Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Definitely Pregnant

August 22, 2013 / Posted by:

In case you forgot that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be bedazzling a newly born human in a few months, here she is nearly poking a baby’s eye out with her bump and causing another baby to reach for her lechelicious chichis at a Pampers event at Grand Central in NYC yesterday. I can’t hate on JLove’s desperate ass for showing up to a Pampers event, because diapers cost more than coke and I’m assuming they gave her a few boxes. But I can hate on JLove for those bangs and that makeup. It makes her look like Shelley Duvall at the end of The Shining when she’s screamed the life out of her face and she really just wants to stop screaming and take a damn nap.

And thanks to those bangs, we now know what it would look like if Joey Ramone got knocked up.

Pics: Splash


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