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Bryan Singer Accused Of Sexual Assault. Again.

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

Either someone has it out for director Bryan Singer or dude immediately needs to be ensconced in something with bars. Buzzfeed reports that Detective Olivia Benson and those two tricks that could never hope to replace Elliot Stabler are currently investigating the X-Men: Days of Future Past director on an sexual assault claim. The alleged victim is described as a 20-something NYC man, and the incident reportedly took place in March of last year.  Not a minor this time? Upgrade for Bryan!

Acting on a tip, Buzzfeed dropped by the NYPD with a basket of muffins and a Diamond Candle, and just happened to innocently ask if Singer was being investigated by them. That’s so weird, now that you mention it, yes!


Melissa Says Joan Rivers Is “Resting Comfortably” After Being Rushed To The Hospital Yesterday

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

When it was reported yesterday that Joan Rivers had been rushed to the hospital after her heart stopped beating and her lungs stopped breathing during a throat procedure at a clinic, my first reaction was to scream out NOOOOO! while clutching at an egg of Sully Putty and praying the Rosary on the fine craftsmanship and exquisite detail of a Joan Rivers for HSN beaded necklace. But my second reaction was the same as J Harveys: we both immediately cried “WHAT ABOUT MELISSA?!?”, because what the hell would Melissa Rivers do without her mom?

Thankfully we don’t have to cross that bridge just yet, but it sounds like we shouldn’t disassemble our prayer shrines either. Us Weekly says that Joan is currently in a medically-induced coma, while Melissa has released a statement via a rep from Mount Sinai (the hospital where Joan is laid up) that her mom is doing okay for now:

“I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother. She is resting comfortably and is with our family. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.”

Joan has been in the hospital for around 24-hours, and already her condition has been upgraded twice from “critical’ to “stable” to “resting comfortably”. Bitch works fast! I’m hoping that at this rate, her condition will be upgraded to “watching reruns of House Hunters on HGTV” before Sunday. Then on Monday morning, she’ll appear on HSN hustling her new line of exquisitely crafted 14K rose gold IV catheters and hissing insults about how hideous her nurse’s scrubs were on Fashion Police (what am I saying? She’s probably already doing that from her hospital bed).

But in the meantime, I’ll go back to my praying over my egg of Silly Putty and this picture of Joan and her Yorkie, Spike. If anyone can save Joan, it’s Spike!


RIP Brit Brit And Normal Guy Dave

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

Pour out a bowl of cheese grits this morning, because the love between Britney Spears and her normal boyfriend Normal Guy Dave (born name: David Lucado) is as dead as a melted Frapp (“Oooh, give it here, I’ll still drink it!” – Brit Brit). According to TMZ, Brit Brit dumped Normal Guy Dave after someone (Chester Cheetah working under the alias Deep Flamin’ Hot Throat) tipped off Daddy Spears to the existence of a video showing Normal Guy Dave cheatin’ on the world’s most precious little chicken-fried steak dumplin’ Brit Brit Spears. ESCANDALO, Y’ALL! »

Hot Slut Of The Day!

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

Queen Valanice from King’s Quest!

King’s Quest was a series of computer games released in the 80s/early 90s that told the story of King Graham going on quests and fighting goblins and dragons and all that shit. They were puzzle games, which mostly meant that you walked around and picked up items like dead fish because later it would open a lock.

Anyway, Valanice was the queen of Daventry (yes, I remember this shit) who looked like the evil stepmother from Cinderella. Mostly she just hung out in the background but in King’s Quest VII she took CENTER STAGE! The game features Valanice nagging her dumb bitch daughter Rosella to get hitched and stop fucking singing, only to have Rosella fall down some hole and into another land, so Valanice goes after her BECAUSE SHE WANTS A WEDDING. They fall into another land, where Valanice searches for her daughter while yelling at little kids and turning a tree into a lady that looks like Bianca from Beverly Hills Teens.

This game was so damn addictive, that my friend Sarah and I left a New Year’s Eve party junior year of high school by faking she got her period so we could go home and play this until 3 in the morning. Anyway, here’s the intro to King’s Quest VII featuring a beautiful song that is destined to be a Demi Lovato hit someday.


Birthday Sluts

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

Courtney Stodden (20)
Lucas Cruishank (21)
Liam Payne (21)
Lea Michele (28)
William Levy (34)
Carla Gugino (43)
Meshell Ndegeocello (46)
Frances Ruffelle (49)
Todd English (54)
Rebecca De Mornay (55)
Mark Morris (58)
Deborah Van Valkenburgh (62)
Temple Grandin (67)
Robin Leach (73)
Joel Schumacher (75)
Elliot Gould (76)
John McCain (78)
William Friedkin (79)
Richard Attenborough (91)
Michael Jackson (1958-2009)


But What About James Haven????!???

August 28, 2014 / Posted by:

Every religion issued a joint statement today saying that August 23rd is now the holiest holiday of the year (Sorry, Christmas! Sorry, Yom Kippur! Sorry, Eid al-Fitr! Sorry, Bea Arthur’s birthday!), because the holiest couple in history became husband and wife in the holiest union of the century and everybody who witnessed that blessed event has been declared a saint (“Um, but I was declared a saint as soon as I was pulled out of my mom’s bony snatch.” – Shiloh). But one trick who wasn’t declared a saint was Jon Voight, because Jon Voight wasn’t there and he found out about it when we all did. Jon Voight was being interviewed by Inside Edition this morning and the reporter talking to him told him the news that his daughter married her third husband and the only thing he had to say was, “That’s nice.” You know your daughter hates you more than she hates wearing a color that’s not black or beige when you find out about her wedding from an Inside Edition reporter. Not even Entertainment Tonight! Inside Edition!


Night Crumbs

August 28, 2014 / Posted by:

Jessica Alba says her non-toxic eco-friendly soap/detergent/skin care line, The Honest Co., is reportedly valued at $1 billion. Yes, $1 billion. Dollars. But she might have fudged the numbers a bit and she’s not actually worth that much. Either way, if she’s making anywhere near $1 billion, why is she still trying to act??? Focus on the soap! It’s clearly the thing you’re good at! - Lainey Gossip

Dancing with the Stars continues to play fast and lose with the definition of the word “stars” – Reality Tea

All of Ariana Grande Latte’s “memories” of the 90s clearly came from a BuzzFeed article about the 90s – Celebitchy

BREAKING: Hilary Duff walked to her car – Hollywood Tuna

Rachel, Phoebe, and a rubber Monica mask all reunited on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night – HuffPo

Harry Styles wore a Michael Sam jersey during a show in St. Louis. Cut to Taylor Swift texting Harry “Who’s this Sam chick? She sounds hideous” – Towleroad

Kendull Jenner is just going by Kendull now, because she knows the last name Jenner doesn’t mean shit unless it’s accompanied by the name BruceWWTDD

Sorry Lara Bingle, but the position of Hot Nearly-Naked Ho on a Beach has already been filled by CoCo. Put on your shirt, it’s time to go home – The Superficial

Lizzie Caplan reminding us she’s more Gretchen Wieners than Janis Ian – Drunken Stepfather

But for why is Ciara dressed like a hat-less Carmen Sandiego? – Popsugar

Jessica Chastain looks like she wants to either sell me a house or a really smart set of luggage at Macy’s – Popoholic

Oh, here go hell come; you don’t EVER fuck with Donna Meagle! – Jezebel

I think this is also how Michelle Duggar’s uterus reacts every time she announces she’s pregnant – The Berry

…and speaking of uteri, Shakira has a baby living in hers – ICYDK

Blake Lively managed to find a wannabe-GOOPy way to write about getting attacked by bees – Just Jared

If only the cast of Rocky the Musical has performed dressed like this, their show might not have closed  – (NSFW-ish) OMG Blog

David Fincher is directing normcore ads for The Gap now (“Who???” – Tyler Perry) – Pajiba


Katherine Heigl Decided To Drop That Lawsuit Against Duane Reade

August 28, 2014 / Posted by:

Way back in April, the human version of resting bitch face Katherine Heigl slapped NYC drugstore chain Duane Reade with a lawsuit after they tweeted a picture of her leaving Duane Reade, because Katherine was pissed that they used her image (aka the image of “a highly successful television and motion picture actress“) without slipping her some cash, so she demanded restitution to the tune of $6 million. But according to The Hollywood Reporter (via Daily Mail), Katherine has reached some sort of an agreement with Duane Reade and she’s dropped her lawsuit. QUITTER!

Katherine’s rep has said that both parties are keeping their mouths shut regarding the details of the deal, but we do know that Duane Reade is making a donation to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation in exchange for making the lawsuit disappear. And just like that, papers to dismiss the lawsuit were filed on Tuesday in a New York federal court, which means the saga of Highly Successful Actress vs. Drugstore Social Media Account is officially done.

You know, part of me is glad they settled, because all that hush money will go to a good cause (the JDHF helps dogs and cats, and I can’t throw shade and needy critters) but what I wouldn’t have given to see this mess play out in a court of law. The lawsuit itself was a perfect work of double-glazed delusion, so I can only imagine the sort of ‘pain and suffering’ Katherine could have cooked up with her lawyer. This trick loooooves blaming other people (it’s the only thing that makes her butthole relax enough in order to change the stick she keeps up there), so I bet she would have thought of some real doozies. “Your honor, my client – who is a highly successful film and television actress – was so emotionally distraught over the actions of Duane Reade that she was forced to delay shooting on a very lucrative ZzzQuil commercial!”


Open Post: Hosted By CoCo’s Demure Barbados Beachside Elegance

August 28, 2014 / Posted by:

Originally I had a cut-out of Ice-T’s face over CoCo’s stunning butter-basted buttcrack because I thought the sight of CoCo’s delicate g-string covered clamshell may be too much sophistication for some people’s eyes. But Michael K informed me that attempting to censor CoCo’s beauty is considered a Class A felony and he’d call the police on my ass if I dared to commit such a serious crime. So here it is, in all its lubed-up glory, just as God had intended.

Ice-T and CoCo are currently in Barbados on vacation from who cares they don’t need a reason, and as always, CoCo didn’t forget to pack her suitcase full of taste and class. CoCo was spotted (“spotted” – as if you could miss her) frolicking along the beach before asking permission from Poseidon if she could enter the water, because obviously she would’t want to shock the ocean with a high level of refined beauty and kill all the fishes. CoCo is thoughtful like that.

And I’ve just received notice that shortly after CoCo went for a swim, all the mermaids got together and decided to change their name to mercocos.

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Kanye West Claims He Can’t Hate The Paps, Because His Father Used To Be One

August 28, 2014 / Posted by:

This is when we realize just how much Robin Williams was a part of our culture, because as I was typing the words “used to be one”, my brain immediately cut to the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where he pretends to be Elsa Immerman. Oh Robin, I am so so sorry to mention your name in the same post as such arrogant trash.

There were so many insane butt nuggets of insanity in Kanye West’s desposition in the case of him grabbing a pap’s camera and trying to whoop a trick, like claiming he’s a celebrity civil rights leader or that the paparazzi are worse than the Nazis, so it should come as no surprise that some crumbs from Kanye’s crazy would fall through the cracks. For instance, TMZ says that Kim Kardashian’s kurrent husband played the ‘I don’t hate ___ people, some of my best friends are ___!’ card by claiming that he can’t actually hate the paparazzi, because his father once worked as a paparazzi, and added that his parents didn’t raise him to “be out here wrestling with random paparazzi in front of LAX.” Well, I should hope not! I don’t believe Dr. Benjamin Spock ever said anything about the importance of taking your child to the airport and teaching them to fight with photographers.


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