What In Down-And-Out Fly Girl Hell Is Adrienne Maloof Wearing?

June 3, 2013 / Posted by:

Because dignity has never been a friend of Adrienne Maloof’s, she left Chateau Marmont on Saturday night looking like a former In Living Color Fly Girl who fell on hard times and put on one of her old costumes to turn tricks for plastic surgery money. I’m all for hos of all ages dressing like a ho, but this is just tragic and even her cougar camel toe looks sad. Adrienne should be hanging her head in shame for two reasons: 1) that outfit and; 2) she’s a multi-millionaire and yet the only boy toy she can get is Sean Stewart’s bloated ass.

On two positive notes. Adrienne must have a strong neck of steel, because all that Botox in her face should be weighing her head down, causing her to break. Also, Adrienne should get points in creativity for coming up with new ways to remind the world that she is the epitome of desperate.

But whatever, Adrienne shouldn’t listen to my hating ass. If you bought it, flaunt it! (I’m talking about her face, those tits and Sean Stewart).


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