Bobaaaaay B Is Going To Jail For 55 Days

February 27, 2013 / Posted by:

I hope he likes the taste of jail wine, because  Bobby Brown’s going to be guzzling on fermented tomatoes, sugar and yeast out of a paper bag for over a month. TMZ says that Nippy’s former full-time doody bubble popper was sentenced to 55 days in the clink in Van Nuys, CA today for driving a car while drunk on booze. That shiver that just ran up your body was from Cissy Houston cracking a smile for the first time in 300 years!

Bobby was pulled over in L.A. last October and he was put into cuffs after police said his car smelled like White Oprah’s end-of-the-night breath. Since Bobby is such a good decision maker, he was driving on a suspended license so he got another slap for that. This was Bobby’s third DUI. In court today, Bobby also got 4 years probation and he has to go to at least 3 AA meetings before he checks into the clink on March 20th.

This is Bobby B’s third DUI and his ass only got 55 days? Since it’s the State of California, Bobby might check in, fart in his cell and then check out 55 seconds later due to overcrowding. But then again,  bitch might be forced to serve the whole 55 days since he’s not a white (or orange-ish) ho with the last name Lohan.



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