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This could go down as one of the stranger hookups of all time. They are both good looking, but just two totally different people. It is not really blind worthy except for the fact that some people believe the A list mostly movie actor with A+ name recognition is still with his cheating girlfriend. So, technically if that were true, then he cheated on her with this B list celebrity/reality star with her own show from time to time and a ton of money from an ex. I’m trying to picture in my mind how this went down. She probably killed him. She likes to bring out the paddles. (CDAN)

I wish this was about Brad Pitt and La Bruja from Real Housewives of Miami and I’m still going to tell myself it is, but this is probably about Robert Pattinson and Denise Richards. The only way we’ll know is if we ask Denise Richards to lift up her arm. If she’s got a hickey on her armpit, then we’ll know that she totally got on the sparkle rod.

She’s a mega-star who started young and seemed to not be affected by the child star curse. Seemed to be. But eventually, that shit will find you, even on a delay.

It’s the mother. Though the parents were previously thought to be harmless… the mother now appears to be going full Dina Lohan. The mother has been hitting her up for cash for a while now, the better part of a year. To support her own projects, resurrect her own failed dreams, and her new relationship — so essentially she’s bankrolling her ma’s midlife crisis. The daughter can afford it, certainly, and if it was just the money, it wouldn’t be getting out, but now she’s being asked by her mother to leverage her own fame and influence for industry contacts and connections. Since she can’t get a meeting on her own, she’s been namechecking her daughter to get in the door, and when that doesn’t work, she’s been pressuring her daughter to step in on her behalf, jeopardising her daughter’s reputation. No matter how hot you are, you don’t want to be known as the girl with That Mother. It’s becoming a concern for the daughter’s management team, as they worry that her ma’s increasingly aggressive famewhoring will undo their own moves in advancing the young star’s career. As you can imagine, it’s a delicate, uncomfortable situation. She is loyal and protective to and of her family. But she cannot deny that her mother may be compromising her professionally and is torn about whether or not to indulge her mother’s demands or look out for herself instead. She’s stressed, and while that doesn’t excuse her mistakes, it does provide some insight about some of her behaviour.

By the way, her boyfriend has been very supportive through all of this, certainly her most reliable source of strength. (Lainey Gossip)

Kristen Stewart’s mom has been trying to direct her own movie for what it feels like centuries, so I’ll guess that this is about them. I don’t know why the situation is so delicate. I’d just tell my mom that right now I’m making millions of dollars for doing what a cardboard cutout can do in front of a camera and all that will go away if she keeps acting like a fame whore. If mom keeps screwing with her business, she’ll screw with her money and then she’ll have to cancel her Chico’s charge card. Or in KStew’s mom’s case, her Dickies charge card.

This famous unmarried couple has asked a famous married couple with whom they are friendly for a very interesting referral.

Given the woman’s medical condition, you would think that they would be asking for a referral to a doctor. You would be wrong. They were actually asking for a referral for a special effects expert! It seems that they want to buy one or more prosthetic devices to make the first female either look pregnant… or to look more pregnant than she is.

So, that leaves us with several possibilities: The first couple was never pregnant but they are looking to fake it; or they are pregnant and are looking to make the bump look bigger; or they were pregnant but aren’t any more and are looking to stall the announcement of a miscarriage. Whichever the case, they are clearly looking to fake or exaggerate a condition to gain public support. Given how the first female’s penchant for attention, no one should be surprised about this. (Blind Gossip)

Beyonce probably referred Kim Kartrashian to her new business venture:

This B list celebrity couple who only achieve such a lofty place together. Separately they are C listers barely hanging on to his past fame. Married. Kid/s. She thought they were going to be together forever. He thinks she is trying to grab any speck of fame she can and wants someone who will just be quiet and do what she is told and she promised fame was not what she wanted. Fights that have caused him to live with family members recently. Screaming. She puts a happy face on everything and I did not realize she was that good of an actress. I can’t believe the police have not been called to their house, the fights are that bad. They both hate bad publicity though, so maybe they realize what would happen if the police were called. (CDAN)

Tori & Dean?

This celebrity is B+ list. Name recognition is probably A. You probably would not recognize her on the street if you saw her. Well, you might, but she would be the one that twice in the past week has ended up passed out drunk in the street. Not in front of her house either. We are talking about once at the base of a bus stop sign and two nights later in front of a bench. Apparently she could not make it on to the actual bench. This will be revealed. (CDAN)

Ke$ha, but I’m pretty sure that bench is her actual house and I’m pretty sure that bus stop is her vacation house.

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