This IS The Look: Nicolas Cage Wears A T-Shirt With His Face On It

June 8, 2014 / Posted by:

No, this picture was not taken at a costume party where the theme was Rejected Members of the Village People. This picture of Nicolas Cage and Andrew Dice Clay looking a mess was taken backstage at a Guns N Roses concert in Las Vegas last night night. Only Nicolas Cage could make a complete outfit of a cowboy hat (which cost $950,000 and once belonged to the real Buffalo Bill), gold aviators (which cost $300,000 and once belonged to Elvis), a purple blazer (which cost $15,000 and was worn by Bette Midler in Big Business), gold beads (which are really solid gold anal beads, cost $2,600,000 and were once up King Tut’s asshole), a gaudy ass gold ring (which cost $860,000 and once belonged to Liberace), gun holsters (which cost $1,000,000 and once belonged to Billy the Kid), a cane (which cost $160,000 and once belonged to Charlie Chaplin) and $20 fringed pants from a pimp store in Reno.

Nicolas Cage looks like he woke up naked in a motel room after the hooker he picked up stole all his clothes and money and he had to buy an outfit at a rest stop gift shop using the change he had in the ashtray of his car. Nicolas Cage looks like a bottom tier pimp whose hos are only with him because they feel sorry for his ass.

In other words, this is Nicolas Cage’s greatest look and nothing proudly says “I’m a crazy bitch” like unironically wearing a t-shirt with your own meme on it.

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