Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Want Justin Theroux To Sign A Prenup

April 25, 2013 / Posted by:

After downloading and cropping that pic, I got second hand coke high, so I took a warm shower, drank two cups of Benzos tea, came back and I’m still grinding my teeth and suffering from the coke sweats. That is your face on coke. That explains why Jennifer Aniston isn’t making Justin Theroux sign his name on a money-saving clause (aka a prenup).

Some source tells OK! Magazine (via Hollywood Life) that Justin offered to sign a prenup since she’s worth over $100 million and all of his fortune is in his collection of black skinny jeans. Justin’s reverse gold digger psychology worked, because Jennifer turned his offer down. The source says:

“Jen’s absolutely adamant about not having a prenup. She told several friends: ‘I’m choosing love, not money. And people are just going to have to deal with it.’ It’s a sweet and romantic thing to do. But a number of friends are desperately worried her decision could come back to haunt her one day.

Everything is going so well between Jen and Justin right now, she doesn’t want to taint the romance.

Why are her friends worried? Aniston has finally found a dude who loves to exfoliate his face with coke as much as she does (see picture above), tucks her Beanie Babies into bed each night for and they can share skinny jeans. That saves them money. They’re going to be together forever (which in Hollywood time is 3 years at most). Let’s say Justin does get half of her money when they eventually break up, she still has at least $50 million! That’ll still buy her a lot of coke to exfoliate her face with.

And now I need to take another warm shower and drink two more cups of Benzos tea.


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