What In Angora Diaper Hell?

June 26, 2013 / Posted by:

And if I stare at her crotch long enough (which I don’t recommend doing), I think I see an angry bunny plotting its revenge on humanity for doing this to it. Actually, I think that’s Donnie Darko.

Miley Cyrus continued to confuse Chris Brown’s fist yesterday and today by doing the worst impersonation of RiRi who in turn is doing the worst impersonation of 2001 Pink. Miley put on two pairs of high-waisted diapers from Depends Try Hard collection to perform that lada-didi-di song on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and Good Morning America today. If you want to see Miley give a tragic lap dance and make the kids on Kids Inc. seem hard and edgy by comparison, watch her on Jimmy Kimmel.

I watched every second of that wreck, but only because I kept waiting for Miley to trip, fall and break her grill. Those heels. She looks like a drunk baby giraffe on stilts walking across hot coals.

Pics: Wenn.com, Splash


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