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Diana Ross Is Officially Related To The Simpsons

September 1, 2014 / Posted by:

Yesterday in Greenwich, CT, a trick who is only semi-famous because of her sister married a trick who is only semi-famous because of his mom. 29-year-old Ashlee Simpson made 26-year-old Evan Ross her second husband at his mom’s estate. I figured that Diana Ross would pull a stage 10 Marky Mark and not show up to the wedding, because she had to meet with her lawyers to fast-track papers legally emancipating herself from Evan Ross for dragging her into that crazy family. But Diana Ross was there and she planned the whole wedding and performed. Miss Ross has gone insane.

UsWeekly says that Asshole wore a pearl-embellished, long-sleeved wedding gown and $750,000 worth of Neil Lane jooree including a tiara. Nobody really cared what Ashlee was wearing, because they were too busy gasping at the pretty-faced beauty of Evan Ross and the bow tie-shaped pube bush on his chin. Jessica Simpson was Ashlee’s matron of honor and her kids, Maxwell and Ace, were the flower girl and ring bearer. After the ceremony, Ashlee cut the cake with her chin and Diana Ross performed. Diana Ross performing at her son’s wedding reception makes sense, because: a) she’s Diana Ross and performing is her OXYGEN and; b) the more time she spent at the mic meant the less chances Ashlee had to get up on stage to “sing” to her groom.

UsWeekly has zero details about the only Simpson we care about: PAPA JOE! Bronx Mowgli walked Ashlee down the aisle, not Papa Joe. Ashlee is such a transparent bitch. I see what she did there. Ashlee knew that if Papa Joe walked her down the aisle, his glamorous ensemble (an ivory leather suit, a white fishnet tank, silver alligator sandals and a rhinestone headband) would take all the attention away from her who cares ass and Evan would want to marry Papa Joe instead and then the Ross family fortune would never be hers! It’s the only smart decision Ashlee has ever made.

And here’s pictures of Diana Ross looking like an exploding Muppet tampon while performing last year. I’m choosing to believe that this is what she wore to the ceremony.


Hot Slut Of The Day!

September 1, 2014 / Posted by:

The overworked single mother of two shitty kids in Donna Summer’s video for “She Works Hard For The Money.

The single mom  (who is kind of giving me Rhoda with Geri Jewell hair) in Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For The Money” video is going through it and is totally over it. She has to get up at the hour of the crackheads to drag her ass to her first job where she has scrub the floors with a flimsy ass rag (somebody please get her a Hoover FloorMate or at least a Swiffer Wet Jet). Once she’s done making her joints sore at her first job, she has to drag her ass to her second job at a diner where she has to deal with nasty turd bags sexually harassing her while she tries to deliver some goddamn food. The single mom’s day isn’t done there. Then she has to go to her third job at the factory where she has to try to not have a nervous breakdown while sewing shit. She wishes she could just go home, collapse on her bed and dream of being a professional dancer and having Jennifer Beal’s life. But instead she has to go to the grocery store, carry heavy groceries across the train tracks and feed her ungrateful, asshole brat kids who are total devil monsters and loudly fight with each other while she’s trying to rest her bones and soul. Every day she lives the lives of Cinderella, Alice AND a Project Runway contestant and her demon children don’t give a shit. At least, her fairy disco godmother Donna Summer feels for her.



Birthday Sluts

September 1, 2014 / Posted by:

Lily Tomlin (75)
Zendaya Coleman (18)
Bill Kaulitz (25)
Tom Kaulitz (25)
Chanel West Coast (26)
Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters (38)
Scott Speedman (39)
J.D. Fortune (41)
Ricardo Chavira (43)
Rachel Zoe (43)
Padma Lakshmi (44)
Tish Cyrus (55)
Gloria Estefan (57)
Dr. Phil (64)
Barry Gibb (68)


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