Skrillex Looks Awful!

September 3, 2013 / Posted by:

No, it’s not Skrillex, because if it was Skrillex, you would’ve immediately squirted jizz from your nipples. The real Skrillex is a sex nymph who has that effect on most hos. It’s Kristen Stewart telling her best friends forever, the paps, to pull her finger (or something like that) while walking around Berlin yesterday. She looks like the least popular member of a failed My Bloody Valentine cover band who had to get a job delivering pizzas and isn’t happy about it. She looks like she smells like burnt grease, musty balls and an old ash tray. Bitch has that butch swag. In other words, in the right lighting and after a 6-pack or 2, I’d probably hit it.

Pics: Splash


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