Kevin Federline Is A Father For The Sixth Time

April 7, 2014 / Posted by:

“Why do all of a sudden I feel like I’m pregnant??” – the lady sitting directly in front of Kevin Federline. And she should know better! Legend has it that just being in the same area as K-Fed can get a girl knocked up (he’s that good). It’s like they always say: the only part of K-Fed that works is his sperm.

Kevin Federline, professional baby daddy and one-half of the gift to the universe that was Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, announced yesterday on Instagram that his wife, Victoria Prince, gave birth to their second baby girl this weekend. Baby #6 joins a growing collection of children that includes Kevin and Victoria’s 2-year-old daughter Jordan, his sons with Britney Spears, Sean and Jaden, and his children with Shar Jackson, Kori and Kaleb. As someone who has 0 kids, I just clutched by birth control pills a little tighter.

But now that he’s met his two-baby limit with Victoria, does this mean it’s time for K-Fed to mosey on down the ol’ dusty baby daddy trail and find a new lucky lady to bust a bareback nut into? Or will he stick with Victoria to create more soldiers for the lazy dirtbag’s version of the Brangelina child army (their motto: “Semper Sweatpants”). Or maybe, just maybe, someone with a kind heart and an extra $50 will drive him to the vet and finally get him neutered (fingers. fucking. crossed).

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