Presenting The Skarsgård Family Portrait (Sans Stellan)

June 29, 2013 / Posted by:

Every family portrait should have a drunk, hot and topless ASkars in it.

Here’s everybody who was made using Stellan Skarsgård’s viking sperm. From left to right: the tall drink of 36-year-old Swedish leche that is ASkars, 31-year-old Sam (who’s a doctor), 32-year-old Gustaf (who’s in the Vikings), 21-year-old Eija (who’s a club promoter), 17-year-old Valter and 22-year-old Bill from Hemlock Grove. The two chirruns are from Stellan’s current marriage and I’m sure one will star in the 2033 reboot of True Blood and the other will star in the 2033 reboot of Vikings.

This portrait would be ten hundred percent better without the children and without tops on all the adults. THAT FAMILY. The hotness is strong in almost all of them. Stellan’s dick should make all of the people from now on. ASkars, I’d hit it. Sam, I’d hit it. Gustaf, I’d hit it. Bill, I’d hit it. Eija? Hell, I’d even let her stick the tip in.

Source: Instagram via ONTD


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