Open Post: Hosted By James Franco And A Side-Eye Throwing Puppy

December 1, 2013 / Posted by:


And here’s an adorable puppy (I’m talking about the one on the left with the luscious ears) throwing a “Bitch, I better be getting paid more than scale for this shit” side-eye at its agent while shooting The Interview in Vancouver yesterday. In The InterviewMotorcycle hump partners James Franco and Seth Rogen play a talk show host and his producer who are caught up in some international assassination plot and blah blah blah blah. Who really cares about the plot of that shit? We already know it’s going to burn the tissue on the roof of our skulls with its HIGH ARTNESS (I mean, James Franco is involved) and also know that this adorable puppy is going to steal all the scenes and become the breakout star. Hollywood really isn’t shit if this puppy isn’t getting top billing, a bigger paycheck than both of those bitches and first choice for outfits during the international promo tour.

And now that I look at that picture again, it’s obvious the puppy is looking at the most responsible looking human in the crew and using its eyes to say, “Heeeelp me, this bitch is going to throw me on a motorcycle and make me star in Bound 4.”

Pics: FameFlynet



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