John Travolta’s Heaven: Now In Video Form!

July 25, 2013 / Posted by:

John Travolta was happier than a Corgi in a kiddie pool two weeks ago when he shot a Ypióca commercial in Rio with a trio of hot, shirtless Brazilian pieces and here’s the finished product. This really is John Travolta’s heaven. A few seconds into his heavenly dream, he comes across a jogging lady and thinks to himself, “Glitch! Glitch! For why is this woman in my idea of heaven?” Then after he strolls onto the sand, he comes across a hard ball which leads him to a bunch of shirtless dudes. Heaven fully reached! John Travolta’s face lights up the same way the face of a parched, thirsty bitch would light up after crawling through the dry desert and seeing a giant Brazilian dick shooting out water in the distance. John Travolta ends his dream by busting out some sweet, sweet moves. I don’t know if he’s doing the Samba, a jacked up version of The Running Man or if he’s just offering the three dudes a handy (at the 0:21 mark). SPOILER ALERT: It’s the last one.

(Thanks, Lígia!)



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