Luke Bryan’s Reaction To Ariana Grande Latte’s Performance At The iHeartRadio Awards Is Perfect

May 2, 2014 / Posted by:

“Bitch stole my look!” – Grumpy Cat

At last night’s iHateRadio (autocorrect that stays) Music Awards, country singer Luke Bryan - the over-it dude in black to the left of a confused-looking Blake Shelton – let his face tell us exactly what he thought of Ariana Grande Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino’s performance with a look that made my downstairs parts tingle with sadistic glee. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone frown so hard; it almost looks like the right corner of his mouth is reaching for something it can use to put Luke Bryan out of his misery. “Juuuuust a little closer…I think I can reach that broken wine glass.”

Normally Ariana Grande Cup Filled With Tap Water (she’s too basic to be a Frappuccino) doesn’t bother me that much (jk, she’s suuupes annoying) but I had the exact same reaction as Luke Bryan when I watched her perform “Problem”. There’s something about a toddler-face in a pair of hooker boots that feels all kinds of not-right to me. Not to mention those busted baby dance moves at the 1:56 mark; the whole thing made me feel like I was watching a crossover episode between Toddlers & Tiaras and To Catch a Predator:

Then again, I’m sure if I watched Ariana Grande Tap Water’s performance a little less sober than I am now, I bet I would find it as funny as Bad Gal RiRi thought it was. I love imaging a wine-drunk Rihanna watching Ariana’s performance and whispering to the person next to her “Duuuuude…that baby prostitute is a pretty good dancer”

But back to Luke Bryan and his amazing NOPE face. After Luke was caught on camera showing us what he looks like when he’d rather be getting a lube-less rectal exam than watch jail bait bust out some Mall of America moves, he tweeted:

“Wow me concentrating doesn’t look good”

And I don’t think that’s an excuse – I really think he was concentrating. He was trying to pull a Carrie and concentrate all the telekinetic power in his brain to start a fire in the Shrine Auditorium so he could get the fuck out of there.

Here’s more of a pre-frown Luke Bryan and his beautiful sunset-colored wife Caroline arriving at the iHeartRadio Music Awards:

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