Clint Eastwood Is Single Now!

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Clint Eastwood is showing Michael Douglas that he’s not the only old ho in Hollywood who can separate from his second wife. Dina Eastwood tells UsWeekly that she has mounted off of Dirty Harry’s dick after 17 years of marriage. It took a while, but Dina Eastwood’s turd of a reality show, which ran for one season last year, finally killed her marriage. The reality show devils (and the gold digging gods) are cackling with victory today.

Some source tells UsWeekly that 83-yearold Clint and 48-year-old Dina have been living in separate houses for about a year now. The source went on to say that the split isn’t really dramatic and it’s just a case of Clint falling out of love with Dina. You know, one day Clint wants tapioca pudding instead of butterscotch pudding, and the next day he wants a new cooch instead of his wife’s cooch. It happens.

A few months ago, Dina Eastwood spent a little time in a rehab facility to deal with depression and a severe case of anxiety. Maybe Clint dumping her had something to do with that.

Dina was a TV news reporter before marrying Clint in 1996. They have a 16-year-old daughter named Morgan together and Dina is a stepmom to Clint’s 7 other kids.

Who cares if Dina takes all the money. The only thing Clint needs is his empty chair and now he can finally be with it. I knew that chair was a home wrecking whore.

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155 responses to “Clint Eastwood Is Single Now!”

  1. skinny fat says:

    depression and anxiety? poor little dear. her marriage ended when she started that stupid reality show.

  2. Akizme says:

    She’s better off alone.

  3. Not_That_Steph_The_Other_Steph says:

    Now I want butterscotch pudding…

  4. Veryoldbat says:

    Let Clint eat his pudding in peace? Eight kids… Eight kids?…

  5. louise_brooks says:

    Oh. Okay.

  6. MickeyHolland says:

    “(…) that she has mounted off of Dirty Harry’s dick after 17 years of marriage”

    Thanks for the visual, MK.

  7. Missannthrope says:

    Man I can’t believe anyone who is 83 would want to get a divorce. The only thing I can figure is she must have been just too much stress to live with. After a certain number of decades on earth, maybe you just wake up one day and say, enough! life’s too short, I’m gonna die soon, and for the rest of my days –however many of them I have, they’re gonna be happy ones. Otherwise why would an 83 year old want to divorce?

    • Whamo says:

      Maybe he wants piece and quite and no drama for his last years!? I can’t see Clint having a problem finding someone else he can handle for his remaining years, he’ll never be lonely anyway I wouldn’t think

      • Missannthrope says:

        yup. i agree! it’s just such stress to divorce! at 83, I know you think you are OVER drama, only to have it revisit again. I guess drama knows no age.

    • Audrey__Horne says:

      What are 3D printers for if not printing out grandpa a Marilyn Monroe-bot?

  8. parissucksliterally says:

    As soon as she went the Reality Route, I knew he’d be gone. Clint is too god for that shit.

  9. saltydog says:

    I remember reading blind items last year that implied she sought out a reality show AFTER the separation as a way to try and secure herself a future if the divorce settlement wasn’t favorable for her.

  10. FrijidBarjot says:

    Between deaths and splitville, this summer has been… I don’t know I’m… I just… what next?

  11. Lucifer says:

    Dina Eastwood spent a little time in a rehab facility to deal with depression and a severe case of anxiety.

    Yeah, one of the main symptoms of depression and severe anxiety is inviting a camera crew into your house to film every second of your attention-whoring life and selling it off to a TV station. Clean it up, cokewhore.

  12. stefystef says:

    WHAT??????? No serious, I didn’t see that coming. Sondra Locke is laughing her ass off!!!

    The next big divorce has to be Warren Beatty. Then I know these are the end days.

  13. WTFOMGLOL says:

    awwww Dina. you blew it, toots. sooo close to the finish line. he’s 83 for Pete’s sake. you ouldn’t keep him interested for a another couple of years or so ?


    • stefystef says:

      Are you kidding? Clint’s momma was still alive in her 90s. She was there when he got the Oscars for “Unforgiven”. I think she’s dead now, but don’t quote me. Clint will LIVE FOREVER!!! Just hope the settlement works out for Dina. She can always go back to the news, where he found her.

  14. Krispy says:

    Is nothing sacred anymore?! ;).

    Your turn Will and Jada, these things usually happen in 3’s….

    • Smurfy says:

      The First one was The Giant one and Lamar

    • SANS_FARDS says:

      Those two are definitely on the horizon.

      My money is on Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, or a dark horse like Angie Harmon/Jason Sehorn or Angela Bassett/Courtney B. Vance. I like both of the latter two couples but you need to shake things up every once in a while with an out-of-nowhere divorce announcement.

      • kikichanelconspiracy says:

        You shut your mouth about Courtney B Vance and Angela Bassett!! They’re going to be happy forever!! *Runs out of thread crying*

        I do get what you’re saying about out-of-left-field divorces though.

        • WithinReason... says:

          I forgot about them. That’s another couple who are keeping real and out of the news. Hi Kiki! ;p

          • kikichanelconspiracy says:

            Hi/Bye Within – I’m about to turn in for the night. Agreed about CBV/AB. I will seriously be crushed if they divorce. They’re like Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon for me.

          • WithinReason... says:

            Them, too, guess there are a few good ones hitched. Ciao and good night! ;p

  15. Bigbendy says:

    CZJ, here’s your new man.

  16. coco ebert says:

    I want butterscotch pudding. That is all.

    /I’m sorry.

  17. Vernicious says:

    Get offa my dick!

    • perky says:

      VERRRRRRRRRRRRN – I was away and missed BOTH of your caption victories. Way to go, you BIG OL’ WHOOO-AH!

      • Vernicious says:

        Gosh Tanks PERKY!!!! I’m sure it was because you were away that I had a chance!

        *gracefully, a la Courtney Stodden curtsies*

  18. Texndoc says:

    Marrying a guy who has eight children before you even come on the scene seems Golddigger’s FAIL to me. The bulk of everything is always going to them.

    • Audrey__Horne says:

      You gotta take those math classes, girls. Don’t let the girls with supply chain experience at Goldigger Bordello take all the good ones with estranged adult children.

    • Missannthrope says:

      yup…. he had his will drawn up for sure for the older kids. Anything else made after their marriage is community property and a pre-nup will shut her down for sure. Clint’s a republican, they don’t play. he’s all lawyered up by the first date.

      • Elmo533 says:

        Way before Dina he had a huge legal dust up with a girlfriend he’d had for years; sued him for palimony (that may not be the right word) so I’m sure he had her sign the dotted line before he hit it the first time.

    • Twat Muffin says:

      True, but even what’s left over is way more than what I’ve got, so I may as well go for what is left over. I’m just trying to finagle an Amex Black Card out of his old, wrinkly ass. As long as he pays the bill on that thing, I’ll be as happy as a clam.

  19. ISprainedMyUvula says:

    Another cranky fucker with old balls up for grabs. HOT.

  20. Esteem says:

    I lived in the area when he was the mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea and she was an anchor on the news channel there. She latched on pretty tight. Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to realize the reality show would be the last straw.

  21. AnonymousCrazyCatLover says:

    Clint if you were even 30 years younger….. *sigh* I can still pretend he is Blonde

  22. guest_original says:

    that show was a mess. & his chair speech also a mess.

  23. TrainingBra says:

    You hear that ladies, let’s get ready: buy yourself some Ode De La Wurther’s and hit the nearest Ikea … there’s a certain senior that’s single and looking for an enema.

  24. Audrey__Horne says:

    I guess rich celebrities get married because it’s a new level of “look at me” after everyone’s worn out on your “look how many people I can date!” shtick. You get to brag about your expensive wedding, the great schools you can send your kids to, the houses, the cars you buy your teens. Plus, the bragging rights of talking about your undying love.
    Because these people sure as shit aren’t getting married to honor the other person.

  25. annobanano says:

    He seems crotchety.

  26. ANightWriter says:

    I’m not saying rich people have it any easier than others, but when I’m depressed and anxious I just have to tough it out. I mean, martini’s help, but they can only go so far. I want to go off to a retreat for once! *pouts in the corner*

    • putsomestankonit says:

      I hear that, I need a medical leave of absence but can’t take one because I can’t afford to.

    • CheeryBitch says:

      Right?! I want to be able to smash shit in fits of rage without a worry and have plenty of money to replace it all. I’ll just smash this brownie in my face instead…..

    • Missannthrope says:

      i bet if we each pitched in a dollar or two each month all regular dlisters could have a nice weekend away!

  27. putsomestankonit says:

    Those GD empty chairs they will be the downfall of American values and morality! Just mark my words.

  28. WintahOwl says:

    I can’t stand the way Dina and her brother pronounce their biological parents last name. It’s Roo-ees NOT Roo-ehz.
    FYI, their last name is Ruiz.


  29. GarrettG says:

    Another one bites the dust. Then probably tomorrow we will hear how another Hollywood couple headed for splitsville.

  30. Shannon says:

    Oh Clint you sexy old geezer, call me

  31. NeverEclipsed81 says:

    lol i guess you wait and wait, and then one day you realize he’s gonna live to 100.

  32. LaChaylo says:

    I’m sure golddiggers are a tiresome, dedesperate lot.

    “Let’s buy this new car! We need a bigger house! I want new chichis to please you better! I want a rejuvenated vadge for your Viagra’d peepee! I need a seperate house for my boy toy, I mean, for my “art!” Am I in that will yet?”

  33. mefungirl says:

    I think he liked the energy she brought into his life and then after a while he found it exhausting.
    He seems like a miserable old fart and she’s a bit too lively, which would aggravate the hell out of any miserable person.

    I bet most their days were probably like this:

  34. Mike Farrell says:

    Next up: Woodyee Allen and his child bride.

    She’s [Dina] kinda ethnic and hot. The nuttiness is a plus. πŸ™‚

  35. lisakim says:

    I just can’t with this man and his chair.

  36. Swarm_of_locusts says:

    Good. The man should die with dignity, and that reality show shit was not what was up for someone who had built up the kind of respect he had as an actor/producer/director. She hung in longer than most trophy wives over 40, so perhaps she’ ll end up with a nice parting gift.

  37. Mayo says:

    Surprised they lasted this long. She was such a gold digger, she didn’t even bothered to hide it, it was always so obvious she was in it for the money, nothing else more. Guess she grew tired of him not dying and said: “Fuck it!”. Bitch is smart, got out of that marriage right before her meal ticket turns 18. Gotta have that spousal support for at least a couple of years.

  38. jelliebean says:

    I watched her show for a second, she seemed very high strung and kind of nutty, and she was a hoarder.

    • Swarm_of_locusts says:

      Hoarder. Well,that explains why she decided to manage a band with 30 members and have them live on the estate.

  39. elanenergy says:

    Clint Eastwood has SEVEN children!!!! I know i’ve heard/discussed this factoid before, but I have child-block when it comes to Eastwood. I simply can’t imagine him as a Duggar. But how many wives are now in the club? Those women can write a collective tell-all that would … rock Clint’s World! (and mine, btw, so ladies, sharpen your poison pens……you know those really expensive pens you all received at the settlement signing…….

    I actually like Clint Eastwood.

  40. alistz says:

    Kyle and Allison

    Francis Farmers freaky kid.
    Dina’s kid.

    Who are the other two and why are they not on my internet?

    • justducky says:

      Kimber is the first, born to a side piece while he was married to the first wife. Kyle & Allison to first wife, Scott and Katherine to a girl friend, Francesca when Frances Farmer was his side piece and Morgan to second wife Dina.

  41. nisiedixie says:

    I will gladly spoon feed Clint, change his di-di’s and serve him Werthers on the hour…how do I apply for this gig???

    • Twat Muffin says:

      I’m thinking the same thing. He’s loaded beyond belief. There’s his pesky political beliefs, but if we just agree to disagree, I’m cool with that, I can respect that. If he gives me his Amex Black Card, and he’s off directing movies, he sleeps a lot and I just have to make the occasional red carpet appearance, and maybe just lay him a couple times a year, I can deal with that.
      *Twatty filling out golddigger application*

  42. MardiGras says:

    Wow, the olds are being abandoned right and left.

  43. Zorba says:

    He must really hate her ass to go through a divorce when he’s this old already. He’s probably thinking, hell, if I get just a few days of peace it will all be worth it!

  44. MeowMeow says:

    Way to go, Clint! Finally got that bitch off your lawn.

  45. Dan Samels says:

    Clint’s a sleazy old bastard who cheated on all his girlfriends and forced them to get abortions when they got pregnant

  46. ditquoi says:

    Yeah I think he liked the chair more than her.

  47. Lily85 says:

    You go, looking for some clit, Clint!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Dion flowerboy says:

    Could never figure out why he bothered marrying her. She seemed like side-piece material for him. As for her, we knew what $he saw: getpaidbitch.

  49. CamS says:

    Another reality show couple demise. How many does this make now?

  50. annastine says:

    But they look like they have soooo much in common!

  51. betseyfan says:

    I feel nothing.

  52. RainbowBoobs says:

    I wonder if Dirty Harry did dirty things to that chair at the RNC,last year…

  53. Bizzarelife says:

    You think he would be smart enough to have a rock solid prenup!

  54. Stan_Hooper says:

    From the little clip that I saw on the show, Dina is a bit of a hoarder perhaps because she came from poverty and now to be rich is hard for some people. She was holding on to crappy gifts given to Clint from movie shots. Her nasty step daughter wanted to throw it all way. Dina seemed devastated when the little bitch hurled an old radio of hers.

  55. Literarylioness says:

    It must be get rid of your pepaw week in Hollyweird.

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