Katie Holmes Gets Some On The Set Of “Mania Days”

June 1, 2013 / Posted by:

When Katie Holmes was Stepford Katie and married to Tommy Girl, he wouldn’t do her, but he sure as hell wouldn’t let anybody else do her in front of a camera for a movie. (The most intimate Katie and Tommy Girl ever got was the time that he wooed her with a turkey baster full of L. Ron Hubbard’s freeze dried sperm as the high-ranking bridge queens of Scientology hummed the E.T. theme song and John Travolta and Kirstie Alley twirled around under fluorescent lighting.) But now that Katie is free of Tommy Girl she can openly get it on! Katie and her co-star (and supposed piece) Luke Kirby had fake sex on the set of their movie Mania Days in NYC yesterday. Get that piece of man anyway you can, Katie.

Meanwhile, Tommy Girl is looking at these pictures and feeling sad inside. His Thetans are frowning, because if he wasn’t a famous Scientologist, he could get it on with a hot piece…. out in public… around some greenery… in The Ramble.


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