You So Hard, RiRi

August 8, 2013 / Posted by:

RiRi should really have a moment with herself and ask the question, “Do I really want bitches to play the ‘RiRi or Miley?’ game in their heads whenever they look at a picture of me?” Because it’s getting harder and harder to tell if Miley is copying RiRi or if RiRi is copying Miley. That alone should send RiRi running into the arms of Jenny Jones to beg for a makeover.

While the Beyhive was stinging themselves into a psychotic frenzy after seeing pictures on Instagram of their weave-less queen, RiRi slipped in pictures of her AK-47 grill last night. It won’t be long before Miley Instagrams a picture of her new sawed-off shotgun grill. Never mind that RiRi’s teefs are paying homage to Fifty Shades of Grey (they kind of look like tiny tombstones), that grill is rihdiculous. It looks like Ted Nugent shoved a gold dye pill in his dick slit before cumming all over her teeth. Just…no.

Pics: Instagram



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