Thanksgiving Eve Crumbs

November 27, 2013 / Posted by:

I had a suspicion that if Keith Urban cut his calico cat hair he’d look like a beautiful lesbian and I was right. I’d totally bump taints with that – Lainey Gossip

But why isn’t there a “banana hammock thong” option? - The Berry

So I guess this means that Brad Pitt is never going to work with Daniel Day-LewisCelebitchy

Joan Rivers wants all you (insert every racial slur here) to leave Alec Baldwin alone – Towleroad

Finally, Chanel produces a piece of refined elegance and pure sophistication – Drunken Stepfather

Nice try, Nicki Minaj! Stop trying to pass pictures of your Real Doll as pictures of you. I can tell, because your Real Doll has more life in its eyes than you do. - The Superficial

PACEY NIPPLES ALERT (Oh yeah, there’s also pictures of Diane Kruger in a bikini) – Hollywood Tuna

Like Kween Kanye would risk scratching his Givenchy leather pants. Ho, please – Jezebel

The Porn Iguana dumped Doug Hutchison because he didn’t put out enough – Reality Tea

The details of Zac Efron’s Jawgate get deeper (not really) – IDLYITW

Ashley Benson pulls the “let me pretend I’m on a very important business call” trick for the paps – Popoholic

I doubt Mila Kunis is pregnant. She’s just got douche bloat from doing Ashton KutcherICYDK

Snakes in tiny hats, because why not? – OMG Blog

BREAKING: Veronica Mars buys furniture from Craigslist – Popsugar

CaCa defends KatyHuffPo

The Doritos Finger Cleaner is like a glory hole for your fingers – Pajiba

Evan Rachel Wood drags the MPAA for not letting her sex scene be great – Just Jared

That Adderall and crack casserole Lindsay Lohan cooked up looks delicious – SOW



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