Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’ Style Icon Wore This On Her Body Last Night…

June 26, 2013 / Posted by:

Sometimes you can own too many clothes and accessories. Because if you own too many clothes and accessories, you sometimes feel the need to wear them all at once. Case in point: RiRi left her hotel in Amsterdam London ast night looking like the last call table at a garage sale.

There’s something suspect about RiRi’s entire ensemble. Imagine you were on the street and saw some crazy wearing that mess. You’d squint your eyes and know that there was a story behind it. A shady story! It looks like RiRi’s on the run from the cops and was hiding out in some stranger’s attic. The stranger found her and called the cops. Just as the cops were coming up the stairs, she grabbed grandpa’s fishing hat, stole all of grandma’s old costume jooree, snatched a cameo broach (the family heirloom!), put on an old raincoat and got out of there. That whole look is like an impromptu disguise. That whole look screams HIJINKS! The bag of cotton candy makes the whole look even more mischievous and not in a good way. That outfit makes me want to go to the post office to see if her face is on wanted posters.

There is a good reason for why RiRi looks like she’s on the run from the law. Bitch was stoned out of her gourd when she got dressed. Oh, RiRi, making stoners look bad since 2012.

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