Jennifer Lawrence Knows You Think Her Ass Is Getting A Bit Annoying

May 8, 2014 / Posted by:

I love that it looks like SAG man has forced his little green arm to grow twice its length so he can give Jennifer Lawrence an extra-dramatic “Bitch, you need to STAHP”.

I don’t know if there’s a word for that psychic ability to sense when someone has rolled their eyes at you, but regardless of what it’s called, America’s nacho cheese-drinking, crotch-scratching, fuck you-flashing, red carpet-tripping Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence must have it as strong as the kid from The Shining had the shine, because she knows that we’re all pretty much over her Random Acts of Realness fuckery. In an interview for the June issue of Marie Claire, Anne Hathaway 2.0 explains why America’s love affair with JLaw has sort of hit the skids:

“Nobody can stay beloved forever. I never believed it, the whole time. I was like, just wait: People are going to get sick of me. My picture is everywhere, my interviews are everywhere; I’m way too annoying because I get on red carpets and I’m really hyper, most likely because I’ve been drinking, and I can’t not photo-bomb somebody if it’s a good opportunity.”

“Honestly, I’m just doing my best. But if people want to start the backlash, I’m the captain of that team. As much as you hate me, I’m 10 steps ahead of you.”

“You hear that, haters? I just found a new way to keep it real! Hashtag: deal with it. Want to talk shit about Jennifer Lawrence? Get in line bitches! What do we want to make fun of first? I’ve got a story about getting a wicked case of the whiskey shits that might work. Whaddaya say, do you love me again?”

Here’s more of America’s annoying younger sister in Marie Claire looking like the no-nonsense CEO from a 90s Disney movie I just created in my head about a 10-year-old kid named Tyler who spends the day at his father’s office (“Suit and Ty” starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas):

Pics: Splash, Marie Claire

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188 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence Knows You Think Her Ass Is Getting A Bit Annoying”

  1. Glory says:

    If you do an awesome Mystique solo movie then you can hide your face, Jennifer. Do it. Now.

    • Sparky says:

      Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique is so bad.

      • TEE says:

        100% agree, Rebecca Romaine Lettuce was much better. πŸ™‚

      • Glory says:

        Really? I like her as Mystique because she actually has dialogue. Mystique is a loudmouth in all the comics and cartoons, she wouldn’t be silent like that.

        • Sparky says:

          I didn’t really care about a dialogue. Just her portrayal of Mystique to me at least was a let down after i seen Rebecca in the role. And i really was excited for Jen being cast as Mystique since i saw her in Winter Bone, and was really disappointed. Actually for me Jeniffer’s best performance was in Winter Bone. She hasn’t done anything since that would really impressed me.

    • Callan says:

      I think Marvel will do it, because they have the balls to do a female superhero movie. Unlike DC who claims Wonder Woman is “too complicated” for audiences, Marvel seems more than willing to take risks. I mean come on, they’re going to Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man movies! They might even do a Black Widow movie too.

      • Sparky says:

        20th century Fox has rights to the X-Men characters. So its on them.

        • Callan says:

          Ah fuck, completely forgot that Marvel Studios doesn’t have the rights to X-Men or Spider-Man. I wish they could get the rights back, because I think Marvel Studios’ movies are by far the best of all the recent superhero movies (Christopher Nolan’s Batman excluded).

      • TonicB says:

        They were also having a hard time with casting. All of their proposed choices for Wonder Woman totally sucked.

    • Callan says:

      One more thing I forgot to say- I know it’s a pain in the ass to spend 8 hours in a makeup chair every day, but I wish they didn’t go with a bodysuit for Mystique in this movie. It looks far more realistic when they paint her blue and add the scales.

  2. TEE says:

    I still find her likable. No hate from me.

    • CandyPerfumeGirl says:

      “boo, you whore”

      (–> referencing Regina George from Mean Girls) πŸ˜‰

      • TEE says:

        LOL. I haven’t grown tired of her yet but then again I do skip over most of her posts the’re not trashy enough to keep me interested.

  3. SkinnyFatHunnam says:

    I like her but I think she got way overhyped and has no place to go but down.

  4. Callan says:

    Well, at least she’s exhibiting some self-awareness. That’s more than I can say for most celebs.

    • putsomestankonit says:

      More like a calculated move to me.

      • Callan says:

        Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I find her far more entertaining that most of the actresses of her generation. She seems wayyyy more fun than Hathaway. I have yet to hear about Jennifer Lawrence being bad to her fans, or getting into drugs or legal trouble like Lohan. I give her a pass.

        With that being said, her publicist needs to tell her to go off somewhere and stick her head in the sand for a few months.

      • ANightWriter says:

        Smarter move than most…

    • MrsPotatoHead says:

      Even if it’s an act, I’ll take the fake humility over Goopy’s genuinely pretentious bullshit any day of the week. Or Mimi’s delusion. Or Beyonce’s feminism. Etc.

      • Aerialgreen says:

        *taps buzzer* What is NOT today Satan?

      • sweetsamuel says:

        keeping mouth shut > fake humility > pretentious, delusional and crazy. JLaw’s not so bad on the spectrum, I can deal.

      • Bleecker says:

        Well said! Beyonce’s fake feminism drives me totally insane. Same with Miley’s. If you don’t know what feminism is, please sit the hell down.

    • Aerialgreen says:

      The next Hunger Games movies is just around the corner and with that we’ll have a 2-year+ over exposure of Jeniffer Lawrence everywhere… how is that a good idea for her PR team??

      • Callan says:

        Exactly. She’s committed to too much shit. It’s been a cycle of filming a David O. Russell movie, doing the promotion for that movie, filming a Hunger Games movie, doing the promotion for that film, then its awards season. Add another X-Men film to the roster and it’s just insanity. She’s constantly filming or promoting a movie.

        I get it, she’s a young actress, she’s striking while the iron is hot, but holy shit, she needs to take a break.

  5. islandgirl says:

    If she’d just shut her cake hole from time to time, I wouldn’t mind her so much.

  6. CandyPerfumeGirl says:

    fuck off bitch. you are overrated, overpaid and overexposed. And if it bothers you that people get tired of your ass stop acting like a monkey on steroids and thinking this makes you totally cool

  7. putsomestankonit says:

    Oh, just fuck off and die.

  8. madame jojo says:

    Gee. I hope the wind doesn’t change.

  9. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness says:

    Good, everyone’s in agreement then.

  10. my_bed_is_my_castle says:

    I wonder if the agencies already preselect stuff for MK based on how awful the celebrity looks on it ^^.

  11. Bryan says:

    Toots people are already sick of you!

  12. LaChaylo says:

    I wish the Kevils that shall not be named had an ounce of this self awareness, even if it is faux.

  13. kapoosa says:

    Nah don’t hate her. I can see why people think she’s annoying but I find her to be relatively normal compared to her peers and I think she’s a good actress so no hate from me.

  14. sarcasticlawyer says:

    Ya. Go play with the butt plugs you bragged about. Stick one in your mouth. Silence is golden. Toodles.

  15. Sheena says:

    I don’t want to hate her but she makes it so easy.

  16. ewesocrazy says:

    People wouldn’t be annoyed if she behaved like a gracious young woman instead of an attention whoring clown child.

  17. mefungirl says:

    I don’t watch talk shows so I don’t get to actually witness any foot in mouth except for reading about it here, so she doesn’t bother me.
    Yeah, I can tell she’s excitable, but I’d rather sit next to, or hang out with her than just about anyone else we discuss in here.
    She’s grating, but harmless.

  18. Trixster says:

    Heheh, “Suit snd Ty.” That was perfect, Allison.

  19. kortnivalo_thegreat says:

    Nice that she acknowledges it. Can she fuck off already?

  20. FeckArse says:

    I don’t hate her, but I do find tax audits more entertaining. Just sayin’.

    • Nikitainthesection says:

      Explain more. I’m interested.

      • FeckArse says:

        I deal with people who are in deep poo poo with the IRS. Audits essentially suck and give change, for those who do them and those unfortunate enough to warrant them.
        Yet they are still not as boring as JLaw, in my opinion.

        • Nikitainthesection says:

          Oh okay. I thought you were implying Jennifer’s tax audits would be more interesting gossip than all of the other stuff she said and done.

          Okay you like a lot more the subject of tax audits than anything Jennifer Lawrence related.

          Got it.

        • Nikitainthesection says:

          I might have reading comprehension issues.

    • SANS_FARDS says:

      A tax audit could be REALLY entertaining, if you’re on the outside looking in (i.e., you’re not the one being audited) and there’s some really shady business going on. Like if you’re Apollo from RHATL.

  21. Shadeball says:

    You’re brimming with self-awareness, you can read the minds of every hater, and you’re ten steps ahead of the world. Good luck with that!

  22. Richbitch says:

    If the alternative is the Shailenes and AnnEs then I’ll take JLaw every time.

    • Callan says:

      Yeah, I’d rather hear 100 stories about Jennifer Lawrence farting or shitting her pants than one story about Shailene “Who the fuck are you again?” Woodley explaining feminism to us plebes, or telling us to tan our vaginas.

  23. sarcasticlawyer says:

    Whoa J.Law, that Word of the Day calendar is paying off. Beloved, eh? You’re just a mediocre actress that fell into a fortunate role in a Weinstein production, which led to that Oscar (The book is SO much better than the movie). I won’t go into Hunger Games as acting isn’t really required, I could be a one emotion pony too. Oh Soup du Jour, your time is quickly fading.

    I don’t hate you, but I don’t care for you either.

    • akizme says:

      She was exceptional in Winter’s Bone and I thought she was the best thing in American Hustle.
      Can’t stand the Hunger Games – neither the books nor the movie(s).
      And I am an X-Men whore so I am ok with her in that.
      I do like her but I do wish she would tone it down and, as someone pointed out up-thread, would choose her roles more wisely and give herself time to mature….

      • sarcasticlawyer says:

        Perhaps I’ve been too harsh with my critique. I haven’t seen those movies that you have mentioned (Hustle seems a snorefest tho). However, given her current attention-whoring behavior, it would be better to retreat from the public a little bit. She can’t make everyone happy as public opinion is fickle.

        • monologuegirl says:

          You’ve got to see Winter’s Bone if you want to see why she was hyped in the first place. It was a truly breakthrough performance. She deserved that nom, if not the other ones.

  24. Cinder Blocks says:

    Eh, I like her. Her goofiness, however contrived, reminds me of the type of person I always seem to gravitate towards at work and talk to. That fourth picture is actually really pretty.

  25. Banjoman says:

    It’s not Jennifer Lawrence that’s starting to annoy me, Allison.

  26. ANightWriter says:

    I know I’d dig this chick in real-life. I’m usually on board with you lovely sluts, but she doesn’t bother me…not one bit.

    • HotmamiCavill says:

      Me either. She does get to be a bit much at times, but at least she knows it, and at least she isn’t Kimmode or Lindsay. She is deserving of the attention and the accolades.

      • ANightWriter says:

        I agree. Anybody can be too much when they are always in your face. I think if she stays at this level of exposure or less, she’ll have a long career.

      • Cinder Blocks says:

        I feel like most people know someone in their life that’s like Jennifer. Sometimes you want to tell them to power down, but for the most part they’re lovable and fun to be around. Conversely, most people actively seek to not have people like Kim or Lindsay around.

        • HotmamiCavill says:

          Exactly! I prefer her over the majority of actresses of her generation, that’s for sure.

          • Not The One says:

            that’s true. by comparison, she’s really not all that bad. A bit much to take in, sometimes, but not insufferable.

          • ANightWriter says:

            I have many friends like that. In fact, one is visiting this week. She’s that girl that says “penis” too loud in a restaurant, but she’s a completely fun and honest person so I just laugh and give her a quick wag of the finger. I find nothing wrong with saying penis aloud, but for some reason parents of small children do. πŸ™‚

        • ANightWriter says:

          If I had to listen to Lindsay or Kim talk for more than 10 minutes (that’s a stretch) I’d blow my eardrums out.

          • Cinder Blocks says:

            Nah, I’d do myself and everyone else one better – I would blow their vocal cords out. I’m civic-minded like that.

    • DouglasFur says:

      Me neither. I like her. I think she’s honest.

      • ANightWriter says:

        I think that the Blohans and her ilk have jaded us all.

        • DouglasFur says:

          Probably. I get JLaw, she’s a regular, average, foolish, loud, and somewhat obnoxious person that I would like to have a beer (or 7) with. I can’t relate to the majority of Hollywood, and I can’t throw shade at somewhat who seems “normal” to me.

    • Pitbully says:

      Yes…if she didn’t talk a much or seemed introverted, everyone would be saying she’s a sour-puss like K-Stew. No matter how she acts, there will ALWAYS be haters. She seems like a nice person, so I can’t hate on her.

    • mefungirl says:

      Same here, her level of excitability reminds me of my daughter. Sure it can be exhausting, but it’s SUCH a love of life how can you hate it?

    • DouglasFur says:

      All this post has done has made me think of celebrities who aren’t obnoxious, and honestly, what are our choices? We’ve got Shaylean – weirdo. Gwyneth – pretentious. Gaga – try hard. Beyonce – try hard. Lohan – no words. I don’t have much shade for Julia or Angelina, but I know that is not the general consensus on the D. I guess Amy Adams exemplifies someone who is not completely overexposed, but seems like an acceptable/relatable person, but since she isn’t overexposed I know nothing about her and might hate her in real life. Tina Fey, Amy Pohler are both great with me.

      • akizme says:

        Jessica Chastain?

        • DouglasFur says:

          YES! I love her. I love a good red head. I suppose it’s difficult to think of the underexposed, since they are underexposed. I like Lupita, but her hanging out with Uncle Terry isn’t my favorite.

  27. BaconSlut says:

    *sighs and puts splint on middle finger*

  28. Whamo says:

    Ah there a lot worse celelbs out there I guess. At least she knows how the over exposure backlash game works. This actually makes me like her a bit.

  29. sweetsamuel says:

    Don’t hate her, just not on that female train, softly chirping “she’s so pretty”… the women that actually are super pretty seem to get a lot of hate from other females, but girls like horse-face Sara Jessica Parker and other innocuous “beauties” get a breathy “she’s so pretty”.

    • Nan says:

      Sarah Jessica Parker gets pulled through the mud by her reins here. Just stay clear of Kate Upton threads if that kind of thing annoys you.

      • ANightWriter says:

        It annoys me and I like all of the commentators. I just stay clear of that mean girl mentality. We get it…Kate shouldn’t be a supermodel, but I’ve read some mean ass comments about her where I’m like, “Geez, save some of that hate for Kim Kardashian will you?”

        • Shayla says:

          She’s just as annoying as Kim K. I don’t see the difference between them. They both are only famous because their family members were wealthy and well connected. Both have unflattering bodies and sound dumb as rocks when they speak.

  30. ZombieWaylandFlowers says:

    Is that how you have to do it now? Get all the press you can, all the endorsements, all the money, before the public gets sick of you forever and you’re left with the Lohan/Bynes crumbs?

    Stripmining celebrity?

  31. Sheena says:

    “People are going to get sick of me. My picture is everywhere, my interviews are everywhere” And yet there she is on another magazine cover.

  32. amp69 says:

    This just makes me love her more!

  33. Not The One says:

    Yes, lets acknowledge the fact that you’re annoying as fuck by being even more annoying. So ~rill~,550×550,075,f.jpg

  34. Pitbully says:

    JLaw seems like a nice person with a good head on her shoulders. At least she’s not some nasty STD-ridden, cokewhore talking shit about people, and sleeping her way to the top. And like someone else pointed out, she’s aware she can be annoying. No matter how hard anyone tries, there’s always gonna be someone who won’t like you.

    • Not The One says:

      But, but…according to LiLo, she fucks for roles which is something LiLo would neeeevverrr do. Evah!

    • carrie says:

      there are many “whispers” on how she had her role in SLP whereas she is 10/15 years too young for the character and how Weinstein and O’Russell are “protective” with her

  35. Calimaria says:

    Maybe she needs to learn how to say no to a project. For instance being in both X-Men and Hunger Games is kind of overkill. She is talented but franchises are constant and require huge promotion. Maybe one franchise and the Oscar nominated films. I know it’s too late to back out of a contract but I think she’d have more longevity.

  36. TonicB says:

    I’m not usually an advocate of hair extensions but girl, you need them. That ‘do is veering into Gosselin possum-hair territory.

  37. jerseygirl17 says:

    I can’t help it. I like her.

  38. meelabean says:

    A bit?

  39. YesterdaysTrashQueen says:

    I like her, she is talented and in the Kulture of Kardashian, pretty much everybody gets a free pass since their stuntqueening has overtaken it all. She’s harmless. Won’t hate on one who actually works and has talent.

  40. French Flies says:

    I don’t get the hate. She has always said that it will pass. Seriously, we are the problem. We lift them up only to tear them to pieces. She’s a funny girl and tries very hard, it seems, to be authentic. She even says that she is getting mean because of the attention. Who wouldn’t?

    I like her. I think she is unique.

    • carrie says:

      “tries very hard to be authentic ” is an oxymoron
      except she says everything and the contrary (to be against fat-shaming and fat-shaming Christian Bale or to be lesbian is a phase according to her or trashed about shy people or talked badly about fashion world while she’s the face of Dior and to have as stylist Rachel Zoe ),my problem is her fans .They’re worse than Brangeloonies

      • French Flies says:

        No it isn’t an oxymoron. When you resist temptation to be something unnatural, that is work. I am sure that she was put in a star shaped box at one point and that she chose to be what she is today and accepted the consequences. That is EFFORT when the alternative, to conform, is passive.

  41. Nan says:

    I like her. She comes off more nervous to me than anything else so she overcompensates. Now that I know there is a Shaileen Woodley or however you spell her name, makes me want to pick up the phone and call AnnE and tell her her past transgressions have been forgiven.

  42. htm222 says:

    I’ll like her more when her hair grows and she doesn’t look like kate gosselin

  43. NovaNightly says:

    She doesn’t bother me one bit…she is probably the extreme low woman on the totem pole of people in Hollywood I would like to face punch. Keep up the good work Jennifer.

    • WintahOwl-Stamos says:

      Me neither. : )

    • Tigerlilly says:

      I was going to say the same thing. I just don’t pay much attention to her. I’ve never seen her in movies cuz I’m too cheap and lazy to actually go to the movies and I don’t own a tv. I don’t find her annoying and I’m pretty stingy about who I find endearing, so she don’t make the cut either. I reckon I find her on the semi-likable side of Meh…

    • JuJu says:

      ^I feel the same way. She & Lupita are two girls that don’t bother me at all. They seem pretty down-to-earth and “regular” for celebs.

  44. Liz says:

    I want the pink coat in a single breasted version. Soooo badly.

    Also, she doesn’t bother me in and of herself, but I find myself getting super irritated with her when she’s all up in our grills all the time.

  45. WintahOwl-Stamos says:

    Love her. I’m glad she realizes that people might get tired of her. I hope she asks her publicists to pull back on the interviews. I personally can read what she says ’til the cows come home but there are others that don’t have the same patience and I like her too much to hear people hate on her and call her a “try hard” and a a fame whore. So I hope that MK/Allison report less on what she’s up to. I’ve gotten the feeling that its actually MK (and more recently) Allison that have sort of planted the seeds on some/many here to start hating on her. Just IMHO

    *runs from the rain of chanclas*

  46. playacher says:

    Take a deep breath and relax, girl. You’re fine. You’ve been famous for a while now and we still haven’t been forced to see your cooter, you haven’t bearded for anyone and you get a healthy pass in my book.

    Seriously though, grow your damn hair back and never, ever hack it all off again.

  47. saltydog says:

    She’s delivering Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead realness and I love it.

    I like that she’s aware and admits that she’s aware. I still enjoy her as Katniss and still hate her as Mystique (Rebecca Romain Lettuce forever) and think she picks good stuff.

    • htm222 says:

      rebecca romijn’s body was impeccable back then

      • saltydog says:

        It’s still pretty great lol, but I only half blame Jennifer for what I don’t like about the character changes the way she’s written now is dumb too

    • Literarylioness says:

      Becky Romain Lettuce was/is such a bad actress, the director barely let her speak when she was Mystique.

      • saltydog says:

        I think she’s a pretty good actress, she’s great in X2 and was really good in Pepper Dennis and Ugly Betty.

  48. Zorba says:

    I kind of understand JLaw because she grew up with a bunch of older brothers (fuck me for knowing this) and she probably had to adopt that “so kewl, I’m-just-a-bro” persona to not get pummeled growing up. I knew a girl like that in high school. She was the youngest and the only girl in a family of boys, and she annoyed me because she was always that kewl, goofy girl who only liked being with boys, and didn’t seem comfortable with us girls. Guys loved her though, and in spite of her tomboyishness, she had a cute boyfriend really early. Unfortunately I saw her just a few years later working in a McDonald’s hugely pregnant. Anyway, back to JLaw, whatever, she is annoying but probably can’t help it. She seems a little insecure and maybe she tries to hard to seem “rill” so her old family and friends don’t think she’s become some big Hollywood snotbag.

  49. SANS_FARDS says:

    That photo makes my jaw hurt.

  50. gines says:

    Fame is fleeting, and it looks like she knows this. Sounds like she’s just along for the ride.
    No shade. I don’t mind her at all.
    I just thank god this site is my ONLY source of celebrity news. Everyone’s so full of snark and SO over the neverending diarrhea machine that is the entertainment industry.

  51. Rovex says:

    She is an actress, that career choice attracts a certain type, they are never going to be totally ‘average girl next door’, but she seems about as normal and likeable as they come.

    Lets be honest they arent really even allowed to be normal, Hollywood demands a certain level of narcissism and fakery. Levels of exposure arent up to the actress, its required by the studios.

  52. devanshnegi says:

    She always has some or the other kinda awkward facial expression

  53. Das_ist_ein_Dreck says:

    “As much as you hate me, I’m 10 steps ahead of you.”

    WTF does that even mean? If i would hate her, she’d hate me 10 times first?

  54. ChiChiMarie says:

    “Suit and Ty.” giggles πŸ™‚

  55. Hell ToupΓ©e says:

    Dearest Allison,

    The ‘whiskey shits’ are for real. I think that’s called the ’13th’ step (into the 7th circle of booze hades).

  56. salacious Theron-Dunham says:

    I don’t think she’s being annoying, it’s the media who is trying to hype her up and position her on a pedestal just for the fun of knocking her off of it.

  57. trashywilma says:

    Go fucking figure. This may be the only celebrity I actually like.

  58. Spazzomatic says:

    Who the fuck ever told you you were beloved? By Harvey Weinstein maybe, and Georgina Chapman for wearing her overrated ice skater with feathers dresses to all your Oscar shit. And ten steps ahead? For what, why? Who? Huh? Like you’re gonna come to my house? Come here, so I can show you true love that elbow grease and determination get you. That’s what really matters, not finite moments of joy taken from watching one of your movies.

  59. Dgrinn says:

    This is almost a quote from GIRLS : “Any mean thing someone’s gonna think to say about me I’ve already said to me, about me, probably in the last half hour!”

  60. monologuegirl says:

    That’s a fucking depressing quote. We never get sick of the Tom Hiddlestons and John Hamms of the world, but an actress who is “everywhere” gets told to go away, even when she has costars who are big douches (James Franco, anyone?) There is no reason for someone talented, successful, and down to earth to hate herself. Fuck the world and what it does to women who do something with their lives besides bare their tits. If anyone should hate herself, it’s a Kartrashian or some other untalented idiot.

  61. rotten_egg says:

    Note to Jennifer Lawrence:”Please stop trying so damn HARD!”. Stop being freaking goofy and quirky and bubbly all the time, dude. It KILLS it, like, honestly. Also, quit it with the alcohol or your destiny will crash and burn in Blohan Avenue. Leave the photo-bombing to the youngins at a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award. Thank you.

  62. Make Fists With Your Toes says:

    For a short while, i was being influenced by others here that maybe it is all an act but i resort to my original point of view that it isn’t. Apart from the weed thing (i’m still in my own fucked up denial about that) she’s still completely fine in my book.

    She’s clued in on what’s going on. She just has to be smart, play her cards right, be herself and not over do everything. She IS supposed to be taking a year off at some point anyway. Suffice to say, i’m not deleiting my several hundred jpg image gallery of her yet.

    • Shonali says:

      I’m as cynical as anyone. But I agree with you, I have just never felt that it’s an act. Genuine people are so rare in that business because it is difficult to survive and be real, but they do exist and I believe she’s the real deal. Shailene-whatsher, on the other hand…

    • AugustineThomas says:

      She does show what a joke the Academy Awards have become. They used to be serious and worth watching. Now they’re a pop culture popularity contest.

  63. Sparky says:

    All i can think when i see Jennifer doing her weird facial expressions is that if I would have been caught doing it even as a child, man my grandma would have kick my ass all the way to Siberia.
    For me she could be lovely if she just calmed the fuck down.

  64. Harper33 says:

    she’s annoying but she’s aware that she is annoying so I like her. Most celebrities are not tuned into this

  65. Shonali says:

    I just really want to have a few beers with this girl. She doesn’t seem fake to me, she seems fun.

  66. jackalexandria says:

    At least she is contributing to the industry in a positive way, give her a break.

  67. simone says:

    “As much as you hate me, I’m 10 steps ahead of you.” haha. Wanna bet on that JLaw

    STILL trying too hard, OMG. I wonder if she’s being purposefully dumb with the whole ‘I know you want me to shut up so I’ll talk some more about it shall we’ shtick. Jesus.

  68. Shayla says:

    I read this as: I’m trying desperately to get the public to not hate me, so I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon and be self loathing in hopes that it will work some reverse psychology. I don’t pay attention to her enough to find her annoying, she just comes across as a drunk and I can’t I can’t figure out why she looks so old.

  69. AugustineThomas says:

    I don’t know that it’s her who is so annoying. I think what’s annoying is that she’s a decent actress at best and everyone pretends she’s great because she’s popular and pretty.

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