Meanwhile At Another Awards Show In Los Angeles…

February 11, 2013 / Posted by:

As JLo pulled the fame whoring leg move at the Grammys, the fame whoring leg move’s original creator Angie Jolie was at a different awards show and her fame whoring leg had the night off. Angie Jolie shocked everyone by wearing another grey dress to give a lifetime achievement award to Dean Semler, the director of photography on In the Land of Blood and Honey, at the Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards in Hollywood last night. Angie Jo looked cold, tired, malnourished and her cheeks looked like two plastic nutsacks slipping off of her face, but you too would look like a living advertisement for The Walking Dead if you spent your days keeping the child army in check, running after virgins to suck the youth out of and rolling your eyes at the amazing furniture designs that Brad Pitt sketched while high on the good shit.

I was going to say that Angie should be the new pope, but that would be a demotion. If God is one of the CEOs of all things holy, then the pope is the assistant night manager IF THAT. It’s totally beneath St. Angie.



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