Open Post: Hosted By Road Rage At Its Finest

April 3, 2013 / Posted by:

Before you press play on this NSFW-due-to-use-of-the-cunt-word mess, here’s the backstory from LiveLeak:

“After forcing the truck to hit his car because of slamming on his brakes numerous times, the truck hits his car. Minor scratches to his car, the truck needs a new bumper and grill. Road rage much? He purposely forced an accident and gets out of his car and starts doing this. A real motivated Sgt disrespecting a fellow Marine who is in a wheelchair and the driver who is a civilian.At the End of the video you see him place his hands on the trunk, well that is because the MP’s pulled up and arrested him.”

So today’s lesson is: When an insane Camp Pendleton Marine whose body is filled to the top with road rage screams at you to get out of the truck so he can beat your motherfucking POG bitch ass, it’s probably best to turn on your internal ignore switch and stay in your truck, unless you really want him to beat your motherfucking POG bitch ass. I’m surprised that after he said it the 500th time that everyone would’ve gotten out of the truck and submitted to his motherfucking bitch ass bitch beating. That usually works.

I really have to slow clap for the driver, because I would’ve broken in two from laughing so hard when dude went full angry chimpanzee at the 1:45 mark. That moment redefines “Hold me back, bro!

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