Jennifer Aniston SANS FARDS

August 4, 2013 / Posted by:

Who really cares that Craig Ferguson’s peen just exploded off of his body after finding out that his former bandmate and salt and pepper fox Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor, this picture of Jennifer Aniston’s SANS FARDS chin should really be the top trending shit on Twitter (served with an injection of coagulated sarcasm). Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist dude Chris McMillan Instagrammed a picture of his face next to her paint-free face, because she’s got a shit show movie to sell and she’s already pulled the fake baby bump STUNT QUEEN move for attention this week.

Jennifer Aniston without makeup looks like Jennifer Aniston without makeup and she obviously wants us to know that she hasn’t had all the blood in her face replaced with Botox and doesn’t cover her skin with a thick layer of wax like some other hos in Hollywood do. A SANS FARDS Jennifer Aniston sort of looks like a slightly overcooked baked potato and now her arch rival Maddox will never eat a slightly overcooked baked potato again.

And here’s Jennifer in NYC yesterday.

Pics: Splash


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