Nigella Lawson Admits To Doing Coke A Few Times, Says Charles Saatchi Is Out To DESTROY Her

December 4, 2013 / Posted by:

Tip: If you didn’t know this already, the only way to read the word DESTROOOOOY is to read it in Alexis Carrington’s voice. The word didn’t really come alive until it jumped off of her tongue.

Nigella Lawson took the stand today in the fraud trial against her two former assistants, sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, who are accused of using her ex-husband’s credit cards to buy all kinds of luxurious crap. Last week the Grillos’ lawyers claimed Nigella let them use Charles Saatchi’s credit cards if they promised to not tell him that she snorts coke and smokes the good shit on the regular. Charles’ gross ass said that even though he never saw a coke line go into Nigella’s nostril, he believes the sisters, because DUH. According to The Mirror, Nigella admitted on the stand today that she smokes a joint every now and again and has done coke a handful of times, once while she was stilled married to Mr. Sackofshitti. Nigella said she did coke with her late husband six times, because he was terminally ill and a friend said it might numb the pain.

Nigella hid her smoking of the good shit from Charles and never talked to him about it. Nigella told the court that she’s not a drug addict and she’s not a cokehead. She put on her Captain Obvious hat when she said that the rumors that she’s a Lohan-level cokey obviously came from Charles and the Grillos.

“These allegations appeared in a PR blog that had been dedicated to salvaging Mr Saatchi’s reputation and savaging mine. I felt that this would not become a fraud case, I would be put on trial, and actually that is what has happened.”

Nigella brought up the pictures of Charles choking her out at Scott’s restaurant in London over the summer. Nigella told the court that Charles told everyone that he was just trying to get coke out of her nose. I didn’t know White Oprah was Charles’ damage control counselor! As everyone in the court room choked on the laughs coming up their throats over Charles trying to say that he was just performing the Cokelich Maneuver on Nigella, she went on to explain what really happened:

“But what actually happened was that somebody walked by with a very cute baby in a stroller and I said ‘I am so looking forward to having grandchildren’, and he grabbed me by the throat and said ‘I am the only person you should be concerned with. I am the only person who should be giving you pleasure’. That is what happened.”

The hell? That sounds exactly like a cut scene from Sleeping with the Enemy. Nigella should’ve immediately called up Julia Roberts for tips on how to fake her damn death.

Nigella also testified that after the pictures of Charles trying to choke the coke out of her face came out, he threatened to destroy her and dance on the ashes of her reputation if she didn’t stand by him:

“He said to me that if I didn’t go to him and clear his name, he would destroy me, and also started spreading false allegations of drug use and in particular the awful incident in Scott’s.”

The best part of Nigella’s entire testimony was this part:

He (one of the sisters’ lawyer) said:”When you unfortunately separated from Mr Saatchi…”

Nigella interjected: “I wouldn’t say ‘unfortunately’.”

That made me snort coke out of my nose! The next time I need to get coke out of my nose, I don’t have to ask Charles Saatchi to choke it out of me. I just have to read that line of shade again.

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186 responses to “Nigella Lawson Admits To Doing Coke A Few Times, Says Charles Saatchi Is Out To DESTROY Her”

  1. mike says:

    Nigella interjected: “I wouldn’t say ‘unfortunately.”

    lol! zing!

  2. pushy broad says:

    Not wild about the eyebrows in this picture but she sure is a pretty woman. This whole thing is messy. Hope Karma comes to Charles.

    • justducky says:

      It is, this is not turning out the way he planned. And by keeping it up he’s digging himself an even deeper grave.

      • TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

        Yeah, must be a bummer when your narcissistic delusion tells you that someone is nothing without you, and then it turns out that they actually are getting on better than fine, thankyouverymuch.

  3. TheOriginalUncleBrainfart says:

    *Waits for the troll who defended the choking incident not too long ago*.

  4. H321 says:

    Did anyone here watch What Not to Where from BBC America? Trinny is dating this Saatchi ass and her lips look like inflated hot air balloons. Oh Trinny you fool. I love me some Nigella. Nigella Express is one of the best cook books ever written, shit always turns out right mmm

  5. kortni_thegreat says:

    Charles is a POS. I can’t stand abusers. It’s usually the most random occurrences that set those violent assholes off. One time my mom was doing my hair (I was 10 or 11) and was talking about going to her highschool reunion when out of the blue my father just hit her. He said he didn’t want her to go and see her ex.

    • pushy broad says:

      🙁 hugs

    • H321 says:

      Shit, sorry to hear that 🙁

      • kortni_thegreat says:

        It was a long time ago, I’m just saying, women in violent relationships often tip toe around these guys cause anything will set them off.

        • sweetas says:

          Tiptoeing doesn’t work either, just like this case with your mom. No way she could have seen that coming. ((hugs your inner child))

          • wildflower says:

            I agree, tiptoeing really doesn’t work. Sometimes the only viable solution is to put distance between yourself and the other person.

          • sweetas says:

            Wildflower, this was my last marriage (2 of 2, don’t judge, okay?). No matter what, at some point I would say the “wrong” thing. So yes, I’m single now and you are very wise.

          • wildflower says:

            Aw HUGE hugs to you Sweetas, I totally understand and I’m glad you got out of that situation. No judgment here.

            [Also, I’m not wise at all. I’m turning forty next year, I didn’t mean to be this old so quickly hehe. But at this age and with a million embarrassing mistakes behind me, some things are finally a little more clear.]

            On a shallow note, I have no problem getting old if I can age like Nigella here?This is how I wanna coast into my forties and fifties, with casual, relaxed feminine hawtness:D

    • ANightWriter says:

      I know he’s your father and all, but he deserves a throat punch. Sorry you had to see that.

    • CeeMac1 says:

      My Dad used to get that way from time to time. It’s very scary to witness someone completely lose control, especially as a child.

    • TheOriginalUncleBrainfart says:

      My husband`s Dad has been an abuser for many years. Til one day he said something very very hurtful to his by then grown daughter…..Years of hatred unleashed and his two daughters and his wife beat the living CRAP out of him. He hasn`t put his hands on anyone since.

      • MrsPotatoHead says:

        Holy wow! I bet that felt satisfying for them. Isn’t that how bullies always are? Show them one good beating and they turn into mice.

    • mefungirl says:

      I grew up in the same kind of house (won’t call it a home) and I know how scary that is for a child, sorry you had to see that Kort 🙁

  6. TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

    “I wouldn’t say ‘unfortunately’.” Now, I read THAT in an Alexis Carrington voice. Nigella needed to up her ‘going to court’ outfit.

  7. Texndoc says:

    She’ll come out of this just fine, in fact probably have a career peak. I’d certainly read or watch her for a half hour over Goopy.

  8. Cokey Bloke says:

    Good for her for admitting it. Who hasn’t done coke a few times? (Beg pardon if you haven’t….)

    • KidL77 says:

      She was under oath. She had to tell the truth and she did it well, IMHO.

      I must be more naive or sheltered than I ever imagined because I have never used cocaine in my life. That shit scares me! Also, only ever took one puff on a joint-which is when I lived in London and it was decriminalised-so I have never broken the law.

      • TheOriginalUncleBrainfart says:

        Same here. Not that it wasn`t available, but being a control freak, I did not want to try something and not being able to be in control of myself… I was fine with smoking my weed and eat a ton of food afterwards…

        • KidL77 says:

          I have a 4 year old, so I certainly wouldn’t even it try it now because I have to be focused to look after her.

          I dunno. . .down arrow me all I want to. I love Lawson’s books and programs, but I think if this was, say, Britney Spears admitting she used cocaine 6 times while her kids were very young few would be giving her a pass. She was well into her 30s and taking a Class A drug with young kids in the home. Again, if it was Britney, I think many would be saying that was some hoodrat shit.

    • Midnitesnak says:

      I live in NY, my roommate has always worked in restaurants or bars (bartenders and substance abuse go hand in hand) and most of my friends work in “creative” fields, IE: no drug tests. It’s around, you’re drunk (alcohol is the real gateway drug, let’s be real) and snort happens.

      If Adderall, which is regulated! were easier to get, then there might be less of it around. But even button down tech people do it, if they haven’t jumped to Provigil or some other wonder drug. Not everyone becomes whore yourself out for drug level addicts. And if you got money, like Charlie Sheen, “drug problem” is relative I guess.

  9. ba-buttons says:

    She looks super creamy here, ba-buttons so would. Big jugs and post-sex bacon sandwiches. That’s wife material.

  10. gefeylich says:

    Oh, it is ON. Nigella, you tell it, girl. Everyone knows just by his public actions that Saatchi is a big old abusive narcissistic CABRON who is livid with rage over being outed and is now doing everything in his power to CONFIRM IT to the world. What a massive, massive tool.

    She took the right tack — admitting drug use (because really – who hasn’t?), being dignified, honest and articulate, and basically letting her background and reputation speak for her. All of Saatchi’s gross, obvious and mean-spirited machinations make him look like a spoiled, insane child in comparison.

    I am going to go out and buy some Nigella books right now. She really should come to the US for a while just to put some distance between her and that asshat.

    • justducky says:

      She’s been here working on a show for ABC I believe, due to air next month. It is one of the things he’s out to destroy.

      • gefeylich says:

        Jesus H. Christ – why won’t he just admit defeat and leave the field? He’s like a dog to a bone.

        But then again, he did write a book called Be The Worst You Can Be (not a joke). Obviously he’s holding on to this credo until he dies, and even though it will make him look like a total dick FOREVER.

        • justducky says:

          Because he’s gotten away with it for so long. I’m sure it shocked the hell out of him, that a)the public was outraged at his behavior and b) he couldn’t cow her into defending him.

      • Mrs Bale says:

        Do you know the name of the show? I had read that the Taste was signed for a second season, with Marcus Samuelson (sp?) replacing that awful Brian M guy. Is it an all-Nigella show??? (fingers crossed!!)

    • 1montrealaise3 says:

      Her show “The Taste” airs on ABC on January 2. I’ll be watching, for sure!

  11. ANightWriter says:

    Nigella is a goddess and I’m glad she was honest. Her recreational drug use is her own business but I’m glad she was honest. When she finally wins against these slimy ex-assistants and her abusive ex-husband, she will be free to smoke a joint whenever she wants and eat the shit out of her delicious food.

  12. Richbitch says:

    You just know AnnE is already campaigning for the lead role in ‘Nigella – The Musical!’

    • TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

      Russel Crowe can play Saatchi, and mumble-sing his way through his monologues.

      • ANightWriter says:

        Since it already sounds like a trainwreck, someone can let him sing as well.

        • TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

          Can Kate Beckinsale sing? I am trying to think of leading ladies to play Nigella.
          *Kate Winslet?

          • kortni_thegreat says:

            Christina Hendricks as a brunette.

          • TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

            She does have the bewbs and the creaminess of the skin. Can she dance though? There has to be big full cast dance numbers…songs about cakes and cream and food glorious food. And then a sad one, like Memory, with Nigella in her dressing gown in the kitchen at midnight, by fridge-light.

          • erkenwald says:

            beautiful, man

    • MrsPotatoHead says:

      Pfff. That bitch’s stomach would explode if she tried to eat a real human’s diet instead of a handful of birdseed once a day.

  13. CeeMac1 says:

    I was unaware that the proper procedure for removing coke from someone’s nose was to choke them out.

  14. GingerSoul says:

    I’m not sure that coke use allows for that flawless complexion. I think Nigella’s mellifluous, mellow, calm voice, the passion for delicious food and midnight snacking are classic pothead attributes. Beats my Onyums hands down.

    • skinny fat hunnam says:

      I agree. I love that she thoroughly enjoys eating what she’s cooked and I’ve made a few of her dishes and they were delish.

      • GingerSoul says:

        About a month ago I made an Asian braised beef dish that was so good. I almost didn’t want to share with my guests.

  15. jerseygirl17 says:

    I never noticed before, but Nigella really is beautiful. It seems obvious that ex & co are lying to deflect from their own messy behavior.

  16. FrijidBarjot says:

    He (one of the sisters’ lawyer) said:”When you unfortunately separated from Mr Saatchi…”

    Nigella interjected: “I wouldn’t say ‘unfortunately’.”

  17. mefungirl says:

    She already has her eyebrows, girl needs to toughen up and go full on Dunaway
    team coke hor!

  18. Auntie INJUSTICE! says:

    Linds wants to know if there’s any leftover coke….

  19. justducky says:

    Chuckles has made a very big mistake. Far more people are thinking less of him than Nigella.

  20. FrijidBarjot says:

    More bits and pieces…
    ..if she had ever taken cannabis.
    She replied: “I have to say with some shame, I have to be honest, that I smoke the odd joint, starting I would say, in the last year of my marriage to Mr Saatchi.
    “It made an intolerable situation tolerable and it was a false friend and it is not a good idea.
    “And I have to say I found the answer was in changing the situation and trying to create a tolerable situation for me and my family.”
    She added: “I can say that since freeing myself from a brilliant and brutal man, I am now totally cannabis and drug free.”

  21. Hekki says:

    I LOVE Nigella, but I think she looks better with a few more pounds on. She’s seriously sexy with those curves.

  22. MrsPotatoHead says:

    I have no idea WTF this Saatchi guy is trying to accomplish. He looks like a raging hemorrhoid on satan’s backside, both in physical appearance and his personality. In the court of public opinion, he’s already had his case thrown out. Verdict: terminal choad, no appeals, no possibility of parole.

  23. SANS_FARDS says:

    If coke gives you that flawless skin, well then sign me up!

    • Monica says:

      That and a muslin cloth. On a talk show she said she uses a muslin cloth to wash her face with. I dunno, probably good genetics has more to do with it.

    • NoAnjl says:

      LMAO, you ain’t right!

    • MrsPotatoHead says:

      IKR? Aging sucks. I’m not just talking about the lines. My face doesn’t glow like that anymore unless I dip my head in a vat of foundation. LOL

    • louise_brooks says:

      I don’t mean to curse, but she’s FIFTY FUCKING THREE! I’m sure she’s had work done or some botox or something, but her doctor is a master and should be given an award or something. Because she looks amazing.

      *goes out to get some coke and weed*

      • Ms_Maj says:

        I completely agree — she looks fabulous. I think she’s probably had Botox (unless this photo is retouched) but this is exactly how Botox should look (and she probably also has good bone structure / genes, which never hurts!).

      • wildflower says:

        She looks gorgeous! So does Julianne Moore, who is also in her fifties (I think, not sure of her exact age.) Neither Nigella nor Julianne is scary thin, which probably helps a lot. They both look sublime.

  24. FrijidBarjot says:

    An abusive piece of scrotum who can’t handle it when they lose control so he tried to ruin her for telling the truth. Glad that people know what a nasty scrotum lying coward Saatchi because he can’t handle people knowing the truth.

    Reminds me of when I was in an abusive friendship, I was no sain either but when I finally stood up to the abusive asshat and told the truth the guy couldn’t handle it and made up lies one after the other to “clear” his name and dragged mine through the mud LOL! Anyway, karma is a bitch, and everyone shall be served in due time… you go Nigella!

  25. Bryan says:

    Nigella is fabulous

  26. Stan_Hooper says:

    Nigella is gorgeous. I’d love those eyebrows! Mine look like Frida Kahlo (and that is not a compliment by all means).

  27. The Sunshine Gang says:

    Wow she looks beautiful! I’m liking her more and more all the time haha!

  28. TheShowgirl says:

    Saatchi sounds like a real psycho. I’m sure there are a few people who buy his bullshit but I think most people aren’t fooled by him.

  29. ZombieWaylandFlowers says:

    Her eyebrow situation is sheeeer glamour. Also, shit, what 50-year-old rich white lady hasn’t done coke? Team Nigella 5eva.

  30. coco ebert says:

    Came to comment but I’m distracted by her beauty. Daaaamn, them eyebrows!!

    So, can someone clarify- who brought the charges against these sisters? I mean, clearly the state prosecutors are, but was it initiated by Nigella herself or some other party?

  31. Bill the Lizard says:

    Not only glamorous and gorgeous, but smart and classy: She didn’t say a peep about the abuse until she was under oath to tell the truth.

  32. FireSnatch Flame says:

    WTF? “Doing coke a few times”, eh? Is she the Lindsay Lohan of London?

    • playacher says:

      Nah. She would need a bunch of arrests, photos of her being completely fucked up, be out partying every night until 5am, and look 30 years older while saying that to be Lilo.

    • Dion flowerboy says:

      Not even close. Everybody in “the Industry” has done it in England. Very common still.

  33. parkerjey says:

    YAASS Gurl!! Finally. People have been waiting for you to stand up to that abusive prick.

  34. London_Calling says:

    It isnt relevant to the truth of what is going on but goddamn I’ve never seen that gorgeous woman look more beautiful than she does there. Anger is a good look on her.
    That out of the way, the vibe I’m getting from her is that Mark Twain quote about if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.
    She is killing it with her honesty.

  35. Rick says:

    What color are her eyes, kind of a yellow/red? Never seen that color before.

  36. HellBelle78 says:

    Every time I see pics of Nigella, for a quick minute I always think it’s a pre-starvation, pre-pixie-cut AnnE Hathaway.

  37. Book Noir says:

    Getting away from him was the best thing she could have done. He is a sick, abusive, jerk and is trying to hold onto her through fear and public humiliation, but she totally turned the tables on him. No one cares that she took coke in private-that’s her business and will eventually be forgotten. However, everyone will always know that he is a ragey, violent, horrible excuse for a human being.

  38. mewho says:

    What a way to age! I’m glad she’s finally speaking up.

  39. hotbitch01 says:

    As a straight woman, I find her extremely sexy and beautiful. Even more so now that she has found her confidence.

  40. Yeppie says:

    I grew up with an abusive asshole ( hi dad) and he did everything in his power to play the victim!!! Still does. The worse it’s when they act so sweet and kind to everyone but you. And everyone thinks the person is so amazing and you are a complete psycho. Yes never mind the bruises. I totally hit my eye in the DOORKNOB !
    So anyone going through this gets my support.

    • coco ebert says:

      :((( *hugs*

    • Zorba says:

      Ugh, sorry to hear that. I know how it feels because I have some family
      members (I wish they were family EMBERS) like that. The most abusive fucks always play the victim because they lack empathy for anyone but their own sorry ass selves. *hugs*

    • htm222 says:

      Ugh. My dad was emotionally and verbally abusive, a total nightmare, but he never hit us. He was so fake nice and hilariously funny around everyone else, including his siblings and family, but when we were at home it was like a jekyll and hyde situation. My mom got the worst of it. It reminded me a lot of Saatchi refusing to acknowledge that Nigella cooks and eat her food, my dad was the same way about tearing down all of the things my mother felt passionate about.

    • WithinReason... says:

      I am sorry to hear that. 🙁 I think it’s safe to say, most of us agree, that he’s a world class a-hole control freak MF. Well, at least that’s what I think. ;p

  41. gangstersaysrelax says:

    Nigella Lawson by Juergen Teller. Just had to post this one. She’s one gorgeous and badass person. 🙂 Imagine going to one of her house parties!

  42. Carefree says:

    I don’t do drugs, not in a judgy way, but just know they’re not for me and what with a family history of addiction, I know it would fuck me up too much. That said, I can totally see the appeal when you’re involved with such a decrepit man-child. Good on her.

    • beccaboo1212 says:

      I did coke a couple of times. I KNEW it would be my best friend. Told everyone of my friends never to bring it around me again. Second smartest thing I ever did after marrying Hubby.

      • Carefree says:

        That’s the kind of thing I mean. I’m sure there’s a drug we could all try and just sense it’ll be too much to reject completely.

        • beccaboo1212 says:

          It’s been well over a decade but I can still smell it and taste it. I’m sure I’d be dead by now if I hadn’t stood up to it.

  43. justducky says:

    Her drug of choice is food.

  44. Sasha Liles says:

    That woman is gorgeous.

  45. htm222 says:

    OK. I feel bad for Nigella, I really do. That choking exchange is even worse knowing it was in response to her remarks about cute babies… I bet Saatchi kicks puppies and kittens in his spare time too. The “my husband was terminally ill so we did coke for medical reasons excuse” is a little lame though. You do coke sometimes, just own it.

  46. WithinReason... says:

    I don’t care if she lit up a few times. This Saatchi freak would make anyone do it. Fuck him. Team Nigella all the way. She gives good scrumptious buttery scone. *big O* hahaha

  47. Diamond Godde$$!!! says:

    I like her and feel she’ll come through all this fine. I even watched the first season of that shiztastic “Taste” show she’s on. (I came for Bourdain *chortle* and stayed for Nige.) Her husband is just making himself look even more psycho, lols.

  48. Welldun says:

    Anyone remember her appearance on Letterman long ago? Best stuff ever watching Dave try to keep his tongue in his mouth lol. Team Nigella!

  49. Miltoncat says:

    Not that it was the smartest thing to do, but I can’t fault her for snorting when her husband was dying (and he was snorting too, so I guess it made it seem more OK to her). I’d have to do way more than coke to deal with that if it were my husband. Hell, I’d need backup drugs. Nor do I fault her for the odd joint at home. Her husband, mother AND sister all died young of cancer. Let the woman check out once in awhile.

    Just so shitty that she gave him a quick divorce, didn’t trash talk him, and he still has to be an asshat about everything. He didn’t love Nigella as much as he loved HAVING Nigella. In his world, people are possessions.

    Supposedly she was very shy and dowdy when she met her first husband, and he tried to change her into someone more glamorous. I’d say she just didn’t know who she was and relied on people to fill that space for her. And since she didn’t have anyone to tell her how to be after 1st husband died, she went right to another guy who’d tell her how to be. It’s all she knew.

  50. Miltoncat says:

    She looks awesome, but she also looks really sad and broken down. You can tell this has worn her out.

  51. LoopyGorilla says:

    Sorry, im ghey as ghey but this woman is amazing.

    she cooks the food i cook, hearty-heart-attack-loving food.

    and she cooks the way i do, doesn’t do fancy cutting bits, and all that jazz.

    “If the recipe says finely chop the coriander… well … i haven’t got time for that, just grab a pair of scissors and cut them!”

    YES and Yes, fuck that fancy slice thinly like blah blah, when its cooked, its all gonna taste the same, and ends up going through the guts and coming out the same… brown shit.


    aside from all that, Everybody knew Charles was out to get her. he is a PR machine and an advertising guru, who understands what it takes to build a brand or destroy a brand.

    and right now, he has nigella and her billion dollar empire in his sights.

    that man is evil. evil dirty old fucking asshole. why doesn’t he just do what all evil dirty old perves do? buy barely legal eastern european pussy and an island in st barts, and shut the fuck up.

  52. Huh?Wha? says:

    After this is all over she should instagram a pic of powdered sugar on a mirror spelling out SAATCHI.

  53. Make Fists With Your Toes says:

    Am i the only person on earth that doesn’t dabble in drugs? Fucking Hell.

    • meelabean says:

      Nope, not just you. I never have. I can drink a whole football team under the table, but I’ve never done any drug and I get the hairy eyeball from my little sisters and friends all the time because of it.

      • skabazzle says:

        I’ve tried weed a few times but that’s it. I’m the resident bad influence in my circle of friends because I’m always up for another pitcher or carafe, though.

      • bigorexia says:

        I hate to break it to you, but alcohol is a drug, just as much as coke or ecstasy. If you have drunk alcohol to get drunk, then it’s really no different.

  54. miss pants says:

    I just told mr. pants, who has a massive crush on nigella, that she does coke. he yelled “NOOOO!” and ran out of the room. heh.

  55. skabazzle says:

    Team Nigella. Don’t care if she snorted Satan’s snowflakes a few times. Her ex sounds like an abusive dick.

  56. PlasticBiddy says:

    Gorgeous woman, I don’t know why she married that old pig.

  57. Zorba says:

    So what? She should just email him an “I fucking love cocaine” meme and tell him to suck it.

  58. TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

    I’ve decided she needs a hat with a veil. That would have completed the look.

  59. Garcia Loca says:

    I don’t care if Nigella is the biggest coke whore in the world — she’s still too good for Chuckie!

  60. Hot Dumb Italian Mike says:

    Chefs are the kinkiest m…..fers on earth! I dated a girl years ago who showed me why fruitcake was originally invented. She heated up slices of the f.c. , in the oven, dipped it in warm butter, then had me insert it in

  61. govskeptic says:

    Such serious news, you’d think there is someone other than a
    gossip columnist interested in this, but gladly there is not!

  62. i-Betty says:

    She’s magnificent, and oozes class.

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