The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNER For November 4th!

November 5, 2013 / Posted by:

Sure you may laugh at Disneytucky, but the lines are short and admission is free with a can of Copenhagen. – Gina Latina


Secret photos of Travolta’s masseuse training camp reveal that finding just the right amount of lube can be tricky. – Rontex

Ride the wave at Michelle Duggar’s Ozark Amniotic Sac Water Park! – OKLABUBBA

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60 responses to “The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNER For November 4th!”

  1. RHONYC says:

    the birth experience only a Honey Boo Boo deserves. 😉

  2. Rontex says:

    Secret photos of Travolta’s masseuse training camp reveal that finding just the right amount of lube can be tricky.

  3. Gina Latina says:

    Sure you may laugh at Disneytucky, but the lines are short and admission is free with a can of Copenhagen.

  4. Dan Samels says:

    Something something Cyrus family.

  5. FaerieBad says:

    The “do it yourself” White Water Rapids ride just isn’t as good as the one at Six Flags.

  6. citizenstrange says:

    The brand new water park “Wet ‘n Inbred.”

  7. TheBluebirdofCrappiness says:

    The so-called ‘Beiber Ride’ at Hillbilly Mansions: It’s finished before you’ve even begun.

  8. Dolly says:

    That’s the best Duggar impression I’ve seen yet.

  9. Carly_Cat says:

    K-fed takes his boys out for some good ol’ fun when mama Spears ain’t watchin’.

  10. Bukini Rain says:

    MTV tediously attempts a retrench of Buckwild; Daytona Derps.

  11. daisy100 says:

    Steven Slater finally puts his skills to use.

  12. Texndoc says:

    Please stop by in the gift shop in the other car for your photo.

  13. Veryoldbat says:

    Pensatucky. The only place you can get raved and saved in the same truck.

  14. Bukini Rain says:

    This is the type of audition required to star in Amber Portwood’s porno, those that get stuck can try Khloe’s.

  15. Zocalo1 says:

    As Mama June’s water broke on route to deliver her twelfth child, Sugar Bear and friends decide to do a little red neck slip n slide

  16. DeltaDawn says:

    Hillbilly homebirth.

  17. bkmn says:

    Jessica Simpson considers ways to make money when her water breaks.

  18. Henrietta Ducan-Hines says:

    Those shirtless Alabama boys make me all wet as well.

  19. Lefty says:

    The confederate flag patch suddenly makes sense upon viewing Botticelli’s lesser known masterpiece “The Birth of Yeezus”

  20. putsomestankonit says:

    Sugar Bear re-enacts the birth of Honey Boo Boo for Uncle Poodle.

  21. Lefty says:

    Digable Planets to file a lawsuit for misappropriation of “Rebirth of Slick”

  22. OurMissC says:

    Testing continues, but if all goes well, they should be able to give Russell Brand a surprise bath.

  23. OurMissC says:

    He’s pushing 60 but Peter North still comes like a flood.

  24. Frank in LB says:

    Budget cuts have severely affected the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue.

  25. Whoizzit says:

    out loud. seriously. way funny

  26. skabazzle says:

    The redneck hot tub can only hold so much of Miley’s panty pudding.

  27. Diamond Godde$$!!! says:

    They told the kids it was the Log Boom Ride!!!

  28. putsomestankonit says:

    He came out of her like a wrecking ball.

  29. WTFOMGLOL says:

    Redneck White Water Rafting. ‘MERICA!!

  30. newtsgal says:

    I didn’t know the Duggars had another baby!

  31. JennBrant says:

    The four most dangerous words in the south are, “Hey y’all, watch this!”

  32. SquidProQuo says:

    I find this to be amusing.

  33. prommom says:

    Liam Hemsworth got out just in time. He was days away from finding out what the Cyrus family calls a ‘Weddin’ Shower’.

  34. Preferred Username says:

    K-Fed’s gene pool expands to fertilize the fields of Orange County, CA.

  35. BaconSlut says:


  36. Lefty says:

    “The Birth of Cletus”

  37. BaconSlut says:

    Just in case you may have missed the “Pissing Calvin” bumper sticker on the rear window of the truck…

  38. I am Legend says:

    “Pimp my Ride” Arkansas edition.

  39. I am Legend says:

    You can lead a redneck to water but you can’t make him bathe.

  40. Veryoldbat says:

    What? You were expecting a van without windows?

  41. Pompous Famas says:

    How much did Jessica Simpson squirt?
    This much!

  42. buddhistgirl69 says:

    Knowing his bride likes a little “golden shower”,Kanye fine tunes another spectacular surprise for Kim at the wedding.

  43. GuestStop says:

    K-Fed keeps it classy as he whitewater rafts down the white trash waterfall.

  44. tbeeze says:

    Hoping for hoards of illegitimate grandchildren, Billy Ray demonstrates the birth process for Miley, Brandi, and Noah.

  45. Jennifer R says:

    Scott Disick…douche.

  46. OurMissC says:

    Cascades of congrats for the winning hos!

  47. MigraineSally says:

    Giiiinnnnnaaaaaa Latiiiiinnnnnaaaa! Whoo Hoo!

  48. sweetas says:

    Congrats and LMFAO winners!! xxGINAxx

  49. NoAnjl says:

    Gina Girl!!! LOL!! Congrats!
    Congrats to Ron and OKL as well!! LOL!!

  50. Mike Farrell says:

    LOL @ weiners.

  51. Gina Latina says:

    LMFAO!! Thanx for the HOnor, MK and fellow horz! Congrats to my funny co-winnahz 😀

  52. Ecce Homo says:

    Too effin’ funny Gina, Rontex and OKLABUBBA, you nutjobs!

  53. RHONYC says:

    congratz horzies! funny snaps! ;-D

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