What In J. J. Fad Meets FannyPack Hell?

September 30, 2013 / Posted by:

If you’ve always wanted to know what it would sound like if the members of FannyPack were turned into hillbilly chipmunks, inhaled too much freon and rapped a rejected J. J. Fad song together, then the authorities should really take your ears away, because you hate them and love to abuse them. But if you still want to hear that shit, here’s a shitty-quality version of “SMS (Bangerz),” the song that Brit Brit and Miley Cyrus did together for the latter’s new album (the whole album is streaming on iTunes if you really need to do that to yourself today).

If your ear drums cracked and shattered into a thousand pieces, you can send your doctor bill to Larry Rudolph, because he’s to blame for this mess. Larry is Miley’s and Brit Brit’s manager. That shit sounds like a warped cassette copy of Salt-N-Pepa’sPush It” played at high speed. I can already see the high school cheer squads twerking to this shit during competition. God, Buddha, Xenu and Bea Arthur  help us all.

via HuffPo


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