Pamela Anderson Has Reunited With Her Ratty, Old, Busted Down, Worn Out, Raggedy Weave

May 27, 2014 / Posted by:

In case your ass needs reminding, this is what the Canadian American rose looked like very recently:


Well, I guess Pamela Anderson missed the feeling of parched, polyester gutter weaves brushing up against her shoulders, because at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo tonight, she wore a raggedy mop of recycled Barbie hair on top of her head. That weave! I’ve seen clumps of nasty hair on the shower drain of a Super 8 bathroom that looked more luxurious and luscious than Pamela’s weave. Pamela must’ve decided at the last minute that she really wanted to wear a clump of Afghan Hound hair on her head and her stylist didn’t have any on them, so they ran out onto the street, found a day-shift hooker and wrestled her for her weave. Because Pamela’s weave looks like it’s been through some serious shit and I mean that literally and figuratively. It also kind of makes her look like John Travolta’s Battlefield Earth character after bleaching his dreads and getting a job as the hostess of a strip club.

On a positive note, Pamela’s eyebrow situation is ten levels of exquisite. When all else fails, pull out a brown Sharpie and drawn on a beautiful pair of over-the-eye rainbows.

Pics: Splash, Joe Alvarez


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