Grab RiRi And Get Bopped In The Head With Her Mic

June 18, 2013 / Posted by:

WARNING: If you plan on going to a RiRi show, you should know that you will get a headache from listening to her live goat yodel voice and you may get a concussion when she clocks in the head with her mic.

During one of her shows, RiRi was singing in the audience when a bold ass fan decided it was a good idea to grab and pull her toward them. RiRi reacted by clocking that trick in the head with her mic and the sound of that BOOM is the reason why I’m cackling today. It could’ve been worse, though. RiRi could’ve knocked that trick’s head off by headbutting them with her infinity head. And RiRi and Miguel should really get together to co-headline The Concussion World Tour.

And I think I’m also suffering from a head injury from leaning my head over to watch all 14 seconds of that damn video.

Source: Kid Fury via ONTD



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