What In Calico Corners Hell?

February 10, 2013 / Posted by:

The good news is that Adele didn’t wear another black dress that made her look like an Italian widow from the 1960s. The bad news is that somebody’s grandma is doing the slow wall slide while clutching her favorite rosary, because she can’t take knowing that her favorite sofa in her “fancy” living room was murdered and butchered and its hide was thrown onto Adele’s body. Adele showed up to the Grammys tonight wearing somebody’s grandma’s couch on her body. I feel like she should be covered in plastic and I bet she smells like Jean Naté and Ovaltine.

If you went to Calico Corners and sifted through the bin with all their clearance fabrics in it, I’d bet you’d find Adele’s dressed in there. But I can’t fully hate this look, because Adele saved it with that lip liner. When all else fails, save it with the lip liner.


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