Afternoon Crumbs

March 6, 2013 / Posted by:

If you turned this picture of Katherine Webb upside down, she’d look exactly like Ceiling Eyes right side up - Hollywood Tuna 

My favorite gold digging stripper from One Life to Live is way too good for Adam LevineLainey Gossip

I’m pretty sure Jessica Simpson still doesn’t know that letting a peen shoot its frosting into your coochie hole can lead to pregnancy and you know Eric Whatshisname isn’t going to tell her (third baby = MORE MONAY!) – The Superficial 

James Franco gets into it with Stephen Colbert and looks stoned and full of farts while doing so – Towleroad

Demi Moore is trying to get all the money from Ashton Kutcher, because booze and young peen doesn’t come cheap  - Celebitchy

RiRi is turning into a really boring Heather HunterDrunken Stepfather

Holly Madison is popping those placenta pills now, because she just birthed out a daughter – IDLYITW

Ariel’s son looks like Rupert Grint on crack – The Berry 

Nobody has told Jessica Chastain that gingers should proceed with caution when it comes to wearing red – Popoholic

I thought this was Courtney Stodden after a spray tan – ICYDK

The venue must’ve not cared about that rug if they let LeAnn Rimes rub her bare hooves all over it – Just Jared

Brit Brit needs to hire these babies as her new lip-synch coaches – OMG Blog

Michael Lohan actually got a job – Reality Tea 

My hero gives Duchess Kate a special, from the nose gift she can’t refuse – Jezebel

Wearing jeans that look like jeans queefing out another pair of jeans is NOT the look – Crunk + Disorderly

Rich people stuff: Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore at bikini boot camp in Mexico – Popsugar

FYI: Olivia Newton-John is strictly dickly (“Me too, gurrrl!” – Travolta) – Boy Culture

Shhh, it looks like the Hammaconda is taking a nap – SOW

We shouldn’t hate. I mean, Wonky McValtrex’s crotch crabs are thirsty little shits – Celebslam

Is this what Donna saw right before she was eaten by zombies on The Walking Dead? – I’m Not Obsessed



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