeping it inflated.

If you’re screaming at CaCa to have a seat, look at her. She can’t have a seat. Tell her to have a lean instead.



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