Fergie Announces She’s Knocked Up By Posting A Weird Photoshopped Picture Of Her And Josh Duhamel As Kids

February 18, 2013 / Posted by:

To the surprise of nobody who saw the pictures of the Botoxed Muppet at the Safe Haven premiere two weeks ago (see pictures below), Fergie Ferg announced on Twitter today that one of her lady lumps has a fetus in it. After 4 years of marriage, the 37-year-old Belle of Hacienda Heights and 40-year-old Josh Duhamel are going to have a baby together and she just had to throw this picture up with her announcement.

My thoughts about this Photoshop Award-worthy picture are best expressed through that scared pussy’s “get me the fuck out of here” face. It’s nice seeing Fergie’s pre-meth face, but I didn’t need to see a young Josh Duhamel hanging out with her young self in her crib. I know that picture is supposed to be sweet, but it reminds me of the time my cousin’s friend told me that she pasted a picture of her current boyfriend’s head over her high school boyfriend’s head on her senior prom picture, because she wants to always remember him as her only love. Gross bitch!

And I’m sure one of Fergie’s friends or relatives already got her some maternity diapers, a Go Girl and an empty water bottle, because she couldn’t hold her piss before she was knocked up. And now that she’s knocked up, she’s just going to be pissing all the time everywhere.

via People


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