What In The Hell Kind Of GD Miss Hannigan Is This?

November 12, 2013 / Posted by:

When it was announced that Cameron Diaz is playing Miss Hannigan in the remake of Annie starring Quvenzhané Wallis and Jamie Foxx, I kind of shrugged since it sort of made sense. Cameron is a messy drunk and if she wasn’t a multi-millionaire actress, she’d definitely take in orphans for the booze money and make them pop her pus-filled zits with their tiny fingers. But now that I’ve seen this dreadful shit right here….

Cameron Diaz gone done up like “a 40-something Miley Cyrus who can’t let go of her twerking glory days” to start shooting as Miss Hannigan in Harlem today. Cameron also threw up a Miss Hannigan selfie on Twitter. She looks like a strung out hood rat who’s standing on her fire escape and waiting for her dealer to pull in his car so she can climb down and use her rent money to buy some of the bad shit. She’s not going to use the stairs, because DUH her landlord will catch her and the rent is due. So basically, she looks like Dina Lohan if Dina Lohan didn’t have Lindsay to pay her bills.

This is going to be a mess. It’s going to be Cameron’s messiest and sloppiest performance since she spread her catfish vagina on the windshield of a Ferrari in The Counselor

Pics: Splash


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