Open Post: Hosted By The Mall Commercial That’s So Awful It Borders On Art

August 18, 2014 / Posted by:

Why am I saying “borders on art“? It IS art.

Warning: If you press play on that video, you will not be able to stop singing “denim, boots and pants and boots and pants, haircuuut” over and over again and you’ll sing it as you go to the bus station. You’ll sing it as you buy a ticket to St. Joseph, Missouri. You’ll sing it as you sit on the bus. You’ll sing it as you hitchhike to the East Hills Mall. And you’ll keep singing it until you buy, denim, boots and pants and boots and pants and a haircut. That shit is hypnotizing. And while you’re at the East Hills Mall, tell Miley I said that she’s doing a really good job at hawking backpacks outside of Journey’s. She finally found her calling!

via Gawker



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