Open Post: Hosted By Steve Sanders’ Nipples

June 9, 2013 / Posted by:

I’ll get a towel as the 90s ho in you creams from every pore.

The moment that some of us have been waiting for 20 something years finally happened in Las Vegas last night. The original Kellan Lutz, Ian Ziering, thrusted his crotch alongside Jaymes and James from The Amazing Race in a Chippendales show. Who cares if Ian’s make-up person made him look like he’s got jaundice. Who cares if his left nipple looks like it’s sliding off of his pec. It’s Steve Sanders! Steve Sanders and his crispy noodles mullet were always so underappreciated.

I really hope “Panty Creamers from 90s Aaron Spelling Shows” becomes a regular series at Chippendales, because I really need to see what Andrew Shue’s (and George Eads’ and Cameron Daddo’s and Jamie Walters’) nipples look like today.



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