The Photoshop Awards: Brit Brit’s “Work Bitch!” Single Cover

September 12, 2013 / Posted by:

Somebody scream for Buffy Summers and Blade, because that life-sucking cave demon Tracy Anderson is on the loose and has “transformedBrit Brit’s Cheeto ball chichis into the chest of a factory-defected generic Ken doll sold at the 99 Cent Store.

This is the cover for Brit Brit’s new single “Work Bitch!” and the only bitches who worked hard on this were the Photoshop artists. They used their tools to chip away most of her arms. On two positive notes: I do like that they chose a picture where she’s making an all-natural “Will you take th’ gosh darn pitcher, mah $15 MacDonald’s bucket is waitin’ fo’ me” face and I do love that the mesh on her costume makes it look like she’s wearing one of those painted-on pecs t-shirts. Those need to make a comeback.


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