Because I Love A Good Meltdown From An Overdramatic Queen

March 6, 2013 / Posted by:

Last month, Yan Linkun, an official from Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee, went full cunt at an airport gate after he missed his flight, because he was too busy eating breakfast. A soundless video of Yan’s hissy fit meltdown made the rounds last month, but now there’s another video with sound! Dude threw a stapler, pulled shit out of their sockets, kicked a machine and tussled with a sign, and he did it while a bunch of people stood around wishing they had a bag of popcorn to nibble on as they enjoyed the show. Bitch lost it like Kanye West after Givenchy told him that they sold the last leather kilt with a built-in mink jock strap. Bitch lost it like Chris Brown on any given day of the week.

Everybody take note: If you’re going to lose your mind at an airport gate, do it in China. Because if you do it in the US, they will taser your ass, hog tie you, interrogate you for hours and make you apologize to that stapler. Then they’d punish you forever by seating you in front of a boot-wearing kid with Restless Leg Syndrome every time you got on a plane.

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