This Pirate Shirt-Wearing Romeo Will Pay You $1,500 To Find The Girl Of His Dreams

September 25, 2013 / Posted by:

If you put a magnifying glass up to that peacock’s face, you’d see it throwing a first-degree side-eye at bigoted Jerry Seinfeld for a million reasons.

OKCupid must have a 5,000 word limit, because Austin photographer Larry Busby (who goes by the name Romeo Rose), created his own Geocities-like website to find the lady of his dreams. Dude’s list of must-haves is longer than his front Chiclet and it’s so delusional that even White Oprah is saying, “Hit the brake, bitch, hit the brake.” Romeo Rose will pay anybody $1,500 if they find his perfect woman. If you want that $1,500, you better open up your window and scream for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to take your ass to Never Never Land, because that’s the only place where Romeo’s dream girl exists. Here’s a partial list from his website “Sleepless in Austin” of what he’s looking for. I didn’t make any of this shit up. It’s after the cut, because it’s a million miles long.

Deal breakers:

NO FATTIES! Must be skinny, toned or athletic. She can’t be overweight. He’s usually only into girls who weigh 130 pounds or less.

NO BLACK GIRLS! He’ll date “Hispanic, Mexican, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, European, White, whatever, anything except Black.” Halle Berry, I see you raising your hand to ask, “But, but what about me?” Sorry, Halle. Romeo won’t even date you. He really wrote that he wouldn’t even date Halle Berry.

NO KIDS! If you’re a single mother, you’re in luck. Romeo won’t date you. He doesn’t want kids and won’t date a woman who has kids or wants kids. Women who have children “end up with stretch marks. And also sometimes it makes their vagina looser, and I don’t care how many kegel exercises a woman does, after she has 2 or 3 eight to ten pound babies, you can’t tell me it’s going to be 100% as tight as it ever was! Plus, what’s even worse than all of that, is sometimes during childbirth the lips/vulva of a woman get torn and they never look the same as the did originally even after they heal, that’s why some women even get cosmetic reconstructive surgery to their vulvas after childbirth to try and regain their original appearance.”

– NO GOLD DIGGERS! It’s a good day to be Heather Mills, because he would never date her. Romeo won’t date gold diggers or materialistic women who expect the man to pay for everything. Any woman he dates must have a job.

NO GAMBLERS! Romeo will not date any pokah playas (copyright: Joan Rivers) or gamblers.

NO STRIPPERS! Romeo believes that only a woman’s man should see her naked body. (Hahah, I like how he acts like he’s seen a naked woman in person before.)

NO SLUTS! If you’ve had a threesome or boned a lot of people, Romeo won’t date you. He wants a “good-hearted girlfriend.”

NO SARCASTIC BITCHES! Romeo only wants positive girls who are not sarcastic and cynical.

NO SLUTTY DRESSERS! He doesn’t like girls that dress like sluts. T-shirts and jeans are okay, but he really likes it when his girlfriend wears a mini skirt with sexy boots (no cowboy boots) or spiked high heels. But again, no slutwear.

NO SILICONE! He hates breast implants and likes natural tits only.

Romeo prefers women who don’t smoke, don’t wear glasses and have red long hair, no piercings and no tattoos (too white trash for him), but none of those are deal breakers. And what does Romeo have to offer besides a pair of flashlight Veneers that you can use to find your phone in the dark? Well, he’s a 9/11 truther, a pro-lifer and he’s against the good shit. So basically, he’s a catch! From Romeo’s About Me page:

I do NOT believe marijuana should ever be legalized!

I do believe it’s ok for doctors to give to Cancer patients etc, but I do not believe it should be easy to get a prescription for, basically unless you can prove you have Cancer or something then you should not be allowed to smoke it.

I am not a Racist person. In fact I tend to get along much better with Black guys than I do White guys.

However, I do not like Rap or Hip Hop music. I do not even consider that to be real music. And I do not like Black people that listen to that kind of music. I do not like Black people that have a criminal record or smoke pot or do any other type of drugs. I do not like Black people that live in the “projects” or live off welfare or food stamps. I do not like Black people that do not have a full time job. I do not like Black people that wear their pants halfway down to their knees. And I do not like Black people that don’t speak proper English and pronounce their words correctly. I do not like Black people that dress like thugs or gangstas. I do not like uneducated Black People. And if you are a Black person that lives in East Austin or up North Austin around the Rundberg area then chances are I probably don’t like you either! So there! haha!!!!!

I am NOT racist. I just do NOT like ignorant, useless, TRASH.

I also don’t like White people that do those same types of things!

And, I do not believe that Whites & Blacks should mix races sexually and have kids together.

I think it’s ok for Whites & Hispanics. But not Blacks.

I would NEVER, EVER, EVER date a woman if I found out she had EVER been sexually active with a Black man.

That would just be pure filth.

I do not like Homeless people, bums, drunks, or drug users either, or anyone that participates in any type of criminal activity.

I also do not like White country types or Redneck types or Trailer trash types.

I do not believe in fishing or hunting, I do not support the killing of animals.

I am not a Vegetarian, but I don’t eat much meat compared to most people, and one day I’d like to be totally vegetarian, It takes a lot of will power though.

I love animals.

Bitch goes on and on and on, and I kept reading, because I expected to see the words: I do not like green eggs and ham.

If you need more doucheness in your brain, Romeo Rose did a Reddit AMA and it’s as messy as his ad.

This is seriously the most creative way of staying FOREVER ALONE. And I really wouldn’t be surprised if ABC made him the next Bachelor.

via Gawker (Thanks, Kate)

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623 responses to “This Pirate Shirt-Wearing Romeo Will Pay You $1,500 To Find The Girl Of His Dreams”

  1. islandgirl says:

    No sarcastic bitches? Damn.

  2. skinny fat says:

    all i see are TEETH

  3. Veryoldbat says:

    SFRB..find UBF… Let’s take care of Romeo. Quietly…
    Grabs strap on….::::

  4. Srw27 says:

    IT’S THE PUFFY SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Twat Muffin says:

      Shit, even if Jon Hamm came up to me wearing a puffy shirt, I’d be laughing so hard I don’t know if I could contain myself. The only way he could explain his way out of that would be to say he was wearing it as a joke. Anyone wearing a shirt like that as a fashion statement has serious problems.

  5. Dilbert2020 says:

    How can he say all that with those damn TEEFS! Good lord….. what a catch….

  6. Srw27 says:

    Also, every one of those “deal breakers” applies to me (except the silicone b/c these babies are all mine & they are FABULOUS) #AnotherSeinfeldReference
    Whoops, and the strippers one (I’ve done a lot of things in my life but stripping for money wasn’t one of them)


    Geez, I wonder why he is single. And he totally pulled the ” I am not racist, I have black friends” card.

    You sound like a horrible human being, Romeo Rose.

  8. sonne_dk says:

    Thank god, I’m safe. One thing on my deal breaker list is men in funny shirts who misuse commas. 😉 Wait, that should read: who misuse, COMMAS!

    Now Peter Pan guy…..

    • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels says:

      Peter Pan guy, at least he found his soul mate, he was probably concerned more about what she had than what she didn’t have. #1 being a working born vagina.

      • annastine says:

        Peter Pan guy isn’t a raving, racist asshole. I don’t actually know what he is but he isn’t that.

      • sonne_dk says:

        LOL, that’s true and hopefully they’re still happily together. I always liked PP guy, unlike maroon shirt dude.

        I knew a guy who used to see Peter Pan guy at a local bar. Apparently, he has a strong Brooklyn accent and a deep voice that clashes with his tights.

  9. Dirk Diggler says:

    Those terrifying veneers almost draw attention away from his magenta pirate shirt. That’s quite a feat.

  10. gefeylich says:

    If Paula Deen ever slims down, leaves her husband and finds someone who will hire her ass, I think she will have found her new man!

    What a catch. It makes me proud to know that I’d fit some of his lofty criteria. Oh woe that I am married to a man who doesn’t wear puffy shirts.

  11. OzKat says:

    So Asians don’t exist in his world?

  12. Lucifer says:

    So he will die a 75 year old virgin then.

    • SANS_FARDS says:

      Somewhere in the sea of 7 billion + humans, there is a special lady friend just for him…..who’s equally delusional, racist, and stupid.

      But we can hope!

  13. jack-n-the-hat says:

    Motherfucker I’ll hand you over a million bucks in cash while sucking your dick and wearing flip flops if you can find this woman…

  14. pushy broad says:

    This guy is so, So, SO Unattractive on the outside and
    truly ugly on the inside. What a vain and narrow man.
    The Peacock, on the other hand, is stunningly beautiful.

  15. SANS_FARDS says:

    Is it weird that I thought the most annoying thing about this screed was the Randomly Capitalized Words? HATE that shit.

  16. perky says:

    [Quickly starts eating to push above 130 lbs.]

  17. moomarse says:

    Can I get him killed for $2K?

  18. saturnssecret says:

    Between reading this and an article by a Catholic-based site on why girls should never go to college, I want to take the first shuttle to mars. Those TEEF!!!!

  19. MajorDickAlert says:

    See ladies. I’m not so bad afterall. 😉

  20. AtomicCity says:

    Man, what a catch! How is this guy single?

  21. OzKat says:

    Jesus, I just noticed the RR necklace.

  22. ewesocrazy says:

    Really, Larry Busey? Your whole list is about the woman you don’t want. And that ain’t your only problem.

  23. M.E. says:

    Well, I can check the yes box on every single one of his deal breakers, so…I’M OUT!

  24. mymagicmiddlefinger says:

    Ooooohhh chhhhhhh… know….I fit under every single expectation of his. The only problem is that I LOVE threesomes and I’m a dirty slutty whore’s whore.
    Too bad for him.

  25. Hotmami says:

    He’s totally racist.

    And no one with that face should be picky.

  26. M.E. says:

    What he’s looking for is eye candy, but who’s a drone that he can control. Sounds like one hell of a PERFECT relationship. Not.

  27. OzKat says:

    From the Redit AMA:
    “Because when a woman has been with a black man, in my book that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality, because black people look like apes, monkeys and gorillas. I don’t mean any offense to Black people, but that’s just the truth. You can’t look at a black man like Ving Rhames and a gorilla and tell me you don’t see some similarities. I am just speaking the truth and saying what MOST people truly think but don’t have the courage to say.”

    But I have black friends so I’m not racist! Also I’m an “old black man trapped in a white mans body,” which is why I love white women so much.

  28. M.E. says:

    I’m doubting this man has EVER had sex with a woman.

  29. HereForTheRide says:

    With all that racism you have to wonder if he is just a big ‘ol troll because that dudes face would scare paint off the wall.

  30. Privateyez says:

    International Supermodel Chicken Cutlets is the perfect woman for him!! Long red hair and a super tight gizzard able to choke out any chicken finger. Plus they could probably mix & match outfits!!

  31. black_heart says:

    And they say all the good one’s are taken!

    Also, for someone who doesn’t like the “uneducated trash” he certainly writes like them.

  32. moomarse says:

    Don’t peacocks only do that tail fanning thing when they’re getting ready to mount the female??? HA! Go fuck a peacock you cock!!! at least it’s not BLACK!

  33. M.E. says:

    No one has mentioned his HAIR.

  34. MeowMeow says:

    Can we just burn him and start over?

  35. Huh?Wha? says:

    This guy is just mad about all the hot Black girls that rejected him.

  36. Jeanneee says:

    Wow, what a delusional piece of racist shit. I hope a goose shits on his head.

  37. HereForTheRide says:

    And you know he’s wearing platform boots!

  38. karakafka says:

    Isn’t he wearing the puffy shirt from Seinfeld?

    • Twat Muffin says:

      I think it’s the same shirt but done in burgundy satin fabric. And is that a Rolls-Royce emblem necklace? And the tousled hair? Such turn-ons!

  39. Event HORizon says:

    Could you imagine those teeth getting anywhere near your cooter? YIKES!

  40. Twat Muffin says:

    Wow, I have long red hair, but I’m too curvaceous for him and I’m sarcastic & cynical — I guess I don’t make the cut. Too bad this ugly, racist fuck won’t get the chance to date moi. Boo hoo, you had me & you lost me.

  41. BSC53 says:

    Hmmm, well, I wouldn’t have a chance because I’m very sarcastic (and proud of it). That being said, I’d probably kill him before he had a chance to find that out. (I do believe I’d date the peacock over this gem…)

  42. TelevisedRevolution says:

    that must be what he wears under his Klan uniform.

  43. FrijidBarjot says:

    I am not a Racist person. In fact I tend to get along much better with Black guys than I do White guys.

    I think it’s ok for Whites & Hispanics. But not Blacks

    … …

  44. guest_original says:

    please have a seat & stfu u idiot

  45. Twat Muffin says:

    He looks like the type who’d go to those stupid Renaissance faires.

    • IrishFury says:

      and call fairies “faeries”. He likes a drink in a “tavern” and always uses Roman numerals.

      • jack-n-the-hat says:

        LOL and says NAY and GOOD MORROW

      • Twat Muffin says:

        OMG, IF, I hate that, when people call fairies “faeries” — that’s the worst!!! My mom used to call bars taverns, though; maybe it’s a generational thing. But I have never heard of anyone using Roman numerals — that’s a new one. That would totally be grounds for dismissal, too. Also, a physical ground for dismissal: monkey mouth. You know when the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the mouth is too big? I hate that! I call it monkey mouth.

    • M.E. says:

      Dear LAWD that shit makes me stabby. There is one here every year and I cannot escape the GOT DAYUM COMMERCIALS. Every five seconds one is on and I want to smack a bitch.

      • Twat Muffin says:

        Gotta love those stupid things. Gives the fat chicks a chance to whip their tits out and put them into corsets once a year, doesn’t it? My late dad won tickets to one of those one time and he was so proud he won them. He said to me, I won these tickets, don’t you & your boyfriend want to go? I was like, uh, no, I wouldn’t be caught dead there. Poor dad!

      • pushy broad says:

        There’s a big one here and it seems to last for months. We went the first year we lived here because we never been to one. It sure was an interesting place to people watch. The turkey drumsticks were OK but messy. They gave you one napkin and a giant drumstick. WTH

      • Twat Muffin says:

        Here’s a serving wench for ya:

  46. TonicB says:

    He’s a cunt.

  47. Twat Muffin says:

    He sort of reminds me of Tony Robbins.

  48. oogieboogiewoman says:

    Did the racist paragraph about black people read like Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham to anyone else?

    This guy is too ridiculous to be real. I bet it’s fake.

  49. Hekki says:

    One question: Does he use Polident?

  50. IrishFury says:

    The only two requirements from my single gal pals are:
    No Racists
    No Enormous Horse Tooth’d Men.

  51. Hotmami says:

    His Reddit was removed, but the comments are still up.:)

  52. freckledbruh says:

    WTF is wrong with this dude?????


    According to Jezebel this dude had a girlfriend for 11 years. WTF?!

  54. Bee_She_Won says:

    This guy is somethin’ else. Wow.
    Even though I’m Hispanic, Sicilian and White, this precious and so exquisite Romeo won’t like me because I have a fondness for sexual racial mixing and big black dick.
    Such a shame that so many of the world’s women don’t meet the requirements of this glorious knight in shining veneers. *sobs*

  55. MARTY says:

    So I’m guessing his sister isn’t available?

  56. Akizme says:

    can’t be real.

  57. ewesocrazy says:

    I tried to go see his page, but it didn’t load fast enough for me. Sorry, Uncle Rico, my fuck giving span is only about 3sec long.

  58. MardiGras says:

    There’s a little town in North Dakota calling his name.

  59. MajorDickAlert says:

    So google Larramie Busby or Larry Busby

    • Hekki says:

      I did, and found some comments about him:


      a year ago

      You know what’s worse? He used to be a telemarketer. It’s true, he was one of my mom’s unfortunate, anti-christ of a co-worker.



      Share ›

      Lord Valve

      4 years ago

      You folks have no idea. This
      nasty puke put a vid on YouTube rejoicing in the death of Eric
      Clapton’s son. He left a long, rambling, incoherent message on my
      answering service during which he suggested I should dig my dead
      mother’s corpse up and fuck it. This turd isn’t just a poser, he’s a
      violent and malevolent creep who’s almost certainly mentally ill. The
      fact that he can neither keep time, play in tune, nor sing better than a
      dog is secondary. If he were on fire, I wouldn’t piss on him.”

  60. Monica says:

    And what does he bring to the table other than a puffy shirt and loads of teef

  61. Staxcellence says:

    Aaaand commence sending him all my ex’s contact information….

    This AMA is golden!

  62. Sundara Menaka says:

    He is super sweaty in those pictures. Ick.Nast.

  63. Hekki says:

    He’s crazy.

    But about dating a certain type or not dating a certain ethnicity… I think it’s gross to say “I’d never date a black woman” or “I only date Jewish men”. It’s dumb to be so absolute and closed-minded.

    Personally, I find certain types of guys attractive, but I’d never rule out a single race or ethnicity. This is all hypothetical, because I’m happily married. But in the past week, I’ve found myself admiring every flavor of man… and that is the spice of life, baby!

    • pushy broad says:

      I do know 2 woman though Hekki that would only date a Jewish man. They were both very religious and wanted someone to share their religious convictions.

      • SANS_FARDS says:

        I can give people a pass on that sort of thing. Nothing wrong with wanting to date someone of your faith, if it’s that important to you.

        It’s more the “I won’t date [insert race here] people” that get on my nerves.

      • Hekki says:

        Good point. I know people like that, too. That was a bad example. Religion is a big factor, many times. Even if the couple doesn’t care that much, families can put so much pressure on people to “stay within the community”. I don’t know how to feel about that.

        F’rinstance, my SIL has a Japanese friend who met an Orthodox Jewish man and they fell in love. She went from being an atheist, world-traveling career woman to being a housewife, keeping a kosher kitchen, only associating with other Orthodox people, etc. SIL doesn’t see her anymore, because her husband discourages it. And this woman is never going to be fully accepted by the Orthodox community, either.

        I don’t know. I’ve seen pretty beautiful examples of cultural integration, too, so I keep hope.

      • MISSJANETEXAS says:

        I think everyone has a right to date whatever they are attracted to. If that’s only the race you are then fine, if it’s not then it’s not. Personally, I’m with Hotmami (hot is hot) but whatever blows your skirt up. It’s when it becomes about being ANTI a race…like this jerkoff…that’s offensive.

        • pushy broad says:

          Hi MissJane, I replied to you but it isn’t here.
          I agree with you and Hotmami as well.
          I was talking to Hekki about 2 Jewish woman I know who would only date or marry Jewish men because they would not date someone outside their religion.

    • Hotmami says:

      Right?! Hot is hot, no matter what the race.

    • Suzy Farkis says:

      I’m curious what changed in the past week!

  64. CodeRed says:


    I can’t believe this guy is serious. He probably has many issues himself and problems.

  65. Sundara Menaka says:

    he actually posted his phone number! 512-367-3629!

  66. Twat Muffin says:

    The only thing he said that is decent is that he loves animals, so I’ll give him an out for that. Otherwise, forget it.

  67. FriedaClaxton says:

    Why not just take that money and order a Real Doll?

  68. annobanano says:

    Sarcastic slut here – I’d never make the cut

  69. CodeRed says:

    from Reddit on this guys past:

    IN THE FAMILY COURT OF CABELL COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA Susan E. Chapman (his ex) Petitioner v. Larramie H. Busby, Respondent Family Court Civil Action No. 09-DV-1292 Magistrate Court Case No. 09-D-1320 Order of Publication Domestic Violence 1. The object of this suit is to obtain protection from domestic violence. 2. The object of this publication by Class I legal advertisement is to notify Respondent of the EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER prohibiting the above- named Respondent from abusing, harassing, stalking, threatening, intimidating or engaging in conduct that places Petitioner and/or the child(ren) and/or incapacitated person(s) named in the ORDER in a reasonable fear of bodily injury. TO THE ABOVE NAMED RESPONDENT: It appearing by evidence duly taken in this action that you could not be found in or that you have left the State of West Virginia, you are hereby notified of the ORDER following immediately below. This EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER will remain in effect until the final hearing on this matter is held. The final hearing will be held at the above-named family court, located at Room 303, 750 5th Avenue, Cabell County Courthouse on Feb. 17th, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. The final hearing may result in the issuance of a final domestic violence protective order and will be held whether or not you appear. Jan. 6, 2010 Adell Chandler LH- 748765 1-7-10

  70. GingerSoul says:

    This jumbo sized veneer wearing Shaggy Doo might do better looking into a Real Doll. Who can resist this? *shudder*

  71. Hotmami says:

    OMFG, he wants rape to be LEGAL. One of the comments mentioned it.

  72. Bigbendy says:

    Sigh. Oh what the hell. I will throw my name in the basket. I need some red hair dye and I’m sure I will be a winner! I can’t wait to meet him! So excited!

  73. Monica says:

    His dating profile isn’t really that unusual for a man of his age. There are a lot of lists and unrealistic expectations. I’ve seen this before when I was online dating. I would suggest that he buys himself a sex-doll and be done with it.

  74. Blair Sylvester says:

    How is this treasure still single? Does Sarah Palin have a non slutty childless daughter? If so I could see fireworks sparking

  75. Kiwi_Chicklet says:

    Wow. He could have just cut down on his word limit by summarising that one paragraph: I do not like Blacks. (Unless they are Carlton). This guy would be SO much fun, all that damn judgement. Can we leave comments on his site? I think there could be fun times to be had.

  76. WTFOMGLOL says:

    Thank God. I am NOT his type. and proud of it!!!

    Any woman who would actually consider this specimen as a potential mate, needs therapy in the worst way…

    Deal-breaker #1 : that fuckin’ outfit.
    Deal-breaker #2: those fuckin’ teef.
    Deal-breaker #3: that fuckin’ LIST.
    Guys like this make me stabby.

  77. Southern Gal says:

    He and Kanye could be best douche-nozzle friends … except for that whole pesky Black thing.

  78. gines says:

    Romeo’s teeth look like they were carved out of a ratchet piece of marble.

  79. SaixCallus says:

    He looks like a young Richard Branson.

    And damn. I’m not his type. I won’t give up my slut dresses whilst slutting as a stripper.

  80. M.E. says:

    This is like something I saw on FB about some chick made her BF 3000 sandwiches so he’d propose to her? Bitch, if a dude isn’t proposing, on his own because he WANTS YOU to be his wife, forcing him to do it out of obligation…well, better pick out your divorce attorney now.

    • Staxcellence says:

      Was JUST going to post the same thing! Clearly, this ain’t his first rodeo.

    • OzKat says:

      I love how he says he’s lived in 22 states like that was by choice instead of people running him out of town.

    • M.E. says:

      Holy shit. That yellow writing on top of black. I’M BLIND!

    • Kiwi_Chicklet says:

      “Now some boring stats about me…” Uh-huh. He doesn’t drink when he does he likes the expensive stuff. I can imagine this guy being all up in your grill about your employment, but then once you’re established with him, his employment would start to ‘look shaky’. Then oops, before you know it, he’s up on the couch, unemployed, and moaning when you get home from work that the house is a mess and you’re a slob. Strong whiff of bait and switch here. I want to see photos of his ex, just to see what kind of gal would have the iron constitution to put up with this kind of fuckery.
      *And since they were together for 11 years, I am guessing she got into it young, inexperienced and it took a long time for the romantic glasses to come off and her to realise what she was dealing with. Also wondering if his ex was black, and this whole racist rant is a hate-troll on her.
      Thus ends War and Peace.

    • sugartits says:

      what. the. fuck?

      “I think I experience lonliness much differently than most other people do, I mean I think I’m much more sensitive to it, it affects me deeper than others, to me it’s almost unbearable to be alone. I think alot of it is because I was born with a identical twin brother, but my biological father beat my biological mother so bad when she was 9 months pregnant with him and I, kicking her in her stomach, he caused my brothers aorta to become detached from his heart and he bled to death and died. Then my biological father held my biological mother hostage for 3 days and would not let her go to the hospital, so during those 3 days I had to lay in my biological mothers womb with my dead identical twin brother.”

  81. Gina Latina says:

    If you’re gonna be a racist, picky asshole when it comes to women at least be a hot piece of ass. Actually, no, just don’t be a racist, picky asshole, and maybe you’ll get some decent poontang, regardless of your looks.

  82. FriedaClaxton says:

    Here’s a mirror site of his shit that won’t work. Notice his teeth before the veneers. Ugh.

  83. Sundara Menaka says:

    YES! just texted this guy a wonderful picture of a bbw redhead having a threesome with 2 black men!

    his number is 512-367-3629

    I suggest you guys do the same!

  84. Dawn says:

    I would take offense to the Gold Diggers slight but obviously he’s never met a Significant Other with Plans. Companions with Futures do not date employees of the Department of Power and Sewers. Partners with Brains make some of the best spouses a Gentleman with Real Cash can have. A Gold Digger does not Give Till It Hurts just to drive the new Silverado up to the doublewide in some Panhandle somewhere.

  85. ReverseAlbino says:

    Men who can’t handle sarcastic females tend to be Whiney little bitches. I’m looking at you Romeo.

  86. coco ebert says:

    Wait, is this the guy standing behind Madonna in the post below?


  87. Sundara Menaka says:

    something tells me this guy is his hero

  88. LaChaylo says:

    What a catch. Throw him back in the idiotic, racist ignorant cesspool he was found in. Stupid ass Dave Grohl wannabe trying to dress like Prince.

    • Kiwi_Chicklet says:

      Most excellent! I love how he has to keep stopping talking, so he can take a breath.

    • OzKat says:

      Who is he trying to be Mystery crossed with Kid Rock?

    • vanessa197676 says:

      Please, as a black person, I can break down the meaning of that shitty painting better than him. The black background stands for the lowly black people and gangs that are a scourge to this earth, because black people should stay in the background and in their place. The people are outlined by white, to symbolize the innocent white people that get caught in the crossfire. And, of course, the only gangs in existence are the Crypts and the Bloods, hence the blue and red. Shitty, shitty painting and so very literal. I wonder if he’ll create one symbolizing all of the Neo Nazi activity or the white biker gangs that don’t live inside the law? Or, the Latin Kings? I guess they’re exempt since he loves latinos.

  89. Jasper DeKimmel says:

    It’s been a while since someone has made me this uncomfortable. This bitch is a walking scary movie motherfuckah!

  90. empiregirl says:

    What’s with the figure skater costume? We all know Dave Chappell can wear it better. What I want to know is if he wrote all this shit down in a leather bound journal sitting next to a pond.

  91. Kiwi_Chicklet says:

    And this guy is a wedding photographer, just feel the judgement coming through the lens at you, on your special day.

  92. Hotmami says:

    This is turning out to be a fun afternoon! *reads more Reddit comments*

  93. FaerieBad says:

    The Gary Busey tooth gene is strong in this one

  94. Monica says:

    So he hates blacks and thinks most women are sluts. Wow, he really goes off on homosexuals too. Then in the next breath, he speaks that he is all about love. Kind of reminds me of this song by Tim Minchin.

    I love that Steve Ray Vaughn’s brother Jimmie banned him from any of his concerts. LOL

  95. janehudson says:

    “If you put a magnifying glass up to that peacock’s face, you’d see it throwing a first-degree side-eye at bigoted Jerry Seinfeld for a million reasons.”

    Once again MK, DEAD @ this comment!!!!!!!!!! Literally tears are streaming down my face!

    That peacock already looks like he wants to beak the shit out of this forever alone fool just for disrupting his space, filling his presence with douche visuals & fumes! Peacock is pissed & also, is not the one.

  96. Event HORizon says:

    Every picture i’ve seen of this horse toothed freaks face doesn’t look human. It looks like someone took a bunch of different pictures of Tony Robbins at differnt angles, ripped them apart, then randomly glued them back together to get the face of this fool that we see before us.

  97. Sundara Menaka says:


  98. ANightWriter says:

    Someone apply for tax-exempt status because we’ve just found the new messiah and ladies…..HE’S SINGLE! *panties being thrown everywhere*

    He’s such an amazing piece of shit that my hate stopped about half way through the post. I literally gave up on the will to live for a small fraction of time. I think that I’m going to go have a rainbow orgy with all the races to renew my love of humanity. Then I’m going to collect all the sex juices, put them in a water balloon and do to him what PETA does to those wearing fur.

  99. Dirtstarr says:

    What the fuck!?

  100. Yeppie says:

    This is why im single

  101. sweetas says:

    OH you picky! EL-OH-EL!! Well sorry dude you can’t have none ANYWAY because you simultaneously broke everyone’s no tiny penis, bigot, shallow, douchenozzle, misogynist, narcissist, pirate shirt AND denture rule. That’s got to be some kind of record.

  102. Texndoc says:

    I’m buying this like I bought the twurker on fire in her apartment. We Keep Austin Weird alright, but he’s playin’.

    • CodeRed says:

      no his for real and has a very real criminal record and restraining order in the past with his ex. There was also a search for him in 2010 cuz he didn’t appear in court on domestic violence charges. He fled to Austin from VA. I thought it couldn’t be real, but he is.

  103. Yeppie says:

    Black and whites babies are the cutest, and asian and black well to me they are. Yes Whamo you probably are cute. ;p

  104. OzKat says:

    Because you need more reasons to hate him:
    “I hate poverty stricken people, and that’s what most of East Austin is. I believe in God & I believe in Love…people in poverty have a choice, people that are poor CHOOSE to be poor! Life is whatever you make it!”

    “I’m not looking for a girlfriend that will be a carbon copy of who I am. I’m not trying to date or marry myself. I’m not gay. My next GF won’t be gay. So in our world, gay people just won’t even be relevant… Do I care about Gay rights? No!!! Because I don’t CHOOSE to be Gay!… the ones that don’t CHOOSE it were just born defective. God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve. Gays can’t naturally reproduce. It’s un-natural and sickening.”

  105. Yeppie says:

  106. Sinjin says:

    Hispanics ARE White you ignorant racist shit. *smh* Hispanic is an ethnicity. Oh, and one other thing…your teeth scare me.
    I’ll co-sign Yeppie’s comment too.

    • Mayo says:

      It’s like people can’t understand that hispanics are very diverse, we can be pale white or the darkest black. It’s obvious, we are a mix of different races, WHY CAN’T THEY SEE THAT?? So annoying.

      • mefungirl says:

        because that’s too complicated for some people.

        • annastine says:

          This freak is nothing but a big, toothy, ugly BIGOT.

          I prefer to organize the human family by continental designations such as Asian, African, Amerindian, European. They take the “colour” out of the equation.

  107. Esteem says:

    What is this? Some elaborate self-promo for his photography business? Get away from the peacock you twunt.

    • OzKat says:

      He’s been doing this (and running from domestic abuse charges) for years, so sadly, no I don’t think this is a stunt to get attention for his business.

      • Esteem says:

        Ridiculous. He’s has charges? How does he not get caught while running an online persona? he’d be a good roommate for Jack in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

        • OzKat says:

          Well he fled the state and I guess West Virginia isn’t going to go to Texas to get him. He was going by Romeo Rose in WV and he had another online profile back in 2010 using the same pseudonym so I guess he feels safe.

      • Bizzarelife says:

        Wow, no kidding? His constant insistence that he is “not racist” and then saying the opposite is pathetic. He has some serious hatred in his heart, and I truly feel sorry for him. He needs to put an ad online for a good therapist, not a woman. The last thing a woman would need would be hime. Sad.

    • Kiwi_Chicklet says:

      *Sound of rich white virgins clamouring for his services* The selection questionnaire sounds like it could be quite intense. *Hands Steemy 20 page clipboard document*

  108. Candypants says:

    Did he count out that $1,500 by stomping his hooves on the ground? Jeysus.

  109. Abrowne229 says:

    Holy crap, those teef. I already have an aversion to veneers, those things are going to give me nightmares.

  110. HoneychileNO says:

    o.O Bitch, why you be trolling?

  111. Bizzarelife says:

    WOW. My day was going very poorly, but it brightened with this appearance of this horse-teethed delusional mess. It makes my day so bright when I know that is loser is going to be forever alone. What on heaven’s earth does he have to offer? He is never going to get a woman!

  112. Eliza Berntsen says:

    Is that shit for real???? Like, an actual human being with an actual brain wrote it? Dude is going to get death threats in 3…2…1…..

  113. Yeppie says:

    [–]romeorose[S] -19 points 16 hours ago
    Because there’s a lot of Hispanic girls that are soooo Hot & sexy! And they are beautiful! And when they mix with a white at least their babies are not as dark as they would be had they mixed with a black. It’s important to consider that the white race should at least be preserved to a point as well. It would be sad if in 200 years there were no whites left if everyone was mixed. There has to be balance.

    • annastine says:

      When some idiot pontificates on “the white race” I feel shame for humanity. There is only one race – the human race. According to my eyes and brain, “white” is actually beige and full of shit on this occasion.

  114. Swarm_of_locusts says:

    No matter how much money he wastes on upgrading his look… he’s always going to be a dude that has to pay for pussy.

  115. Kiwi_Chicklet says:

    Maybe one of the Duggar daughters might qualify?!

  116. Rick says:

    No kidding. Guy could eat corn-on-the-cob through a picket fence.

  117. sugartits says:

    His photography website:

    As a photographer, I can say with confidence that his “work” is shit. Mostly underexposed, uses on-camera flash (big no no. hello shiny faces), weird/over-use of vignettes, no sense of flattering camera angles or “the moment”, fucked up white balance problems, etc etc. I feel bad for whoever has “hired” him

  118. Mayo says:

    Isn’t ironic of him to be so picky while he is a fugly, bigot asshole? Bitch, why don’t you fix your face and your attitude before you start judging people and asking for perfection when you don’t have it.

  119. Tigerlilly says:

    Tiger skeeeeeeerd of dem TEEFS! Somebody hold me…

  120. Ford_Prefect313 says:

    Someone has his cabin built on Lake Delusional. The plus side, he’s a loon who is upfront with his looniness. I’ve meet equally crazy men who keep this shit on the down low, until you start getting serious.

    • Zanza says:

      I’ve met a ton of men and women who do, actually. Which is why I don’t think he’s a loon in his beliefs .. and not even in advertising them. Trust that he will find the perfect woman for him who finds his “honesty” and “values” long overdue and “refreshing” lol. never never underestimate assholes who are oblivious to being assholes

  121. Zanza says:

    He will not end up alone. A lot of people secretly agree with his list – you would be surprised. Clearly, I am not one of them but some of the things I’ve heard coming out of peoples’ mouths when they aren’t afraid of being judged leads me to believe he is not alone in his thoughts – only in publicly & proudly advertising them. This is the type of list that would be give to a professional matchmaker and kept in confidence. Instead, he wants to save a few bucks and widen his search so he is taking this route. Pro matchmakers charge a hell of a lot more with usually worse results than the DIY thing dude has going on here.

    • Tigerlilly says:

      Yep. That’s probably true, but on the bright side, both those tricks gonna get what they deserve. God don’t like ugly and them woodchuck/ horse hybrid bathroom tile TEEFS is ugly enough, but what comes out of his mouf pales in comparison.

  122. Black Betty says:

    He’s still answering questions on reddit. Read these gems:

    “i’m not racist. but yes I have discriminating tastes, and to discriminate is not a bad word, it simply means to choose one thing over another thing, it’s called freedom. when i buy bannanas i “discriminate” on which ones i select based on how green or yellow they are, ya dig what i’m sayin man.”

    Also, “Just pointing out that history seems to show whites as always rising to the top and dominating all other countries and cultures and taking what they want and doing as they please, being the dominant, most powerful, most intelligent race….
    I’m not saying I personally believe whites are superior to blacks, I am not a scientist, and I have not studied it to any great depth…
    Just pointing out some observations.
    But, again, for the millionth time, I may be a jerk, but I’m not a racist, there’s a big difference.
    My best friends are black and I have no hatred for them.”

    • lilflourocheezits says:

      So, if people are like fruit, and darker fruit is less desirable because it is going bad, does he think blacks are rotten people? Dude picked a stupid metaphor.

    • Kam says:

      He must not know that for black people, when we hear the phrase, “my best friends are black” our B.S. radars are flashing, bells and whistles are blowing up. So he should remove that from his reportoire.

      • Black Betty says:

        100% agree. I just can’t. He can’t be real even though people are popping up all over saying they work with him and he’s the truth. :/

        Get this shit: “Because when a woman has been with a black man, in my book that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality, because black people look like apes, monkeys and gorillas. I don’t mean any offense to Black people, but that’s just the truth. You can’t look at a black man like Ving Rhames and a gorilla and tell me you don’t see some similarities.”

        My eye is twitching.

        • Tigerlilly says:

          …but it’s ok because black people are some of his closest friends…

          • Zanza says:

            right? who does he think he’s kidding. Oh yeah blacks are some of his closest friends but .. mong other things he said .. if a woman DARE get with a black guy she is somehow sullied and not good enough for him. He is so dirty and morally decayed himself .. who does he think he is judging anyone else?

        • SANS_FARDS says:

          Has someone clued in Ving Rhames that this guy exists? Bitch would be cowering in fear!

    • Hotmami says:

      Yeah… Ok.And he really took it home with the, “Ya dig what I’m sayin’, man.”

  123. NolanStylinson says:

    Stories/threads like this are why dlisted is the best thing to ever happen to the internet. What can I add that hasn’t already been said? I’m laughing my ass off over here reading this shit.

  124. fundark says:

    Dealbreakers for any woman ever:

    1. Being this guy.

  125. Staxcellence says:

    Racism, chauvinism, and all-around douchebaggery aside, we all have the honor of witnessing the rare birth of a male Cat Lady. Even the most ludicrous Internet escapades have their silver lining!

  126. cmburns1 says:

    WTF is wrong with his teefs!?!? Don’t you have apt dentists or better capable dental technicians over there in US of fAkeland? Holy Shit, this is beyond ridiculous!!!

    • Twat Muffin says:

      I think the dentist looked at his face and said horse face, may as well put in horse teeth, fuck it. But yeah, we have lots of dentists who put those fake-looking teeth in.

      • cmburns1 says:


        • Twat Muffin says:

          I live in Chicago. When I see people like that, I call it the mob (mafia) special.

          • cmburns1 says:

            I live in Europe an I’m a dentist myself….if my technician would deliver such crap, i’d whip his ass!

          • Twat Muffin says:

            Oh, then you know your stuff. There’s lot of dental atrocities here in the US. The mob specials I speak of, they’re not limited to Chicago. You see that a lot with the fake type people, the Hollywood set, the people who are searching for the fountain of youth, that set, too. I have veneers myself but when I had them done, I made sure they looked natural, the two front teeth are slightly longer than the rest. The doctor suggested I bring in a picture of someone whose teeth I liked and then he based mine upon those, but I had to be reasonable about how mine would turn out. At the time I had long blonde hair and a couple people said I resembled Sharon Stone (at the time), so I picked a picture of her. My veneers (and a couple of caps) turned out very natural-looking, thank god. I hate veneers, though; I’ve had them pop off quite a few times. Love the caps, though.

          • cmburns1 says:

            Sure, Hollyweird is the capital/definition of ‘FAKE’…Gary Busey is leading the pack!

          • Twat Muffin says:

            You know, I don’t know about his teef; I cannot believe those are fake — I can’t believe something so hideous is fake. Can you imagine someone going to the dentist and saying, “I want the Gary Busey special.” I’ve seen people with real teeth like that.

          • cmburns1 says:

            “Can you imagine someone going to the dentist and saying, “I want the Gary Busey special.”” – no, actually I cannot, but it MUST be this way, why else are so many ppl looking like that in the world?

          • Twat Muffin says:

            Hon, there’s just lots of ugly people in this world, and a lot of them have teef like that. I can’t speak for Europe, but there’s a lot of ugly people here in the U.S. No one from dlisted, of course, but if you look at the site, you will find that 98% of the people featured are ugly. And most of those ugly people have questionable teeth.

          • WithinReason... says:

            Twatty, you’re a hottie? 🙂 I didn’ know you could pop off veneers, aren’t they glued? :O

          • Twat Muffin says:

            Eh, I guess; so I’ve been told. I had a Sharon vibe going on then; now it’s a Christina H. thing. Oh, yeah, veneers can pop off. Bite into the wrong thing and off they pop. Sometimes it doesn’t take much of anything and they pop off.

          • annastine says:

            What do you see underneath – stumps, yer old yellers? Just curious.

          • WithinReason... says:

            Even better, she’s gorge! ;p

            *shudders at the thought of veneers popping off*

          • Twat Muffin says:

            But at least those chompers are attached to Matt Dillon, albeit a very sleazey Matt Dillon.

          • WTFOMGLOL says:

            cannot stop laughing my ass off at this pic.

  127. Tigerlilly says:

    With all the ‘I’m not racist” rants he’s made, I think his ideal woman just may be Paula Deen….

  128. Detective LaToya says:

    Dude lives in a rat hole apartment complex in one of the few truly awful parts of town. I don’t think he needs to worry about gold diggers.

    • Twat Muffin says:

      But maybe, just maybe, he’s saving all his money up for the love of his life and is just living like a pauper for now, do ya think? He just indulges himself in a few puffy shirts now & then but when he finds that special lady, watch out, he’ll throw caution to the wind and spend all his money on her. I believe in true love and I bet Romeo does, too. Can you detect the sarcasm in this???

    • WithinReason... says:

      He sounds like a nasty individual through and through. And that’s even before we get to his list. ick.

  129. Bean n Cheese Taco says:

    Keepin Austin Weird…

  130. MyHovercraftIsFullofEels says:

    OMG Duff McKagan’s hand that touched him once touched me. OMG. I need to wash myself off. The last 15 years of showers have not gotten me clean enough. …. I think his hand touched me before it “touched” Romeo Rose though. I can only hope. and who are those other “famous” people. And I would be perfect for him if I wasn’t a black half breed, over 130 lbs single mom. Oh well…..

  131. WithinReason... says:

    Stripper, check. Slut, check. (hehehe) I’m out. Darn. So disappoint. #racist #effers #suck

  132. MyHovercraftIsFullofEels says:

    The dentures/veneers were a good purchase though. Way better than his previous barracuda teeth.

  133. salacious says:

    So what he’s saying is, if Mel Gibson got a sex change surgery, he’d totally be perfect match for him, right?

  134. ISprainedMyUvula says:

    You can wind up those teeth and watch them chatter and walk across a table, right?

  135. CeeMac1 says:

    “I am NOT racist. I just do NOT like ignorant, useless, TRASH.”

    So I guess he must really dislike himself.

  136. Bigbendy says:

    Piano key teeth.

  137. OzzDaZlut says:

    I found her now give me mah money bitch.

    First I thought it was a joke and it was Ed Helms with horse teef.

  138. salacious says:

    Oh and another thing, when he finally gets arrested and thrown in jail, he won’t be so picky about his next girlfriend.

  139. kortni_thegreat says:

    As a black girl, I am deeply saddened I will never be able to date and fornicate with this studly stud. I am seriously heartbroken. Curse this wretched brown skin, for I shall never know true love now. My Caucasian and Hispanic female counterparts, you should feel honored, dare I say blessed, to be able to love this man. I see you all fighting for him, and let me just say to whomever wins his heart, wow, what a catch. Black women everywhere are having a national day of silence for the fact that we will never all of that man.

    • Twat Muffin says:

      kortni, love, as a Caucasian woman, knowing that I will be able to partake of his delights, I feel so sorry for your loss. I know this is a huge loss to the black community. I hear ya, girl! *hugs*

    • Diamond Godde$$!!! says:

      YAASSSSS, Kortni, I share your pain; for alas, I love MONEY and am therefore banished from his Kingdom!!!

    • TheShowgirl says:

      As a biracial woman (yes, I’m the filth he speaks of), I feel your pain. But let’s look at the bright side, this brilliant man will go on to procreate with a perfect foreign white woman (as I don’t imagine any non-white BUT NOT BLACK or white women who don’t need green cards would touch this fuckwit) and they’ll one day reclaim the world from us black devils.

      My heart is breaking but it is for the best.

    • WithinReason... says:

      I’m starting a line to slap him hard. Anyone wants a go at him please stand right here…

    • Tigerlilly says:

      I feel your pain. Although I’m white, I have failed to live up to this god among men’s standards! How will I ever recover from such heart breaking disappointment? Those stunning oversized equine chiclet veneers could have been the first thing I saw when I woke up every morning, but I’ve ruined that dream with my lifestyle choices! Damn me! I will forever live in regret.

    • Bee_She_Won says:

      There, there. *pats shoulder*
      Don’t worry, just because this god among men is out of your grasp doesn’t mean that you can’t find another dim-wit with scyscrapers for teeth and make him your very own! ;-p

    • nisiedixie says:

      Funny azzed post, us women of all races must have a community mourn for this missed chance at love, life must go on….somehow it will

    • LaChaylo says:

      Bravo! As a Latina, I should be overjoyed, nay, ecstatic, I am in the running for the attentions of this man.

      But I am filled with sorrow as I must divulge my love of black men. The grief!

    • Chirio says:

      well I am latina..and curvy, been with lovers of all nationalities…I feel you! we shall never know what a loving man is….NEVER! we shall forever mourn the love that could have been…why? where is God? Forever Grieving!

  140. sweetas says:

    Dude needs to add a zero or 20 to that figure.

  141. whimsy says:

    I was sold on this Stud because I love a Man who uses a lot of Capital Letters but this Tidbit was a Dealbreaker.
    “I was born in Orlando, Florida on September 18, 1974.”
    Public Records search: Larramie H Busby (45)
    Austin, TX; Huntington, WV; Columbus, GA

  142. Diamond Godde$$!!! says:

    Wasn’t this guy on Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti got PISSSSSSED at him?

  143. TheShowgirl says:

    I was gonna write a whole long screed but it all boils down to one question:

    Why does this too many teef having dick bubble think any black or biracial woman would want him to begin with? I think it’s safe to say that even perfectly Aryan women wouldn’t want him hence the reason he’s trying to pay someone for a hook up.

    P.S. – I truly believe he wants to be involved in a black gang bang ’cause dude thinks about black folks far too much.

  144. johnnysgrrrl says:

    Real life troll.

  145. suzee981 says:

    Given that I’m a single mom with tattoos, guess I’ll miss out…sigh!

  146. mefungirl says:

    As a latina, I am truly SHOCKED that he wouldn’t automatically assume I’d want 5867586 kids.

    It’s all so confusing to me.

  147. CodeRed says:

    This post and thread are hysterical. Better than comedy TV. I will look back into it to read the comments and what other mentions from his blog he expressed which some of you posted anytime I need a good laugh.

  148. nisiedixie says:

    good luck with your very white blow up doll you racist fucking pig, btw racism is so outdated and many people grow up poor of all races, he looks like a freaking cartoon character them teefs are the thing of nightmares that and the shirt, the hair, the name……yikes

  149. nisiedixie says:

    This man would drive me to gamble while doing drugs and fuckingna really really black man while listening to rap anD getting a tattoo at the same time

  150. Diana Déath says:

    Oh shit, son; for a split-second I thought the Foo Fighters had a gig at the Renn Faire.

  151. Bean n Cheese Taco says:

    He looks like that life coach from Shallow Hal! Banana Hands…what’s his name?

  152. Pitbully says:

    This guy has his cell phone number on his website. Please, MK…call him!!

    • Bean n Cheese Taco says:

      Lol. I considered prank calling him for a minute!!!! His photos suck. I can’t believe people pay for that crap. I could get better pix from a disposable camera.

  153. e32cc says:

    With those teeth, Taylor Swift would totally stalk his ass…if only he were 17.

  154. Misslainey says:

    He looks like Kai, the hatchet hero/murderer.

  155. Misslainey says:

    Welp, the first three knocked me out of the running. And my dream guy is a lanky, buck toothed closet case who looks like a reject from the Puffy Shirt Seinfeld episode. Damn you, Love! Foiled again.

  156. nisiedixie says:

    Chiclet teefs is too damn fuggy fug to be this picky

  157. nisiedixie says:

    He has a charge for domestic violence a real fucking winner this one is

  158. The Dutchess Proverbial says:

    EW at this fuck. Hope he leaves this earth, real soon.

  159. WTFOMGLOL says:

    Are we sure Jimmy Kimmel isn’t somehow behind this merry prankster ? it’s just wayyy too far out there to be for reals. (⊙▂⊙)

  160. CodeRed says:

    I am an Artist, Musician, Poet, Composer, Performer, Businessman, I am many things. I am very creative & artistic. I can be accurately described as being both a CEO & a Rockstar all at the same time, both of those perfectly existing in one person, Me. I am a very unique man. There is NOTHING typical, average, normal, or ordinary about me whatsoever!

    I have a way of leaving lasting impressions on people the first time they meet me, they never forget me, and the more a person gets to know about me the more they realize that they have never, ever met another human being in this world like me!


    I finally could get through to his website! Are we sure this isn’t Kanye’s long lost twin or did he hack into this crazy’s account? He may very will be this douche’s future Black BFF or Greatest Rival yet! They’re one and the same!

  161. Chirio says:

    WOW what a low life! I wish I could knock those fake teefs out of his mouth. If I was that peacock I would attack him for being an asshole low human being! Or choke him with that RR necklace thing. And the only man that has ever looked sexy in blouses is…PRINCE!

    • CodeRed says:

      he’s such a hypocrite and liar too. He’s not making it, he’s incredibly unstable and also has a criminal past, and definitely not highly educated. All (most) that he preaches or is against, he is!

      • Chirio says:

        Criminal past? must research this!

        • CodeRed says:

          from reddit:

          IN THE FAMILY COURT OF CABELL COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA Susan E. Chapman, Petitioner v. Larramie H. Busby, Respondent Family Court Civil Action No. 09-DV-1292 Magistrate Court Case No. 09-D-1320 Order of Publication Domestic Violence 1. The object of this suit is to obtain protection from domestic violence. 2. The object of this publication by Class I legal advertisement is to notify Respondent of the EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER prohibiting the above- named Respondent from abusing, harassing, stalking, threatening, intimidating or engaging in conduct that places Petitioner and/or the child(ren) and/or incapacitated person(s) named in the ORDER in a reasonable fear of bodily injury. TO THE ABOVE NAMED RESPONDENT: It appearing by evidence duly taken in this action that you could not be found in or that you have left the State of West Virginia, you are hereby notified of the ORDER following immediately below. This EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE ORDER will remain in effect until the final hearing on this matter is held. The final hearing will be held at the above-named family court, located at Room 303, 750 5th Avenue, Cabell County Courthouse on Feb. 17th, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. The final hearing may result in the issuance of a final domestic violence protective order and will be held whether or not you appear. Jan. 6, 2010 Adell Chandler LH- 748765 1-7-10

          and he’s also had a search warrant cause he never showed up for court and fled from WV to Austin:

  162. britmachine says:

    There are no words.

  163. CodeRed says:

    Last one:

    And when I think of East Austin, I think of areas like around 12th & Chicon, that just looks like poverty striken, ghetto people crime infested neighborhoods, full of the trashy people that have long criminal records and lack any proper education. There’s nothing good I can say about East Austin, in fact I think East Austin is a disgrace the the great city of Austin and I wish we could eliminate that whole segment of the population from our beautiful city. Hopefully, that area will be filled with condos or something so that that “type” of people will be priced out of Austin and no longer be able to afford to live within our city limits here.

    • Chirio says:

      whaaaa? is this in his site?

      • CodeRed says:

        oh yes, also this:

        I know I read back in the 80′s there used to be a problem with gangs/crime in the Dove Springs area (Also Dove Springs isn’t bad like it used to be, but I’d still never want to live there either. I also dislike most of Riverside. You can usually just look at people in those areas and tell they are trashy.) here in South Austin, but I don’t live in Dove Springs, I am near it somewhat, but I am just a hop, skip and a jump to South Congress, and to me South Congress Avenue is one of the safest, most prestigious streets.roads in Austin. It leads all the way to Downtown where it turns into just Congress Ave, and then goes on behind the Capitol where it basically turns into The Drag or Guadalupe, which is very similar to the SoCo 78704 area, especially where they have all the shops and used to have the food trailers like Hey Cupcake

        and much much more! If you scroll through the comments, I haven’t gotten through everything yet.

    • ANightWriter says:

      I contacted Merriam Webster to ask that this man’s name be added to the list of synonyms for the word disgrace.

      • CodeRed says:

        Read the FAQ – he rants on and on like a Kanye. I’m not sure how differently he’s self absorbed to the core, judgmental, pretentious, controlling type class Asshole. He’s been rejected so many times, in truth (I read some messages on Jezebel he sent) and he has the audacity to call the girls unstable, and substance abusers, having issues unattractive etc when it’s all him. And the last paragraph is also a hoot!

        link doesn’t work, it’s on his webiste MK linked above, the FAQ section.

    • Detective LaToya says:

      Even more ironic since he lives in east Austin himself — in the shithole wasteland that’s east of 35 at William Canon.

  164. Chirio says:


    As a women who seems to fit all of your ludicrous criteria (except for maybe being a big ole sex-loving slut), I can honestly say that I would rather die alone on a desert island than take you with me, Romeo Rose.” PRICELESS! She speaks for us all!

    • CodeRed says:

      I don’t fit into, off the top of my head approximately 75%-80% of his mile long laughable criteria, but I agree with rather dying on a desert island alone, if he were the last man on earth. And being that my bf is black, I’m totally crossed off from the list.

  165. GlamourDoll says:

    I tried to IP relay his number to prank him, but that shit costs money. I’m kind of tempted to prank email him, acting like I’m really interested hahaha!

  166. That_1_Girl says:

    i usually believe there’s an ass for every seat, but he’s a human piece of garbage. and he’ll never be loved, god willing.

  167. MadamPince says:

    I’m SO glad I flunk so many of his categories. Thank you, Jesus! (And I thought Austin was full of well-educated, funky, liberal people?)


      IT IS! Don’t let this one fool who just moved to Austin leave a bad taste in your mouth about all the amazing people who live here!!!!!!!

    • Froggage says:

      He’s not from Austin; he moved there and changed his name around this time his ex in W. Va. got her restraining order finalized. He’s from Florida (SURPRISE). And I have no idea why he picked Austin, of all places, to pollute.

  168. Pitbully says:

    Here’s a link from 2009 that’s he’s feature in. The bit is entitled “Douchebag Alert!” hahahahaha

  169. monologuegirl says:

    “I also do not like White country types or Redneck types or Trailer trash types.”


  170. johnnysgrrrl says:

    SERIOUSLY: I think this person is trolling. Why else would he have an AMA as well as his ad?

    This guy is most likely eating up all the attention/reactions/energy.


  171. Kiwi_Chicklet says:

    Clicking on some of these links, you can here the echo of these virgins’ keyboards from their mum’s basements. So much juvenile one-upmanship.

  172. Volvican says:
    It’s not as fun to find people like this online as it used to be… mainly because you look at some of those Youtube comments and some are as vile as he is. It just seems to be a chance for more crazies to spew hate.

  173. CodeRed says:

    If he was actually in business, he won’t be in it much longer. Google his name, he should consider getting it Legally changed, as well as plastic surgery.and move.

  174. blipblop123 says:

    Why isn’t the moderator posting my comments? I’ve been trying to say that this piece of trash was bragging about torturing his ex-girlfriend’s dogs and cat until they succumbed to their injuries. People need to be warned about this guy. He’s dangerous!

  175. Eileenie McMeanie says:

    This shit is a joke, right? Someone as fug as that has no business dictating…he’s not the one making the choice with that face and attitude

  176. The_Gobbler says:

    LOL and my personal fave: “Why do your teeth look like a row of urinals?” *dies*

  177. Carefree says:

    This was a depressing post even before reading the comments. What a terribly sad world we’re living in because we all know he’ll still get numbers, emails, etc, despite his abuse allegations.

  178. william trent says:

    And this clown thinks HE’s some kind of catch? Talk about delusional.

  179. jack-n-the-hat says:

    someone posted the number towards the beginning of this thread…

  180. CocoaBean says:

    Apparently he’s a wedding photographer now as well… Ugh, his teeth really creep me out (to say the least)!

  181. Froggage says:

    His reddit AMA was a terrible idea. It is off. The. Chain. You thought he was a racist loser before? Tip o’ the iceberg. In terms of what he has to offer the Barbie of his dreams, he currently works at a call center, lied on a previous similar website about his ex-girlfriend of 11 years dying in a car crash when she is in fact alive and well with a restraining order against him in West Virginia (which is why he moved to Austin), and pesters women on OKCupid if they don’t write him back after he rates them five stars. He thinks sex black people = bestiality because they’re like gorillas but keeps saying his best friends are black. He’s either the Ultimate Troll or Forever Alone Guy come to life.

  182. AGuest says:

    Wow, he went there — with THAT word. And he still has clients??????

  183. Froggage says:

    Because they didn’t start their very own websites, aren’t offering finders’ fees, and aren’t, as far as we know, pathological liars with histories of domestic violence and a Klan robe somewhere in their closets. Also, he’s wearing a Rolls Royce hood ornament he stole and had electroplated and just generally looks like an unemployed Vegas magician who needs to bathe. Not the same.

  184. Froggage says:

    My favorite was when the dude texted him pretending to be a black girl who wanted to hoook up and Romeo “I’m Not A Racist” Rose texted her back “No n***ers.” Because he’s totally not a racist.

  185. Froggage says:

    Is there anything about this guy that is not a red flag?!

  186. AGuest says:

    A Redittor posted a link to the RipOff Report he made against a disabled luthier Robert Ironside. Robert Ironside’s friend hits back with a lot of knowledge about what really happened when Laramy Busby/Romeo Rose ordered a guitar from Robert. It’s nasty, and what Laramy/Romeo then did to Robert and his contacts is disgusting. And this ‘Romeo Rose’ is using credit information he got as a bill collector in order to intimidate this old disabled dude? Who else did he do this to? It makes a person wonder why the woman he lived with for 10 years in West Virginia put up with him for as long as she did. He is a work of art. He’d fit right in at 4Chan.

  187. AGuest says:

    Shoutout to Rottielover for namechecking Dlisted and Michael K on the Reddit thread LOL

  188. AGuest says:

    He has very very low self-esteem. I believe him that his girlfriend told him what he writes of her. To be with each other for 11 years, you have to be more alike than different.

  189. jaariel says:

    Well hello there, Mr. RIGHT!!! Finally, a real renaissance man for the 21st century!

  190. playacher says:

    Would you like to lead the way? Go for it buddy.

  191. Huh?Wha? says:

    Please find one of these people! That would so funny to try and hook them up with RomeoRose. lol

  192. WintahOwl says:

    How did I miss this post?! I mean, I read the headline but didn’t bother with the rest. Holy. Shit. This guy is a whole different level of cray. O o

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