Open Post: Hosted By Miley’s Air Kiss To The Paps

June 20, 2013 / Posted by:

Because Miley Cyrus is trying hard to transform herself into the white RiRi, she spit out a line that sounds like it came straight out of RiRi’s Twitter page when a pap asked her if she was pregnant while she was leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills. Nice try, Miley, but “No, I’m fucking sick, you bitch” is not the new “No, I’m just fat like you, bitch. Sit down.”*

* In the 90s, there was this extremely hot legendary moment on a talk show. An audience member asked some trashy ho on stage if she was pregnant and the trashy ho shot back with, “No, I’m just fat like you, bitch. Sit down.” I don’t remember if it was Jenny Jones or Ricki Lake or some other show. If anybody can find this clip, I’ll give you my first born. Hell, I’ll give you my first born anyway since I hear babies smoke all your weed.

via ONTD



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