Open Post: Hosted By The Sexy Little Santa Of Chatroulette

December 23, 2013 / Posted by:

The next time some ho asks your ass, “Why does Chatroulette still exist?” Tell them it exists for three reasons: for young dudes to jack-off in front of an audience, for hos to watch young dudes jack-off and more importantly, for Steve Kardynal to spread his nipple-hardening, smile-inducing cheer. The long-lost (and best) Kardashian sister who brought us “Chatroulette Call Me Maybeand a hotter version of “Wrecking Ball” is back to thrust the holiday spirit into your soul. My ears are terrorized by Mimi’sAll I Want For Christmas” approximately 5,719,946 times every December and the other day some little brats were singing it in the middle of a Target for no reason and I wanted to rip the star off of a Christmas tree display and poke my ears out with it. The only time I want to hear that song is when Steve is pinching his hairy nipples to it.

And yes, I’m sure you’ll find a way to fap to this.

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